Share Your World – Week 76

Remember kids… only Mario got anywhere in life by taking mushrooms.

Since I like to share irreverent information from the past week in the intros to these posts, The Nest would like to take a moment to note the passing of former FBI director William S. Sessions this past Friday at the age of 90.  Other than J. Edgar Hoover, who I only know thanks to one of the funniest movies of all time, “Clue,” Sessions is the only other Top G-Man I could pick out of a lineup… and above you see why.  He took the government’s crusade against drugs and put them where every kid from my generation would see them… on almost every arcade game released in the early 90’s, making him a known name among a demographic who knew the names of more Mortal Kombat fighters than US Congressmen.  The Nest will break some off of Fuzzywig’s stash and light one up in Mr. Sessions’ honor… since after all, there are no winners on this blog.

And now, it’s Share Your World time!  Let’s see what Melanie has in store for us this week…

Winners can’t tell how trippy and psychedelic this logo is…

What do you think of professional motivational speakers?  Do you think they motivate?

What a bunch of con men.  What do people see in these slick talking shysters anyway?  Pollyanna and Prozac will only get you so far in life.  I mean….. hold on, I can’t concentrate.

What’s all that noise over there!?!?

MR. FOX: ……………………….

Thunderous applause rages from the crowd…

Seriously, what are you stupid critters doing anyway?

TROLL: Shhhhhh!!!  Would you keep it down? We’re trying to listen to this motivational speech!  It’s making me into a better burger flipper!

Are you nuts, Troll?  That fox can’t….

FUZZYWIG: Dude!  You’re cramping my motivational mellow here!  This guy’s got me more hyped up than Snuggle’s crystal meth…

Seriously?  Come on, Rainy.  Surely you can’t be buying this crap…

RAINY: Zip it, or I’ll spray you while you sleep!  This speech has helped me see the light and learn to embrace the sunshine in life!

That’s ridiculous….. Shadow!?!?  You too!?!?

SHADOW: I may be the most advanced and intelligent creature within this galaxy, but the words of this vulpine have left me brimming with a zeal to appreciate all critters great and small!


MITZI: Mitzi, like, totally can’t apprehend all these big words…. but Mitzi’s totally getting moisturized by this foxy woxy’s speechie!


MR. FOX: …………………………………..

See!  He doesn’t even say anything!  He just stares at you with those googly eyes, and…..

MR. FOX: ……………………………………..




I think motivational speakers provide an excellent service to the public, as we all need the guidance of those who know so much more about life than we do.  I’m feeling really good about myself right now, and this is going to be the best Share Your World question and answer session ever!  Thank you for changing my life, Mr. Fox!

“……………………………………” – Mr. Fox’s words to live by

Do you have a favorite flavor?

Flavors aren’t really universal.  I might like chocolate candy, but I wouldn’t touch a chocolate drink.  I love cherry flavored candy, but keep that shit out of my soda!

Cherry sno cones are to die for. And yes, this photo is so old… that’s Ody as a kitten!

While out walking, you hear a rustling in some bushes.  What do you think of?


What’s your ideal temperature (nature-wise)?   Hot, cold, temperate and mild, humid or bone dry?

We get enough hot and humid during the summer, and I’ll pass on both.  I prefer mild, but will take cool weather over warm since I’m one with my hoodie from September through May.  And if it has to be hot, I want it arid like the desert so I can go an entire summer without cutting the grass like I did in 2012…

My kind of lawn. Maybe I’ll catch a squirrel riding on a tumbleweed…

Attitude of Gratitude

Since I mentioned my flea problem in the past two SYW posts, I should provide an update that things have improved a lot.  I blamed the expensive flea control pills for not doing their job… but that’s because I was only checking Biskit rather than the reclusive Ody.  When I discovered Saturday morning that Ody was relatively flea free while Biskit still looked like a reject from a Sally Struthers starving kids commercial… it became very obvious that the little asshole spit out his pill Tuesday after I’d thought he swallowed it.  So after ramrodding another pill down his throat, his condition has improved as well.  And now that both cats are effectively flea terminators, hopefully the bastards that are still hatching every day in the house will eventually disappear too.  I look forward to no longer being nibbled on…

No, you can’t nibble on me either!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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23 Responses to Share Your World – Week 76

  1. we remember what the fox said in that ylvis song… so we better stay away from professional speakers ;o) hugs to you, we had a flea circus with this sh*t frontline stuff… I felt such a shame to order foggers at amazon 3 times in a row… what may they think about me? Mrs. Flodder?

    • 99% of all flea products don’t do a damned thing, including those foggers. I’ve used this organic stuff that’s safe to spray right on the cats, and the fleas just laugh at it even though it says in big letters on the can that it KILLS.

  2. I mentioned the last time you talked about the fleas from hell that had invaded your domain that it took us forever to get rid of them when I lived in Florida…..they invaded EVERYTHING – getting rid of them on our cats was easy compared to ridding them from the house! They are tenacious little boogers! Love the kitten photo of Ody…..looks like he likes that cherry flavoring even if you don’t!!


    • The key to getting rid of them is breaking the life cycle. The stuff on the cats is supposed to kill them before they can lay more eggs… but unfortunately, they don’t make that stuff for humans so that the ones that are biting me can’t use my own blood against me!

      • They are one of the WORST nuisances on earth no matter how you look at it. Some people are actually allergic to flea bites – I’ve seen some HUGE welts on some poor people from flea bites. Hope you are rid of the “ITCH MENACE” soon.

  3. You want arid? Come to the Mile High were the ‘it’s a dry heat’ mantra is the norm (yesterday it was 96 in the mid afternoon with just barely double digit humidity). Give me hoodie wearing days anytime. 🥵

  4. draliman says:

    I was about to say the same about motivational speakers but then something changed…
    Cherry Coke – the Devil’s brew.

    • And another one joins Mr. Fox’s crusade to silently take over the world…

      I accidentally drank a Cherry Coke one time and it almost made me puke. I love cherry syrup in shaved ice, but it clashes terribly with cola…

  5. Thank Dog that Utah is too dry or weird weather-y to support flea life. *phew* One nibble and I think I’d be pet-free (sorry Ziggy and Pudge, I do love you, but I love un-nibbled by ugly microscopic critter skin more). Where was I? Oh…. Thanks E.S. for Sharing Your World and keep Mr. Fox on the down low. Although he has a certain something about him, those eyes are almost hypnotic. Thank goodness certain pyramid scheme aficionados don’t know about him or we’d all be more broke than we are. Cherry coke? BLEAH. Give me it straight and original or don’t give it to me at all…

    • Mr. Fox is very devious. Hopefully he’s not in the pocket of any politicians. Cherry soda is just wrong. Cola does not need flavoring of any kind… it’s fine the way it is!

  6. Fox is very…motivational and I feel very…motivated. Ahem…hear’s hoping all of the fleas flee! Mona

  7. mydangblog says:

    I love that Mr. Fox has an actual soapbox for his speeches!

  8. Trisha says:

    I’m glad your flea situation is improving! I had to laugh at Bizkit spitting his pill out. Cats can be such assholes! I think Mr. Fox should run as an independent in the election. He’s the perfect candidate since he never opens his mouth to let the stupid out and he could just hypnotize us all to forget about politics. He’d have my vote!

    • That cat set me back a good week by being an asshole! I also tortured him again this morning by splitting one of the Ody sized pills in half and giving them each a booster, since I think the sheer number of fleas that stuff’s had to kill has diluted the poison a bit (And I made sure there were explicitly no harmful effects from an overdose before playing my own veterinarian).

      I’d love to see Mr. Fox run… and if I decide to vote this year (which will depend on if we’re still doing this stupid Chernobyl exclusion zone shit or not in November), I just may make him my write in this year. Although I think a president Fuzzywig would be a riot too…

      • Trisha says:

        Fuzzywig would be hilarious! If a semi-sane third party candidate doesn’t emerge, I may just write in Fuzzywig or Mr. Fox also. Maybe you could do a Shelf Critter Theatre debate episode between the two. We’re going to need lots of humor to get through the next four months!

      • I had come up with an idea to have a series where each of my critters gets its hat thrown into the ring (whether they wanted to or not), and gets grilled by a moderator…. but then all the shit that’s gone on this month with me kinda killed it. I’ve still got a few months to toy around with it, though…

      • Trisha says:

        That would be more fun than just two candidates. I’d love to hear Uncle Snuggie’s policy suggestions! I sure hope things start going better (and flea-free) for you soon.

      • Well, you got me thinking about it again while I was at work last night! I’ll probably have to try it out at some point in time…

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