Hide And Seek

Ummmmm….. did anyone lose a tail?

OK, this is a little weird.  That definitely seems to be a squirrel tail sticking up out of the ground.  But apparently the squirrel that went with that tail is somehow missing!  Where the heck can he be hiding?  That grass isn’t that tall that he could be obscured by it!  I mean… look at the base of the fence.  Did someone lose their squirrelskin cap?

Ugh, what a terrible thought!

I better go out there and check on this little guy, and make sure he’s really….

Here I am!!!

Oh, you little rascal!  How did you hide yourself like that?

Well, actually, I know how he did it.  There’s a very low to the ground drainage pipe there that comes out from the back of my neighbor’s fence…. which you can just barely make out just a bit southeast of his nose.  And you can see that same darkened spot where the tail disappears into the ground in the top shot.

That is one well hidden Saturday Squirrel.  But I’m glad he resurfaced to give my readers a good shot of his cute little face…

Have a great weekend everyone!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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20 Responses to Hide And Seek

  1. He is a cutie….looks like maybe a youngster scrounging for a snack. That first picture though looks so funny with just a tail showing. Kind of like a sprout from one of those very rare “squirrel tail plants”…….HAHA If anyone would have a squirrel tail plant it would be YOU.


    • Usually weird looking photos like that will immediately start forming Saturday Squirrel ideas in my head as soon as I see the result in the screen. But apparently I’d forgotten about this one, because it caught my eye for the first time while I was looking through my archive yesterday… and then when I noticed the next picture had him sprung back up with that cute face… it was an easy choice for this week! There is recently built nest in my tree, but I have yet to see any actual babies yet….

  2. Awwwww. That is so sweet. Now that we’re home all of the time our squirrels are losing their shyness and watching us as much as we watch them. They’re so cute and SMART.

    • I’ve never been outside enough to get my squirrels used to me. For a few years, I was taking enough pictures from my windows that I wouldn’t scare them off when I opened one up… but now, I have to be really stealthy to keep from spooking them.

  3. draliman says:

    As he donned his invisibility fur, little did he realise that his massive tail was still all-too visible…

  4. mydangblog says:

    What a cutie! We have a baby at our place, and he’s just adorable–I’m putting a pic of him into tomorrow’s post:-)

  5. That tail is really bushy. A winter coat tail? *snicker*. If it’s a lady squirrel, she’s probably foraging, because babies eat A LOT and squirrel babies probably like their nuts lightly roasted. 😆

  6. Whew, glad lost got found. I was afraid someone would start blaming the Ninja or Stormin’ Norman who are probably guilty of a lot of harassment of squirrels, but never any other nefarious behavior (so long as you don’t count chasing). 🐿

  7. Trisha says:

    That first picture is definitely odd looking! And the 2nd one is so cute. He looks so innocent but was probably plugging up the drain pipe or perpetrating some sort of destructive act down there.

    • No way! A squirrel would never do something so evil! And all his defense attorney would need is that photo to show the jury, and he’d never be convicted!

      • Trisha says:

        So true. Even if I saw him commit the crime, after one look at that face I would declare him innocent!

        I think we may have had a drunk and disorderly squirrel here a few days ago. It kept falling off the fence and then it got all belligerent and was chewing me out from a tree and then it tried to climb a taller tree and it fell out, all the way to the ground, and then climbed back up, bitching the whole way. We think it might have been eating the rotten apples from under our truck!

  8. You have a lot of squirrels roaming around during the day. Except for whichever squirrel is our “midday” special, all the others show up around dawn and a few at twilight. But there’s always one who doesn’t want to leave. He eats, he lounges, he goes back for another snack. I’m sure if I let him in, he’d become pals with the dogs and beg for treats.

    • The squirrels are more active in the morning here too. Every once in a while, they’ll have a midday carnival going on… but usually they stick to their crepuscular ways.

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