Share Your World – Week 75

Oh, quit fighting! it could have been a suppository…

It’s been another hell of a week at The Nest.  After having to go online to get flea medicine for the cats after my vet’s office conveniently had none in stock last week, the top of the line, most veterinarian recommended and expensive shit finally showed up at my door via FedEx Tuesday afternoon (Cue the Moody Blues).  Almost two full days later, after it should have eliminated the initial infestation both cats had, it doesn’t seem to have done a damned thing.  I only needed to look in those clearing spots above the corner of Biskit’s eyes this morning to see that the flea activity looked no better.  And Ody’s moved on to yet another hiding place I have yet to find, so I haven’t even checked up on him yet.  His erratic (and sometimes nonexistent) eating and drinking over the last week has undoubtedly done wonders for his diabetes.  This is such a fucking mess…

And hopefully, that’s about as negative as you’ll ever see me on this blog.  Let’s get on with the Share Your World questions for this week,  hosted as always by Melanie…

How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have never really had to do this before, outside of class recitals and such nonsense.  My evil bitch fourth grade teacher loved making us memorize shit like the Gettysburg Address to read in front of the whole class, without notes like Abe himself had when he read the fucking thing.  And no, that’s not me being negative, two of my sisters had that bitch for fourth grade as well and had similar issues.  She loved to dump my messy desk over in front of everyone and make me clean it back up, and is the only teacher to ever put the letter F on one of my report cards.  Wait, what was the original question again?

It’s going to smart when I crack those knuckles on your keyboard!

What would be the best thing you could reasonably expect to find in a cave?

Hooray! Now I won’t have to use my box cutter to slay dragons with…

What did you think was going to be amazing but turned out to be horrible?

Just about every mini vacay from work I take each month.  You know, like I’m on the tail end of right now….

Dude! Keep those fleas away from me! I don’t want them breeding with my crabs!

What’s the silliest thing you’ve observed someone get upset about?

The best I came up with was trailer trash guy on Thanksgiving night a few years ago.  That, of course, was Black “Friday.”  I was in one of the warehouses bringing down a pallet to work when some chick knocks on the receiving door.  She wants a TV she just bought.  The protocol was to buy a ticket in the store, then drive around to the automotive bay to pick it up… and to keep traffic from jamming up the parking lot at the peak of the sale, the directions on the map customers were given was to drive around the opposite side of the building… where the area I was in happened to be the first door.  I tried to explain the situation to her, but when she realized I wasn’t going to give her a TV, that’s when she got Bubba…

The same picture I used last time I told this story…

Bubba (Not his real name…. maybe) tells me that I better cough up his TV he paid for now, and then shoves the map up to the window to show that this is clearly where they were told to pick it up.  The Bubba tells me I better go get a manager to give him a different answer.  That gave me time to get the hell away from this creep.  By the time the store manager came to the door, he and his babe had already driven around to the receiving on the other end of the store to give the guy working down there the same business he gave me.  Apparently, reading comprehension isn’t a big deal when you probably flunked out of grade school.  Or maybe he had my bitch of a fourth grade teacher as well…

Please feel free to share something that gave you an uplifted spirit during this past week.

While running around the house last Friday like a madman vacuuming and mopping and spraying everything like I was trying to clean up Chernobyl, I happened to spot a familiar sight through the kitchen window sitting in my front yard…



That’s me. Now, got something to eat?

Sorry Sewie, but this isn’t a good time to be visiting.  You should run.  Before they get you too!!!

So, you don’t have any food, right?  OK, I can take a hint…


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22 Responses to Share Your World – Week 75

  1. Bubba had the same teacher… I’m sure… and me too LOL

  2. franhunne4u says:

    I was lucky then. My primary school teacher only thought me to be too stupid to succeed in my chosen secondary. I was in the top 10 % by the end of my school career. So yes, prejudiced teachers are everywhere.

    • I think this teacher just got off on torturing and bullying her students. The funny thing was, the other fourth grade teacher at the time (We swapped classes for math each day for a couple hours) was one of the biggest pushovers in the entire school. My poor luck to end up with her…

  3. ES,
    Come to think of it, my fourth grade teacher was a bitch, too! Huh. I liked 1st grade and 2nd. Third wasn’t much fun. Fourth was a bitch. Loved my 5th grade teacher. Okay, enough of that! When our cats got infested with fleas a few years ago, I had to get a flea comb and cull those suckers out. The cats hated it, but I think they tolerated me combing them because they hated the fleas more. There’s probably a little too much serial killer in me because I kind of enjoyed killing all of the fleas. I have the same passion for killing flies and roaches! Shudder! Anyway, sorry to hear things are stressful; I enjoyed your post anyway! Now I need to take a shower. I have the heebie jeebies just thinking about all of the fleas! Mona

    • This was well beyond what a flea comb and some dishsoap water would take care of. I actually bought a flea comb (since it was cheap), but between their thick hair, the fact that they’re pretty scratched and bitten up, and the reality that there’s a waiting list for vacancies on the cats a mile long… it just didn’t seem like a productive way to deal with it. I’ve discovered in these flea adventures (my third time now) that they are pretty water resistant, so that shower may not do a whole lot of good…

  4. ghostmmnc says:

    Hope your kitties get to feeling better and all the fleas go away. Nice to see Sewie again. 🙂

    • It was a nice surprise to see Sewie…. though he seems to be the harbinger of bad times. The last time he showed up was right before my plumbing disaster last Christmas!

  5. Sewie is a cutie! And sorry that you’re disinfecting everything around your place and the Nest. I’m sure the critters appreciate it, well maybe not Shadow as he told me he’s immune to this particular virus. Yes he did tell me, he has my email, and now I have his….lol.

    • The cleaning is to try to curb the flea infestation. If the medicine for the cats would do its job, I think that would take care of itself… but fleas are about the only thing that will bring out the maid in me. And no, none of the critters want to help out…. especially Shadow, for whom menial tasks are beneath his talents…

  6. SEWIE ❤ ❤ Good to keep him away though…those fleas aren't choosy about where they live… Thanks E.S. for Sharing Your World. It's strange to read about your 4th grade teacher. I was teacher's pet that year (the only time that ever happened too). But even in my ancient school days I don't recall teachers being allowed to torture and terrorize their students, and you are at least several decades younger than me. I'm sorry to have awoken the 'Ghost of School-year Trauma" that way for you. My bad!

    Bubba? That trailer trash in-bred Jed might have gotten a blank stare and the door slammed shut in his/her stupid face. That's what SOME 'customer service' workers do now you know. I'm sitting here waiting for my shipment of ginger ale from Amazon and they've thoroughly shat upon their shoe. For two days I've been told "it's being delivered" 'by 8 pm.' This was yesterday. No soda. Today? Same song. If it's like that TOMORROW somebody answering the chat or phone over there is getting bawled out. No offense to your colleagues. Plus I am certain YOU do a great job, don't you?

    • Teachers can get away with just about anything they want so long as the test scores are within acceptable levels. The teachers union in my town is the envy of this working class city, and reprimanding one is difficult, while firing one almost impossible short of them getting caught doing….. um…. other kinds of things to students as what one of the high school Spanish teachers did while I was there. What’s funny was Mrs. Bitch Teacher didn’t even have the balls to swat her own students (I’m from the last days of the corporal punishment era), so she’d get the gym teacher to do her dirty work. All the rest of the old hags manned their own paddles….

      Amazon is learning what my employer has learned in the last couple decades…. and that it that while growing and expanding may make you richer and richer…. the larger your company gets, the more impossible it is to pay attention to the details like customer service. I do a great job, but my job doesn’t feature much direct customer service (And right now, it features almost none)… and I will admit, my antisocial attitudes and poor people skills make me lousy at that aspect.

  7. Trisha says:

    It’s good to see Sewie’s handsome face! I’m sorry to hear you and the boys are still suffering from the flea infestation though. I hope that expensive, veterinarian-recommended shit kicks in soon. We’ve been lucky so far this summer with our only bug infestation problem being that of a colony of ants that appears and then is gone again by the time I come back with the broom and dustpan. I know there are fleas around but I think they must prefer the squirrels over the dogs. It’s too bad the squirrels won’t come in your house – the fleas would probably all jump on the squirrels and they could take them away! 🙂

    • The expensive shit was supposed to kick in right away! While the effects are supposed to last for a month, the fact that it didn’t seem to eliminate the initial problem is worrisome Although, the cats, when I’ve seen them the past few days, don’t really seem to be scratching anymore…. but boy, will they have me scratching and picking the bastards off of me if I walk near one of them. Ants swarm, and then are gone in the blink of an eye. I remember when I used to freak out about them every Spring, but the fleas have had me to distracted to even notice any ant activity this year. Hopefully this will go away soon, and hopefully the cats will forgive me for keeping them at more than arm’s length the past couple weeks…

  8. draliman says:

    The return of Sewie! Yay!
    I hope you manage to track down Ody.

    • Ody finally starting coming out of hiding a bit yesterday. And it allowed me to make a crucial discovery this morning…. the medicine seems to be working on him. That means SOMEONE spit their pill while I wasn’t looking Tuesday. So I got out the ramrod(almost literally) and forcefed Biskit another pill this morning. Let’s see if this works now…

  9. Aww, glad Sewie did a drive by. Fleas, hackers, thieves all need to find that ‘special’ place in hell for low-life’s. 🤬

  10. So nice to have Sewie back. He looks good and well fed, so I guess he wasn’t suffering. There are just some cats that like to roam from home to home, getting petted, getting interesting food. We had one like that for a week. Ahab (meaning apparently “wanderer”). And when his week was up, he wandered off. He was the most charming street cat of all time.

  11. Get some Adams Flea Spray. You probably have it in your store. Spray the cats, put them in crates and take them OUTSIDE and bomb your house or you will never get rid of them. The fleas get into everything, rugs, furniture, curtain … and bite the hell out of your ankles.
    The Adams spray kills the fleas instantly. The cats don’t much like it and wash your hand afterward because it’s not something you want on your food.

    The internal medication takes time to work. It will work, but you need immediate relief and the longer you wait, the worse it will get. it’s going to be a very bad year because of the unusually warm winter. We’ve been warned too and we may need to hire someone to spray the yard for ticks and fleas. It’s going to be a BAD year for anyone with pets. Sorry about that.

    • I could set up a bowling alley with the number of empty and half empty cans of Adams flea spray I have around the house. I have sprayed the hell out of this house with that stuff during all three infestations I’ve had over the years, and the results are underwhelming. At least, it does seem to deal with fleas I’m directly spraying it on.

      The medication is oral, so it really does start working immediately, rather than those stupid tubes that I can never correctly apply to their backs and that I wouldn’t trust anyway. The cats went from heavily infested to just a smattering overnight, and the smattering is all of the new fleas that continue to hatch daily because of the huge egg backlog. It will take weeks to completely end the cycle, but at least it is much better than it was even just a week ago…

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