Share Your World – Week 54

Meet Murphy, my personal leprechaun. And the one who lays down the law at The Nest…

Well, after a fun filled four weeks that featured everything from finding out my insurance is no longer good at the local hospital, to a plumbing problem turned nightmare home repair project, to my cat becoming pretty ill, and all against the backdrop of the Christmas rush and then inventory time at work…. I am SO happy that I get to enjoy five days off from work this week!  And then, of course, not even three hours into that five day weekend, I start shivering like crazy for no reason… and all I can think is the flu, which I literally haven’t had since March of 1986.  Well, so much for this respite…. thanks a lot, Murphy!

Well, as it turned out it was just my body being weird and extra cold like it sometimes get.  I didn’t get sick after all… so I’m back to living the high life until I go back to Mecca on Saturday.  Yay for small victories over the forces of Murphy’s law!

And now to Share our World with Melanie’s hand crafted questions for this week…

The world’s in good hands with Allstate.

What’s something your brain tries to make you do, which you have to will yourself NOT to do?

Go back to sleep after the alarm goes off every evening.

Who needs to earn a living anyway?

When someone finds out what you do, or where you are from, what question do they always ask you?

When people find out I work at Mecca (hopefully you’ve been around my blog enough to know what that actually is), it usually provokes some kind of response in the form of a question.  Oddly enough, probably the most common one I get asked is “Are they hiring?”

You mean you can get paid to put this stuff on the shelf? Sign me up for that!

What’s something terrifying that we’ve all come to accept as a fact of life?

Wait a minute… what was the question again?  I got on such a roll that I forgot….

Should governments make laws to protect people from harming themselves?  Could that even work?  (yes this one is deep, maybe too deep).

That’s OK, we like our shit to be deep at The Nest. Right Biff?

The Darwinist in me says no… but that’s as deep as I’m gonna get since I don’t want to overload my new toilet…

Please share your gratitude for this past week in the form of a photo, a quote or a thought.

Not really gratitude…. but someone on my other internet hangout usually invites others to enter ESPN’s college football bowl game pool.  There were 41 bowl games played over the last month, and I managed to pick the winners correctly in 31 of them… earning 706 points out of a possible 861 in the process.  Not only did I win our message board pool…. but my entry was ranked 2,742nd out of over 250,000… just outside of the top percentile in the country!

What’s really cool about this is the fact that I don’t even remotely follow college football.  I chose the winners at random and shuffled the confidence points assigned each game haphazardly for several minutes before entering.  Just goes to show you how much being an “expert” really means at anything…

Another victory for the Randomator!

Tiny poll:   I’m curious what type of questions YOU, the reader, would like to see more of?   Less of?   Has SYW gotten too philosophical and less fun in nature?

I think overall things are balanced pretty well right now.  I’m just tickled that after 54 weeks, I haven’t yet had to answer that “If you won X amount of dollars tax free, what would you do with it?” question the previous host seemed to ask about every other month…

Better hurry and spend it, Fuzzy, before you end up rolling it instead…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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12 Responses to Share Your World – Week 54

  1. Wow, you picked 31 winners from bowl games? What are the odds (pun intended). Maybe you should pick us some lotto numbers, I’ll send you the $1, deal? Lol

    • I think I used up my allotment of luck in that contest! I was also in an NFL pick em pool where I only made slightly more educated guesses at picks and confidence points (I haven’t really followed football since the mid 2000’s), and I finished a dreadful last in that!

  2. I removed the batteries from my alarm clock LOL. I like thelife fact question , how about a calender for 2020 with a new kind to kill buster every month? we would like that because we are darwinists too….

  3. I have to think that you deserve a way better year – so if you’d truly HAD the flu – I would have lost faith in mankind! Enjoy these last few days off… Meccans (Mecca-ites? Mecconians?) work hard for your $$. I’m retired and haven’t heard an alarm clock go off in years – thank heavens ! Congrats on winning the pool – a sure sign luck is finally back right in your court?


    • Well, the pool didn’t involve any money…. which is the only reason I won it. But, almost halfway through my respite, Murphy seems to be mostly leaving me alone. Though I’m going to see if Raid makes an evil leprechaun killer…

  4. Thanks, ES, for Sharing Your World! That “what would you do with XXX amount of dollars” question is permanently banned. And feel free to push this comment in my face should I breech that and ask something about money…who needs the stress? Now Mecca = Wally’s Mart am I correct? Or is it S*m’s Club? (one and the same, only difference the first doesn’t require a membership card (yet)? Ooops. There I go, asking you about Mecca!! Lastly, I always feel really sorry about Buster. That poor sod. But from what I hear (no possums in Utah) possums are kinda nasty, so some judicious eradication isn’t unwarranted…. maybe that’s your theme for CoW this year…creative ways to kill Buster.. 😎

    • Possums are nasty. But I love their rascally attitude, and I can assure you that baby possums are adorable. That said, they are little suicide machines who will wander out in front of your speeding car at half a mile an hour, just asking to get squashed. I’ll keep that in mind should you ever slip up and ask that question… though Snuggle Bear the Enforcer will be the one to keep you honest.

  5. draliman says:

    I’m with you on the alarm thing. And the “million dollars” thing too. Thanks for the “Buster death retrospective”!

  6. Yes, I’m behind on posting comments but still glad you didn’t come down with anything. Word around the wards is that flu thing is really ugly and lasts far too long. Poor, poor Buster. Just once I’d like him to at least try to defend himself, maybe even thwart some of the shelf perps.

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