When you wanna come…

Which will end first, the countdown or the lockdown?  Well, time’s running out for Team Covid because there’s only four songs left in The Nest’s Top 30 Songs We Just Feel Like Playing countdown… and every one of them is as awesome as a box full of possums!  As has oddly become a tradition in my last few countdowns, I’m going to call an audible at #4 and use a song that I not only can’t believe I forgot to consider for The Countdown of Whatever since I’ve grown a strange fondness for it, but that I think now is even more relevant than ever….

#4. “Breathe (2 AM)” – Anna Nalick

Among the plethora of singer-songwriters who briefly emerged with a single hit in the first decade of this millennium is a young lady by the name of Anna Nalick.  The name may not mean much to you, but her magnum opus became ubiquitous (in America, and apparently New Zealand!) in the 2000’s, while seemingly being lost to time now.  This is one of the more thought provoking and life observant songs you will ever see written by a 20 year old…

And the song itself isn’t bad either!  Well, at least I love listening to it.  “Breathe” fell just outside the Top 40 (the pop charts this century are pretty meaningless), but it became a bit Adult Contemporary hit when it was released in 2005.

I’ve never much been into the lyrics and especially the meanings of songs.  I don’t care about the message, I just want something that’s going to make me bop my head around like a fool for a bit and has a great or unique sound to it.  But I love the imagery conjured up by Nalick in “Breathe” describing how little control we have over the flow of time and life itself.

Whoever created this meme probably wishes they could find the rewind button so they could fix their mistake.

And like Anna says…. just breathe.

Just breathe…

You might even want to take off that stupid mask while you do it…

If you thought this week’s song was a bit too slow for you…. next Monday will be just the opposite.  You’ve got seven days to get those dancing shoes out!


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13 Responses to Relax

  1. the mama said da furst picture is only allowed to childish pups after 10pm LOL . love the song her voice reminds me a little of sheryl crow, but it is smoother somehow…

    • There was a story on her Wiki page that Anna and Sheryl were up for the same award (a Grammy, I think), and Anna was so sure Crow would win, that she had kicked off her shoes in the audience, then had to run up to the stage barefoot to accept the award when her name was called.

  2. I have always thought this was a really amazing song – I was glad I could understand the lyrics but remember looking them up to be SURE I had them right back when I first heard it. Remarkable actually and for a 20-year old incredibly insightful. Good stuff……very. Better now than it was when it came out maybe. Thanks for reminding me! I’ve got my dancing shoes out for next week. I had to dust them off a little though! 🙂


    • I was surprised at how young she was when that song came out! It sounds like it was written by somebody with more life experience.

      Hey, you can dance to next week’s song barefoot if you want! We won’t be streaming any videos…… well, Snuggle the creep might be!

  3. Thom says:

    I am right with you on this one, love it! I also concur that the Top 40 charts are now worthless and have been ever since the 45 RPM record bit the dust. The new way of compiling and ranking, including streaming data, makes comparing “hits” of the last 20-30 years or so to the glory days of the hit single futile. I am constantly surprised at how often a fairly-recent (and for this old dude that could mean anywhere from 1995 onward lol) song that I heard constantly on the office radio never reached the Billboard Hot 100. That includes this song.

  4. You may need to rethink the length of the countdown. Since it seems likely the lockdown will go on longer than any of us care to and because there are probably more fabulous songs like this to help us get through it. Happy whatever the heck day it is (rumor has it it’s Monday but I’m never 100% positive. And thanks for the great tune.

  5. Her admittedly abbreviated album with that song on it, is totally awesome too. I didn’t follow her, but hope she kept on writing and singing. Great tunes and great choice (even if Snuggle and Mitzi need to get a permanent room!! 😆 )

  6. I know this song. I usually don’t like female vocalist but I like Anna Nalick. Good choice.

  7. Trisha says:

    This song got a lot of play on whatever ancient music playing device I had back in the mid 2000s! I still like it but it makes me wanna find that rewind button. Time is going by so damn fast.

  8. draliman says:

    Lovely song, beautiful voice!
    Bet you never thought I’d say that about a song like this, huh…?

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