Monday Morning Cartoons

Don’t you dare call me Magilla again!

It’s time to start off another week with some more music that we at The Nest really like.  How much do we like it?  Well, it isn’t named the Top 30 Songs We Just Feel Like Playing countdown for nothing!  And we’re into the Top 5 now!  It’s time to visit the lost era of muzak, the 2000’s.  Not as in the century, but as in the decade.  This song’s guaranteed to knock your Crocs off…

#5. “Feel Good, Inc.” – Gorillaz

The Archies, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Josie and the Pussycats, Jem and the Holograms.  What do these bands all have in common?  They didn’t really exist since the “members” were all cartoon characters created by the demented genius behind the music.  It would be like if I got some of my shelf critters together and jammed out a record or two.  The music might suck, but hopefully the Mitzi centerfold we included in the album would help boost the sales…

Yeah, Scratchy, you can forget about getting any of the groupies.

Such a virtual band was “formed” in the late 90’s by Damon Albarn, who had been in a real band called Blur (“Song 2″…. yes, you’ve heard it before).  With the help of comic book artist Jamie Hewlett ( of Tank Girl fame), they created a cartoon foursome known as Gorillaz.  The toon band cranked out a handful of pretty neat songs that all did better in their homeland of the UK than in America…. but they had one huge hit that took the world.  With some help from old school hip hop group De La Soul, here’s the animated band in action performing their 2005 smash “Feel Good, Inc.”…

Yes, it’s the windmill song!  Now you know what it’s called…

There are so many great things about this song that make it one of my very favorites… with the gorilla in the room (or mist) being that epic bass line, which is one of the best and catchiest EVER.  It’s also probably the most famous song to ever work the word “asscracks” into its lyrics…

squirrel butt

Squirrels don’t really have ass cracks, do they?

One thing that the digital world has pretty much killed off from the music industry is the iconic album cover.

Iconic… and sexy as fucking hell.

Everyone can picture in their head the album art for classics like Sgt. Pepper, Thriller, and Nevermind.  But can you think of a single album cover from the 21st century that stands out as a symbol of the music it contained?  Can you even picture what ANY album cover in this millennium looks like?  Probably not.  Well, I present the Gorillaz album art today’s song came off of, Demon Days

Such a nice group of lads…

Which has been parodied and memed into all kinds of silly things people share on their antisocial media accounts… thus achieving iconic status due to the power of the modern internet!

Whoever did this could have at least named them Turtlez.

Just put “demon days parodies” into Google Images, and knock yourself out at the treasure trove of funky quad-profile lineups you’ll find out there!  And be sure to come back next week for another amazing earworm of recent (and older) vintage….


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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17 Responses to Monday Morning Cartoons

  1. like them a lot… it is this typical sound from UK I love so much!!!

  2. franhunne4u says:

    I loved their song Clint Eastwood and in typical Hunne-style haven’t really noticed their famous one.

    • Clint Eastwood was a minor hit here, and I do like it. “Dare,” which came off the same album as Feel Good, is their other song I really love… and as a bonus, it’s now a Mecca earworm.

  3. As usual my “live under a rock” lifestyle apparently precluded my EVER hearing this gem. I like it AND the video………….


  4. I always feel bad about these since I never recognize the song and often, not even the era. Would you like a few dozen flying squirrels? I have some spares.

  5. Merbear74 says:

    I like this song. The bass makes me Mitzi moist…

  6. draliman says:

    I actually have this album somewhere.
    Wait a minute… they’re no real, you say? Aw, man…

  7. Umm, yeah…musta missed that album-it’s not at all familiar. 🙉

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