Share Your World – Week 53

Pictured above: The $12,000 patch up job.

It’s time to share my world, so I may as well share the aftermath of the trench that was dug in my kitchen floor two weeks ago.  This was the resulting concreting Quikreting job that will become a permanent part of my kitchen decor.  Before you ask, yes, they did clean up the resulting mess after it set the next day (New Years Eve)… and the stove is now back in place covering up a little over half of my new burial vault.  But you know what it feels like to walk barefoot on a concrete floor and a concrete sidewalk?  This feels like a sidewalk.  It’s a good thing I don’t care if I’ll ever make it into Better Nests and Gardens…

So with that out of the way…. here’s Melanie’s SYW questions for the first full week of 2020.  Now let’s have that logo….

No, no, no…. wait!!!  That’s not it!!!  Someone in the graphics room isn’t doing their job…

Dammit, Troll!!!  Quit playing Tetris and get with the program!!!

And the beat goes on…

Is ‘hello” enough for you these days?

“Hello” is sometimes too much.  A head nod as a greeting would suffice for me…

Creepily stalking blind ladies since 1984.

Do you believe in Murphy?   For those who aren’t familiar with Murphy, here’s a wee explanation:  Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

Murphy’s done enough shit to me lately.  Yes, he’s real, and he’s one of those little evil leprechaun/goblin/gremlin impish kind of creatures that is a pain in the ass and seems to be awfully resistant to Raid…

Die, you bitch Murphy!!!

Does evil come from within?  If so, why?

Like, I totally hope not! Mitzi, like, doesn’t want to become preggers again!!!

That may be our most tasteless SYW answer yet.  I don’t know about evil, but my prevertedness definitely comes from within…

Are intelligent people more or less happy than others?   What defines intelligence?

EVIL: I’d say this define intelligence right here.  I mean, who’s more intelligent than a genius?

SHADOW: Oh, please.  What does a brain damaged critter like yourself know about intelligence?  I, Shadow the Umbreon, am easily the most intelligent critter on this entire shelf.  I have more knowledge crammed in the tips of my pointy ears than the whole lot of you subspecies do put together!

EVIL: You’re not a genius, Shadow, you’re a know-it-all.  A genius is clever and knows how to use both the creative and analytical sides of their brain to make an impact in this world.  Know-it-alls aren’t intelligent, they just have a dumbass answer for everything… including shit they know nothing about.

SHADOW: Are you daring to challenge my mental faculties, you common crochet project!?!?

EVIL: Well, if you’re so smart, then answer the question!  Are intelligent critters more or less happy than others?

SHADOW: Intelligent critters are unhappy because we know how trite and boring the rest of the world is who’s not in the 99.9999 percentile of IQ.

EVIL: You’re too stupid to even know why you have an attitude problem!  You know why you’re such an asshole, Shadow?

EVIL: It’s because you can’t get yourself laid!  Look at me, surrounded by babes!  You keep all of your inhibitions locked up inside of those useless Pokeballs of yours and aren’t even intelligent enough to realize that you should be enjoying life!  Not being a condescending prick like you are…

SHADOW: I will overlook your childish insults and your pathetic attempts to try and unnerve me with the wiles of the female gender.

EVIL: So you have an issue with banging chicks?

SHADOW: That’s a very crude was to put it…. but I don’t need female companionship to be….

EVIL: Dude, if it’s females you have an issue with, I can still help you unwind that spring you have stuck up your ass…

SHADOW: This is not humorous at all!!!  I do not need any sexual stimulation from either gend…. (GASP!)

BIG SCRAT: (Grabbing down) Damn, these Pokeballs are pretty small!  Looks like I need to take you to the Pokegym for a little “hard” training.  Then we’ll hit the showers for a little game called Pokebunghole!!!

SHADOW: (Being dragged away by the Pokeballs) Mommy!!!!!

Please feel free to share a quote, photo or thought about gratitude.

Happy and healthy….

Well, other than me bothering him with my camera…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Share Your World – Week 53

  1. Aw! ❤ ❤ Kitty gets the prize for best overall gratitude shot by a squirrel! That's a high honor, you know, it's worth maybe eighty three cents at any pawn shop….Thanks Squirrel for Sharing Your Nest World with us and for the lucky that has blessed you vis a vis not having a creepy grave vault in your kitchen any longer. And for the most versatile of menageries on any shelf anywhere! Congrats! 🙂

  2. So…..the critters decided Shadow isn’t as smart because he knows everything? Hmmm 🤔….. somehow I think you won’t see Big Skrat again. Shadow the genius we’ll take care of him. Shadows my hero, enough said. Ody looks like he’s use to your paparazzi shots, lol.

    • Shadow is cool and awesome, and (at $15) probably the most expensive critter I’ve bought for my shelf. But I could just imagine some of the stories you’d tell if you had to work with his smugly superior attitude every day! At least the voice I imagine for Shadow doesn’t sound like a baby muppet…

      • You see how much better your work life is better than mine? I’d rather listen to Shadow than Baby Kermit. I bet Shadow wouldn’t name any of his offspring something stupid. lol

      • Ha! I guess we have too many know-it-alls who don’t actually know jack come through Mecca. Short of those who just don’t want to work at all, they are the co-worker type who most gets on my nerves…

  3. murphy rules our crib, we often thing´k we all are a kind of murphy ;O)

  4. I’m sure you’re glad the hole in the kitchen floor is now filled up – not everyone has a sidewalk in their kitchen. Remember – sometimes area rugs are your friends….they cover up a plethora of oopsies on a floor. Glad that Ody is OK now. Hasn’t been easy on any of you (or your wallet). We hope Shadow will recover from his close encounter of the Skrat kind. Ouch.


    • The exposed part of the “sidewalk” is right in front of my stove, so it always gets covered in grease anyway since the only thing I use it for is frying chicken. I’m sure it’ll look just as ugly as the rest of my kitchen floor in no time…

  5. So happy to hear you don´t have that whole to China in your kitchen, and maybe you have a toilet, too. Murphy´s law, yes, we believe in it.

  6. a1mamacat says:

    So so so happy that my beloved Ody is on the mend. Temptations and ear rubs from Aunt Saucy.

  7. draliman says:

    Hey, is Big Scrat cheating on Snuggle…?
    You better hope none of your neighbours disappear or you’ll be the prime suspect with that newly-concreted ditch in your kitchen, amateurishly-covered by your cooker.

  8. mydangblog says:

    I’ve never seen such cheeky stuffies! Glad your hole got filled though;-)

  9. I think happiness and intelligence have nothing to do with each other. Stupid and happiness also have nothing to do with each other. intelligence is just a thing that may or may not actually get you a job better than selling burgers at Micky Ds.

  10. Looks like you’re making progress on the home front. Despite being $12K lighter.

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