Share Your World – Week 68

Yesterday was Earth Day, so I declare today to be Venus Day.

Ready or not, it Share Your World time!  We’ve got the smart aleck answers to provide for questions that really deserve a better fate.  Let’s see what our hostess Melanie has in store for The Nest to make a mockery out of this week…

Since I led of with an 80’s music reference… we’ll use the 80’s album logo today.

In your opinion what animal is the most majestic?

As if there is even a debate…

Giddyup possie!!!

That is quite literally the first thing I’ve drawn on a computer in almost three years!  I still kinda got it, I guess…

What seemingly innocent question makes you think “It’s a trap!”?

Would you like to try some of my cheese?

It’s apparently Pick On Buster Day…

What weird potato chip flavor that doesn’t exist would you like to try?

I don’t get the flavored potato chip craze.  It’s like the How Many Ways Can We Desecrate An Oreo game or How Many Different Things Can You Fill A Twinkie With And Have It Still Be Somewhat Edible?  How about a potato chip flavored potato chip?  Would that be too much to ask?

Universal disclaimer for half of the potato chip aisle at your store…

TROLL: Um, sir!!!  Using my highly advanced math skills I learned in college…

EVIL SQUIRREL: You mean using your fingers and toes?

TROLL: Right, sir.  Anyway, using my highly advanced fingers and toes… I just realized that there are only three Share Your World questions this week!

ES: Holy shit, Troll!  You’re a fucking mathematical genius!!!  I’d have never figured that out without your pointless interruption!  No wonder you’re so good at keeping my executive washroom so clean and semi-sanitized.

TROLL: Thank you, sir!  So, how do you plan to address this crisis of no fourth question?

ES: The same way I figured out how to remove your mangy hair from that paper shredder last week.  We’ll just ask the internet!

What is the oddest form of entertainment that you enjoy?

TROLL: I await your intelligent answer to this question with baited breath, sir!

ES: Your breath could have only come from chewing on nightcrawlers, Troll.  Well, geez… I guess the oddest form of entertainment that I enjoy is making up stupid skits with you moronic critters I have lying around so other people can have cheap laughs!  Most people get fitted for straitjackets who play with their dollies on an adult blog.

TROLL: Brilliant, sir!  And I’m so honored to be one of your moronic critters!

ES: I think I hear my bidet calling you, Troll.  And make sure you use something that can clean inside the aerator this time…. like your tongue!

TROLL: Right, sir!  I’ll have it done in a jiffy, sir…

Share some gratitude with people if you like.  Images are certainly appropriate!

Looking for a random photo I haven’t posted before, I came up with this…

The top of the fake fireplace in my Mom’s house she moved into at this time last year.  Most of it is mementos from my Dad’s funeral.  But I’ll give you three guesses who gave her the unicorn that looks like Mitzi’s mother…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to Share Your World – Week 68

  1. I guessed it that Buster would walk the line ;O) the most awful potato chips really exist… truffle and sea salt made by The Geissens… that was the worst I ever had, it topped even the earthworm I ate once as a kidlet…

    • The people who make potato chips remind me of that one kid at every school who would eat anything no matter what the other kids piled on it. I hope there are never any spit flavored chips…

  2. Ally Bean says:

    Possum? Interesting answer. Who am I to disparage it… but really?

  3. Thanks Evil Squirrel for Sharing Your ahem…UNIQUE World with us today! I agree with you on the ‘best’ potato chip flavor….the potato chip flavored chip is my personal favorite too. Having a troll clean the bidet (you got a bidet??) with its tongue might be the most unique ‘entertainment’ out there…but to each their own. Lastly thanks for the wee glimpse into the ‘real world’ of the squirrel. I have one of those flags too. But a lot more crap on my mantle piece. Mitizi’s Mom is beautiful. I bet she danced in her day too….? Lastly, I will say I’m a bit shocked. I fully expected a squirrel to be your choice for most magnificent (majestic) beastie, not a dead possum, but again…I ain’t judging. 😆

    • There is no actual bidet at The Nest, but the fake Evil Squirrel likes to pretend he is uppity enough for one. The squirrelcorn has nothing on the possumcorn… that’s mutually assured destruction when some careless driver runs over one on the highway…

  4. Great answers again. Possu is a Finnish word, meaning a piggy, a young, beautiful, pink pig.

  5. Even though your theme this week seemed to be heap the “big one” (repeatedly) on poor Buster, that last image made me smile.

  6. Hey – you definitely still have it – first drawing in forever – YESSSS! Now you need to do that once in a while to remove the rust from your drawing pen. As for potato chips – they ought to taste like potato as far as I’m concerned. I have to admit that once in a while I like the BBQ flavor but that’s just when I feel wild and crazy (which isn’t often at my age).


    • Unfortunately, the newish form of Paint leaves all those little uncolored pixels when you try to fill in a color… so I could never draw like I used to on the old one. And that’s not even including all of the other functions on it that are way different. But I was impressed with what came out after that long…

      BBQ chips are the only kind other than Ruffles that I like! Anything else just doesn’t belong on a chip…

  7. draliman says:

    At the end of the day, you can’t beat the humble ready salted crisp.

  8. I have potato chip flavored potato chips, but I admit it. Call me crazy, but I like the salt and vinegar ones, too. A small amount. But I can’t eat a lot of anything anyway. I can make a bag of potato chips last for months. The probably disqualifies me from this response, huh.

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