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While there are many, many great things we can all be thankful for this week… every Wednesday The Nest gets on its knees and thanks Dog that there is such a thing as randomness in our wonderful world.  Really, what fun would it be if everything was formulaic and predictable?  Let’s make some more magic with a Thanksgiving week edition of Random Image Inspiration!  Let’s set the Randomator to broil and see what happens…

40, 20, 49, 39

The 40th post in my Reader was this one by Beth

The 20th word in that post is “be”

The 49th word in that post (wrapping back to the beginning) is “walt”

This week’s photo has something in common with last week’s theme!

Putting “be walt” into Google Images brought this up as the 39th result…

I hate to be overly negative on this holiday week….. but, Disneyland.  Ugh.

Just think of all the thousands of dollars you’re spending to have this much family fun!

I have never been to either of the US’s big Disney theme parks.  Hell, I haven’t even been in their respective states in my life.  I’ve never understood the attraction of the Disney phenomenon, nor why the characters are even relevant these days.  Seriously, when is the last time you watched anything with Mickey Mouse in it?  The Disney Channel was about as free as its theme park was…

Fuck Goofy. I’ll just watch scrambled porn and maybe catch a boob…

Disneyland is almost a parody of corporate greed and the way it sucks its fangs into the bank accounts of working families via their most susceptible members… the children.  The kids, who don’t even know who Donald Duck actually is…. but can probably rattle off fifteen fake “princesses,” beg the parents for a trip to Disneyland… a sad, futuristic world of expensively licensed merchandise that will put you in the poorhouse faster than having Scrooge McDuck as your boss.

Well, at least I like this. Disney’s version of “A Christmas Carol” is far and away the best.

Kids, there’s plenty of inexpensive ways to have good, clean family fun at home that don’t involve a Wally World-like vacation from hell.  There is nothing at any Disney theme park that you are going to regret ever experiencing.  And if you want to get your picture taken with people wearing silly cartoon character costumes, there’s probably a comic con coming to your area sometime in the near future…

Hey kids! Come get a selfie with Pinocchio!

Alright, I’ll cut this short… and end with a great lost earworm from the early 90’s (!!! Not my favorite era of music, but I love this song):

Dada’s song isn’t about Disneyland, but for anyone who’s ever watched a Super Bowl, it’s a funny play on the iconic phrase set to somewhat macabre randomness.  And this RII post has now come full circle!


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17 Responses to Mousecapades

  1. I never had the feeling to see euro disney … and to be honest… I HATE mickey mouse… but I like goofy… the dong is great… it’s good to smoke… a cigarette…

    • Euro Disney brings back great memories, because the comedians here in America had a field day with it when it opened in the early 90’s! Apparently, it wasn’t as popular as Disney had hoped…

  2. Yep – never heard that one but it’s great…………..I’ve been to the California Disneyland WAY BACK WHEN (60s) and Florida Disneyworld (temporary insanity when I first moved to Florida years ago)……There’s only one way to enjoy those places and I won’t be discussing that if you don’t mind! HA


    • I don’t get the attraction of waiting hours to ride rides and being in the same place as thousands and thousands of other people… many of them kids! I liked our annual trips we made to Six Flags here, but (at least back then) it wasn’t as corporately lame as it is now…

  3. I’m with you here, I don’t have small children and when the boys were small they choose to go t Sea World instead. Thank God! Lol

  4. Just because I’m contrary, I’ll speak up for Mickey Mouse. I’ve loved him a looooooooong time (me luv you long time…oops. Politically incorrect..sorry). I do not admire the over commercialization of the whole Disney experience. I think that ol’ Walt would be spinning in his expensive coffin if he knew what his vision had morphed into. His original stuff – excellent. All the knock-offs and additions and really (to me) bad drawing of cartoons – drek. Not Shrek. DREK. Thanks for a look under the skirt of the Disney franchises. That I’m NEVER going to ‘un-see’.

    • Mickey Mouse was a thing back in the day…. but starting with my generation in the 80’s, I don’t know how he ever remained popular given that all the Disney shows were on pay channels. Bugs Bunny and gang was everywhere, but given how inaccessible Mickey and the gang was to kids of the last forty years, I don’t get why The Mouse at least is still as big as he is. They seem more focused now on selling the girls on the bitchy ass princesses anyway….

  5. I’m with you. Amusement parks are definitely not my jam.

  6. Trisha says:

    Because my holiday blues (anger, hatred, resentment, cynicism, whatever) have already descended upon me, just thinking of that stupid cheerful mouse with his squeaky, annoying voice makes me want to stab him in his stupid, cheerful head with some very sharp scissors. I went to Disneyland in 1985. What I remember most was sitting in a bus on the dirty, congested freeway for hours just to get the few miles from our hotel to Disneyland. So fun. Yay Disneyland!

    • I’ll bet you looked just like the family in that photo! So happy to be in the happiest place on earth! Throw in a sarcastic registered trademark where appropriate…

      • Trisha says:

        I’m sure I looked like I was having the time of my life! Not. The other thing I remember is being a huge bitch about having to sit next to my brother on all the rides. I was such a brat. It’s amazing my stepdad didn’t run away right after our trip to the happiest place on earth!

  7. Thom says:

    Sorry to be contrarian yet again but I LOVE WDW…been there 11 times. I leave my cynicism home and turn into a 6 year-old when I’m there. They have taken out some of my favorites since our last visit and put in some low cost “attractions” but there still are a ton of things to do and see..a lot of state-of-the-art things as well as simple pleasures. Their nighttime “spectaculars” are breathtaking and, I must admit, bring out the sentimental sap in me, as do a number of things there. I’ve been there with children and grandchildren, with my wife, parents and brother, and in various combinations..even a couple of times with just my wife and I..the experience was different with every situation..but was always terrific. I cannot properly convey the emotional impact of seeing one’s grandchildren dancing with Snow White and Cinderella..or getting a hug from Eeyore. And some of the restaurants there are unbelievably good…in fact, there are several that rank at the very top of my list of all the places I’ve dined…I would say that among my Top 5, the only non WDW eatery on it would be this little place tucked away outside of Kennebunkport, Maine, which Nancy and I stumbled upon on our honeymoon. WDW is expensive, yes..but I never regretted a cent spent. About every other year, we would get the itch to go back, and outside of those trips, we didn’t often splurge. One other thing…it is one place where being disabled was never much of a problem…they are very VERY accommodating and accessible..there are very few things that you cannot access if you cannot get out of a wheelchair (and to be honest, most of the few things I COULDN’T go on were lose-your-lunch rides I wouldn’t have WANTED to go on in the first place). The same cannot be said for Universal Studios. You have to be able to transfer out of your motorized chair for 3/4 of their attractions. Sea World is also good, most of the attractions there are entertainment shows, but it’s a one-day visit. Locally there is nothing equivalent..going to Six Flags for me means sitting around watching everyone go on rides I can’t access. So yeah, WDW has been my happy place since my first visit in 1991. Unfortunately for me, 2011 was my last disability has progressed to the point that further trips are pretty much impossible…mostly in getting there..can’t endure a two-day trip in the van like I used to, and finding a hotel to stay for the night at the halfway point, chain brand or otherwise, that is TRULY accessible for my specific needs, is akin to finding Atlantis. Airlines still will not allow you to board the plane in a motorized wheelchair, you have to transfer to a regular one. I am unable to stand up for even 2 seconds, so flying there is not happening. But I have wonderful memories of WDW, and there are plenty of You Tube videos to help me reminisce, so there’s that.

    Disclaimer: The Walt Disney Company has not paid me for this endorsement.

  8. Donald Duck is great, Aku Ankka in Finnish, pronounced like in Spanish. I love the the sentence he said ” It is only noon and I have been kicked out from eight jobs”.

  9. draliman says:

    I’ve never been to Euro Disney and have no plans. And after hearing that my friends’ kids all wanted presents from the online Disney Store this year for Christmas, I have no money left to go there either…

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