Tic Tac Oh

Pity the poor siren and her horde of courters…

Don’t want to leave the house and are stuck with using fig leaves and twigs for toilet tissue?  That’s no way to start a Monday!  The Nest is ready to put you in the full throes of an earworm pandemic, and what better way to keep the infectious music going than with the next song in our Top 30 Songs We Just Feel Like Playing countdown!  Oh, and who says music from the past decade sucks?  We’re gonna put that myth to bed right now…

#7. “Ex’s And Oh’s” – Elle King

When you think of comedian Rob Schneider’s best work, you probably…….. well, will be thinking for a long time.  However, Deuce Bigalow created one thing that has made the world a more entertaining place, and that was in being the father of singer Elle King.  King’s early interest in rock, country, blues and even bluegrass all come together along with her loud and soulful voice in one of the most epic songs that was ever recorded in the 21st Century.  And if like Snuggle, you prefer your music videos to have lots of hunky dudes rather than covens of video vixens, well, Elle has a treat for you….

This song, which became a huge hit in 2015, was an insta-fave from the first time I heard it.  It’s kind of a forehead slapping story of the woman who used men like Kleenex, and those creepy ass wieners who kept trying to get their lost love back… but it’s too fun not to sing along and gyrate to.  And boy did I have my mental image of Elle shattered when I first watched this video a few months ago…

What were you expecting, fucking Enya?

I love this little sentence from the Wiki page of the song itself

Featuring many scantily clad male characters and scenes with clear sexual innuendos, the video inverts the objectification of women common in contemporary music videos, and has been praised by critics for this role reversal.

I don’t know if that’s progress or the height of hypocrisy.  Critics… who the hell are these people anyway?

MITZI: Mitzi, like, totally got all moisturized and tingly from watching all the kyoooot doods in this video!  Like, Mitzi would totally give this four hoofies up!  Mitzi would also like to totally share that yummy hot dog with Ellie Wellie!!!

SNUGGLE: Dafuq!?!?  Who shows a gay porn video for Muzak Monday?  I gotta send this to Big Scrat, maybe it’ll keep him busy for a while…

FUZZYWIG: Now I remember why I decided to move out of the trailer park.  People like this.  Oh, and the fact that the reefer supply was about as low class as the tramp stamps and confederate flags…

Come back next Monday for another great song from another awesome rock chick…


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25 Responses to Tic Tac Oh

  1. Well I’d heard the song and thought she had an unusual voice but never saw the video – all I can say is…..well……HUH? Certainly some role-reversal a la video and I kept wondering what all those guys thought of standing on their head in the sand in the desert in their undies????? I think I’m just too old to appreciate some stuff maybe?


    • I don’t quite get the poor guys in their unmentionables standing on their head either… I’m sure it’s some kind of artistic expression. Or maybe just gratuitous sex… which of course, The Nest would never tolerate on its blog!

  2. I like her voice a lot!!!!! the tp war is over here, the preferred supermarket closed in the morning because of corona suspects… fab… shitty times and no paper… that fits :O(

    • I am very glad I’m not at work when the paper truck comes in anymore (That used to be my job!). They attack it before you can even open the boxes. Of course, the stupid CDC and the even stupider politicians keep encouraging the hoarding craziness by trying to shut everything down. Let the damn virus just run its course already…. geez! Half the world would be dead by now if it were the grim reaper they portray it to be…

  3. I like her voice a lot!!!!! the tp war is over here, the preferred supermarket closed in the morning because of corona suspects… fab… shitty times and no paper… that fits :O(

  4. ghostmmnc says:

    This is such a good song – the singing and the music – love it. 🙂

  5. I’d never heard this song, so thanks Evil, for introducing new music to me, always something good. 😎😉

  6. I’ve loved this song and Ms. Elle (wasn’t that a subtle nod to “The Beverly Hillbillies” and/or “Dallas?”: Anyway. I became quite fond of Ms. Elle’s singing style and have several of her CDs now. More odd (and far less popular) was the gender bending song “Good To Be A Man”. Now Ms. Elle is far too curvy to be mistaken for a dude, except when she’s wearing overalls. BIB overalls. I admire her music greatly and thank you kindly for the reminder!

    • I can picture Ms. Elle wearing bib overalls… though I still don’t think she’d be mistaken for a guy. Though I was surprised by how she looked compared to the voice, I’m glad she doesn’t look like one of those other diva bimbos on the radio…

  7. This definitely has two sides to this video. Can’t decide which one I’m on but do like the beat and gravelly voice of Ms. King. Rock on, girlfriend!

  8. This makes me happy. I love this song. I love this video. My daughter used this for a roller skate routine when she was a teenager. LOL. It was awesome.

  9. Your “like” button isn’t working. I think mine isn’t working either. Why should WordPress be working when nothing else in the world is? Good question. Does anyone have an answer? At least staying home with the computer is THE thing to do, eh?

    • It’s working for some people since this post has 11 likes. And the likes that seem to be missing are mostly the spammers who like a post a second after you post it… so if it’s not working for them, I say good!

  10. Merbear74 says:

    I fucking LOVE THIS SONG. LOVE IT!

  11. Merbear74 says:

    If only I were a MILF…

  12. draliman says:

    Very good song. Funnily enough I heard it for the first time around Christmas last year and instantly mistook it for a Gin Wigmore song I’d somehow missed. Their style and even their voices sound so very similar.

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