Squirrels In The Park – Trip 3

Ready to take my hand and go on a magical trip through time and space?  Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to save your future self from some kind of trouble… that only happens in the movies.  The Nest is featuring the best photos of all twenty park trips I’ve taken in order to bring you much Saturday joy… and for our third excursion, let’s see what the squirrels were up to when I visited on May 18, 2015… a rare Monday trip due to a week off work I had.  As I’ve done each time so far, I simply chose the first photo I kept from that session to use as the title card… and this happy little guy traipsing along the path is the perfect start to what should be an interesting set of late Spring photos!

Stalking his prey?  Or maybe just making sure nobody touched that nut he just buried….

Hey dude! Ever heard of a concept called privacy?

Well geez, I’m SO sorry.  Maybe if you wanted a private nest, you shouldn’t be freeloading in the public park…

Awww, what’s cuter than a standing with his paws in front of his chest?

Oh, I know!

If he turns to look at the camera!

This shot ranks very high on my list of favorite squirrel pics I’ve taken!  I love the silhouette effect and the symmetry of this leaping cutie!

A tree with a bunch of squirrels playing in it is a happy tree!

I love the way the bright colors of the leaves pop behind this rather fierce looking squirrel…

Don’t look at me!  I’m not in charge of cutting the grass around here…

Hey, look Ralph! We’re on camera! Hi mom!!!

Excess baggage…

Yes, this was the trip I got this infamous photo I post over and over again of a very well endowed squirrel…

Ride…. ride…. ride…. I’m hitchin’ a ride!!!

Can I help you, bud?

No thanks.  Just wanted to steal your likeness for my blog.  Carry on!

Squirrels usually hop and leap to get from place to place… but this guy’s taking a leisurely stroll instead.  I’d imagine jumping on concrete can’t be good for those little squirrel tootsies…

The world can use more smiling squirrels….

An exquisite profile…

An itchy face…

Why do squirrels always look so shocked to see me?  Am I that bad looking?

Let me get a closer look….. yep! You are pretty bad looking!!!

Well, see if I call you cute when I post your picture on The Nest!!!

Oh, don’t act I’m not fucking adorable! Let me swish my red tail for my admirers out there!

Hey!  Watch your language on my blog!  There are probably kids reading this shit…

Really? Hey kids!!! Be sure to mail me some of those green pieces of paper! And maybe a few nuts…

Enough of you, Soupy Squirrel…

This squirrel’s so hungry, he’s eating a paper towel!  That’s slightly gross…

Don’t you just hate it when you get stuck going in your front door?

Awwwww, I actually took a picture of my beloved old Neon while walking around.  I’d had it for 15 years at that time, and it still had another two and a half years to give before it gave up the ghost…

Alright, you’re just copycatting the trophy head squirrel from my last trip….

Shhhhh!!!! Don’t snitch on me while I dig up the park flowers!

Hey!  My hard earned tax dollars paid for those flowers!  Go find a stray nut or something…

OK, how about this dandelion?

I guess you can eat the dandelion if you want, though I find them to be pretty.  They’re like miniature sunflowers…

Hey, I know what I can eat!

Nom nom nom!!!

Sigh, not again!  And I don’t want to know what that red stain is….

That’s all for this week’s flashback park trip!  Join me next Tuesday for another walk in the park…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Squirrels In The Park – Trip 3

  1. Rivergirl says:

    Wow, that’s a great group of pics. Next time bring peanuts so that poor little guy doesn’t have to eat paper towels.

  2. Well what a super “crop” of photos from this park trip of yours. Squirrels are so totally entertaining. I have to think that the paper towel-eaters must have been following the aroma of “lunch” on those towels – and if that’s not the case – I don’t EVEN wanna know what they smell on them! Love all the smiling squirrels. Good captures!

    • I’m not sure what the deal was with that…. and it’s weird because those are the only two paper towel chewing squirrels I’ve ever seen, and both on the same day! Like all rodents, they do have to chew things to keep their teeth from growing too large… but I doubt even Brawny towels would be up to the task of filing down squirrel teeth!

  3. They are so lovely, great photos. My favourites are those walking in the street, they look very busy.

  4. The smiling squirrel got us. Wonder why he’s smiling? Did he just steal a brother’s cache of nuts? Did he enjoy the paper towel and is now addicted….?

    The squirrels here are well fed and enjoy running up peeps stucco houses.


  5. draliman says:

    I reckon my favourite is your title one – “Scampering Squirrel”.

    • If not for intentionally choosing the first picture in each of these series, I’d have never noticed how neat that squirrel looks just happily scampering down the road….

  6. Love that high-stepping first little guy!

  7. Trisha says:

    You got so many great pictures on this trip. What a handsome bunch of squirrels! And funny that a couple of them showed squirrels eating garbage because Gemma just walked by me carrying an opened package of crackers that I immediately knew came from the garbage bag I saw sitting next to the can earlier. And I found Gary with his head buried in a ripped-open garbage bag…and garbage strewn all over the yard. Dammit. I guess I know what I’m doing this afternoon. I wish the squirrels would come and eat the yucky paper towels but I think food from the trees is so plentiful here that the squirrels are never tempted to go dumpster diving. Unlike the crows and my naughty dogs!

  8. clcouch123 says:

    This is a delightful photo essay of the squirrel! Rocket J. would be teary.

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