Shelf Critter Advent Calendar – Day 11

We’re only two weeks away from The Big Day, which you would know if you were following our Shelf Critter Advent Calendar vignettes each morning.  Or I guess you could read it on the big sign at Mecca’s front door reminding you how many more shopping days you have left to buy gifts your family will hate.  Well, let’s crank this calendar up to eleven and see what happens…

Oh geez, a big ugly Troll!  That oughta scare the kids…

TROLL: Good!  That will get them out of my hair… I mean, off of my lawn!

You mean the grass around your park bench?  Since you’re here, you may as well tell us what Christmas means to a Troll like you…

TROLL: Christmas means helping out the less fortunate in life!

Like, uhhhhh, yourself?

TROLL: Precisely!  Now, can anybody spare a dime for an over-educated, under-employed Troll who’s down on his luck?

TROLL: Ooooh!  Ouch!

BYSTANDER: (Tossing a penny) Get a job, you lousy bum!!!!

TROLL: I should have (OW!) asked for paper currency instead!  (Yikes!)  The liquor store owner hates it when I buy my (OW!) brown bag wine with all pennies anyway….. (OW!)


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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15 Responses to Shelf Critter Advent Calendar – Day 11

  1. I guessed it that he would say that… they are guys from another dime-nsion, right?

  2. Well I suppose Troll knows his liquor store well enough that they hate taking change and not paper money, lol.

  3. He’d need a dump truck to get all the pennies to the liquor store to buy even a BAD bottle of something to cure his Pre-Christmas blues!


  4. Ha…in the careful what you ask for category.

  5. draliman says:

    Poor Troll never seems to come out on top…

  6. Troll, I know it’s in your nature to troll, but maybe you should consider giving it up for new year’s. 😉

  7. Trisha says:

    Poor Troll. Although he would get worse treatment in my neighborhood. Anyone who saw him lurking about would call the cops on him and them post warnings about him on social media, describing him as a hobo. He’d never get enough change to buy his booze!

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