Share Your World – Week 49

Wait, is that my backyard?

Before I Share My World, how about I share my world (notice the lack of CAPS) with you?  After much procrastinating, one company stiffing me, and another putting me on a two month waiting list… I was finally able to get a badly needed yard project done.  The oak tree which you’ve seen in many a Saturday Squirrel photo has been overgrowing onto my roof for years now.  Well, that is no longer the case as of about an hour ago.

My squirrels… they will get back at me for this…

The many twisting and turning offshoot branches near the base of the tree where I got so many of my great photos are also gone.  My poor squirrels will have nowhere near the ground to perch while eating the spoils I put out for them.  And they will no longer be able to use my roof to get from the backyard tree to the frontyard tree anymore… which sucks for them, but which I am grateful for.

And thus why I am also late with doing this post since my creative energy all becomes nervous energy every time someone is working on something around my house.  But the time has finally come to address Melanie’s SYW questions for the week!  Let’s break out the chainsaw and carve out the logo…

Yep, this one again….

What is truth?

One of the things Superman fights for… along with justice and the American way.  None of those three concepts are necessarily related…

Dammit!!! Has anyone seen a phone booth around here!?!?

What’s one thing people would never know about you just by looking at you?

That I’ve been working at Mecca for over 20 years now.  Well, they wouldn’t know that by looking at my badge at work, since I don’t wear the special service badge we get at every five year level.  The last two say “WILLIAM,” which I don’t answer to… so I wear the plain old rookie badge my manager made for me three years ago after the last style change.  The customers also don’t expect me to know much, which is an advantage of not advertising your tenure…

You know they spelled “Dumbass” wrong on your nametag there, dude…

Do loud noises bother you?

Only when I’m trying to sleep, which during the day can be an issue. (See: Day, Independence)

Biskit, on the other hand, HATES loud noises.  And he certainly didn’t enjoy all the tree cutting that happened earlier today and had to hide…

Are the monsters outside gone yet?

If you were guaranteed the correct answer to just one question, what would you ask?

Come on…. you know you wanna know!

What fills YOUR heart with joy?

This tinsel rainbow unicorn I picked up on my Black Friday discount shopping spree this past Monday.  I had to have it, and since it’s sitting on top of my computer desk right now, I guess you can say I’ve officially decorated for Christmas….

Looks like the welcome wagon has arrived to break in the newbie…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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11 Responses to Share Your World – Week 49

  1. Well all I can say Evil is…..sleep with one eye open my friend. The Squirrel mafia is communicating already. They’ve set up a hit squad and they are NOT happy about you ratting out their hideout. Guido and Vito the Enforcers are already stockpiling their weapons, yes okay its a pile of walnuts and acorns but those things hurt when your being pelted with them.

    And I’m pretty sure the “Boss” Tony “Crazy Nuts” Shapiro already has his soldier staking your place out, so tread carefully my friend, just sayin’……lol

  2. Poor babies. Maybe you can put up some stakes and hang food for your critters from them.

  3. OK – inquiring minds (me) want to know – is your new tinsel unicorn MALE or FEMALE and will Bimbocorn be having her way with it regardless of its’ gender??????? As for your squirrels – I do hope they will forgive you…..they have been posing for photos for you from those lower branches and the overhanging limbs gave them access to your roof – now they have to form new pathways. This is a major thing for a squirrel. Good luck. Just sayin’ ……….


  4. we hope the squirrels find a way to visit you even when the branches are gone… love the unicorn, you made a better black friday deal than me. bought a christmas tree for 2.90… it is barbie size… crap…

  5. Thanks E.S. for Sharing Your World (notice the CAPS? 😛 ) and your world (notice the lack of caps) with us. I kinda really love it that you have a cat named Biskit. He don’t look limp to me, but who knows, given all we can see are his iridescence eyes. And yeah, I know the band/group/whatever spells theirs differently. Um. Was that awkward? 😐 Anyway congratulations on your tree trimming (another timely seasonal activity, even if the trimming was of a majestic old oak. The squirrels will adapt (in my opinion), because that’s just how squirrels roll. Just give ’em some extra treats so that the mafia gets called off…because YES. Acorn to the head? Hurts.

    • There’s a story behind the spelling of the name Biskit which would require too much explaining. But when I first got him, he loved to do the “making biscuits” thing when he was sitting in my lap. And as soon as I named him Biskit, he stopped. I’ve morphed the name to “Briskits,” so Biskit is just his official name now…. unless you look at his vet records, because the idiot tech entered his name as “Biscuit” even though I mentioned the spelling to her at his first appointment…

  6. draliman says:

    Poor tinsel rainbow unicorn. He doesn’t know what he’s let himself in for…

  7. Because you don’t have an Elsa around, the squirrels should be safe even without the base suckers. But you’re right…they probably will still work to get even, because they’re squirrels. That’s the way they’re wired. 🐿

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