Share Your World – Week 62

Ah, the good old days when we had the common sense to not be afraid to touch a stranger’s filthy hands.

Since I have a few extra days off this week, I might as well get the world sharing duties out of the way on the day I intended to do them on in the first place.  Let’s take a look at Melanie’s questions for this week and see how terribly I can answer them without looking like a complete asshole…

This is what cooties look like.

Are you a sweet, sour, tangy or other type of person?

I’m a burnt person.  If it isn’t smoking, you better cook it some more then…

Chewy cookies are for people who have to gum their food.

Does the whole coronavirus phenomenon worry you?  Or are you more a “meh – it’s just another severe flu scare” type of person?

It’s just another completely unnecessary media fueled panic that a gullible populace who is subconsciously looking to be manipulated is eating up.  You know, if you guys would have saved up your Y2K survival stashes and that metric fuckton of hygeinic shit you bought when SARS and swine flu were going to wipe us all out, you wouldn’t be rushing to the store right now, would you?

And no, those wipes and disinfectants aren’t actually doing you any good at all.  You’re just going to end up killing yourself when the real superbug finally manifests itself…

They made you bring Lysol wipes to school, didn’t they? Such a shame your immune system is now completely shot, little girl…

When was the last time you were snooping, and found something you wish you hadn’t?

I’m either not a good snooper (Which I don’t think is true), or there just isn’t much about other people that surprises me… because I can’t think of anything.  I’m a pretty weird person (You can tell, can’t you?), so I guess I just assume everyone else has all kinds of weird secrets as well…

What’s the most pleasant sounding accent in your personal opinion?   Everyone has a pleasing accent to someone!

Well, there’s something I’ve never really thought about much.  Maybe the southern belle accent?  I don’t know…

Aw, well bless your heart, ES!

Your chance to share your joy!

How about I go the extra mile and share my Pride and Joy?

Not recommended by the World Health Organization to kill coronavirus.


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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13 Responses to Share Your World – Week 62

  1. BWAHAHAHHA!! Thank you for the belly laugh (I’ve got clean hands thenkyewverymuch!) and Sharing Your Squirrely World with everyone! I’m grateful (on this side of things) that you had a few days off and chose to spend part of them answering Share Your World questions in your unique way! Humor is the best medicine and makes the medicine go down a treat! Wait. Um. Humor is the sugar that … oh forget it! 😛

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    Yay! for burnt
    Yay! for critter stash

  3. we agree with you, the mama oderdid the whole thing and was locked in a highway restroom, because the door sensors didn’t work with paws in gloves LOL

  4. As a fellow “burnt” fan, I agree…..”add that crunch before you munch” is my motto. I’m not a snooper but remember being that way when I was little. My brother and I would try to find where Mom and Dad hid the Christmas presents and we always found them – acting like we were surprised every Christmas morning was tough though.


    • I remember when me and my sisters found the gifts… in an upper closet above the bathroom that was never used. I wasn’t particularly surprised, and my sisters really weren’t either… I mean, we were looking for them! Once the big secret was revealed, that’s when “Santa” started giving us gifts in tampon boxes!

  5. draliman says:

    I’m quite a fan of the “over-cooked” too…

  6. Ally Bean says:

    I guess you don’t order your steaks rare, then? Which seems odd to me considering how odd you are! 😜

  7. In this seriously messed up world of binge panic buying/hoarding, I’ll bet your Pride and Joy could fetch a king’s ransom.

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