Share Your World – Week 80

Oh, it must be for Snuggle.

My birthday vacay may have my days all screwed up this week, but I think it’s now Thursday, so it’s time to do the Share Your World thing.  For this week’s intro, here’s the Caller ID shot of a call I received Tuesday… which Pam and anyone who follows her Tuesday Teaser feature (and knows the kind of answers I always leave) will surely appreciate.  No, I didn’t answer the call from Sing Sing.  But I will answer these questions which Melanie has proposed for this week

Pssst! There’s a file buried inside the globe to break your way out!

What song always gets you out on the dance floor?

You won’t see me within fifteen nautical miles of a dance floor.  But there are plenty of songs which will get me moving, many of which I’ve probably already covered in one of my Monday Muzak features over the years.  In fact, I actually proclaimed this one to be perhaps the greatest dance song ever… and I’m still very much in agreement with that assessment.

The little known British band QFeel couldn’t even win a 1982 Eurovision talent contest with their song “Dancing In Heaven”… but it later became a minor hit in LA, which caught the ears of whoever was putting together the horrible 80’s dance flick “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”… which thanks to my sisters, caught my ear, and I fell in love with it from first listen:

What’s your favorite sleeping position?

I slept mostly on my stomach for the first 25 years of my life.  Then the back pains that came with hefting heavy ass bags of dog food at Mecca forced me to start sleeping on my back.  I always start on my back now, tossing and turning throughout the night day to occasionally spend some time on one of my sides as well.

It turns out I’m much like Buster, who can sleep in multiple positions.

On his back:

On his side:

On his other side:

And even on his stomach:

If you could snap your fingers and instantly make the world better, what would you do?

Well, I know what the stock answer is for this question…. but I’m not sure most people would really want to live in a “utopia”…

I’ll settle for snapping my fingers and shutting up the preachy folks who think they have the right to be able to tell us what we SHOULD and SHOULDN’T be doing.  Those are the ones who make my world the most insufferable…

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done, and why did you do it?

Buying this house was pretty scary with every signature that signed my life away.  Appearing on a TV game show was scary for different reasons.

Since I had a two hour storm related power outage yesterday (Which always seems to happen when I take my July vacay), it reminded me of the overnight power outage back in February 2012 when I got so bored, I decided I should scare the living shit out of myself…

squirrel statue

How to turn a $10 Mecca lawn ornament into something that actually looks decent.

I decided to grab this lawn ornament I had recently painted in the style of my old cartoon character MBRS and place her on my TV stand.  Then I put the two candles I had lit up on either side of her.  That created this scene…


Which I now had staring at me in the dead of night while every light in the neighborhood was off.  Apparently, my fear of the dark I once had was left behind when I moved out on my own… because creepy demonic MBRS and her soul devouring eyes didn’t bother me.  Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t have Mr. Fox at the time….

I’ll never know if his eyes glow in the dark, because I’ll always have the lights on around him!

Please feel free to share something uplifting from your life!

The gratitude moment isn’t really a gratitude moment… just an unexpected birthday gift.  On Monday afternoon, I went to the kitchen to wash my cup out for something to drink, and after a short burst, nothing was coming out of my kitchen sink.  I turned to the window and through the cat-thrashed blinds, was able to see this…

Hey Culligan Man, turn my water back on!

The water company had a guy messing round in my meter buried in the yard.  Apparently they did knock on my door first, since the next day I found their work note lodged in my screen door the next morning.  But I got a surprise new water meter for my birthday Monday.  Gee, how thoughtful.  You could have just made me a chocolate cake instead…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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23 Responses to Share Your World – Week 80

  1. oooh boy yes.. that was a nightmare… imagine all people at facebook would give you a like… and no shitstorms… poor world… we loved qfeel… and we also loved martin pages house of stone and light

  2. Well I have NEVER heard that song but the lead singer’s voice is mighty familiar……the costumes are interesting – space air force maybe? As for the new meter – I do hope they put a ribbon around it since it was your birthday present!!!!! Oh yeah – before I forget – you’re the only person I’ve ever known to get a call from THE BIG HOUSE – prison inmate? Wondering maybe if you’d stop by with a bar of soap?????

    Pam 🙂

    • Every once in a while the caller ID will say “INMATE CALL,” and I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t actually scammers. I mean, I’ve apparently called myself from my own number before. And I’m not about to get caught trying to smuggle soap into a prison! I’d rather be busted trying to pass off The Good Stuff…

  3. Can’t help but wondering how many unicorns were sacrificed to make that dance tune video? A new water meter seems like a swell birthday gift. Odd but swell. 🎂 Keep on celebrating!

  4. Thanks E.S. for Sharing Your World!! That glowing squirrel by candlelight would have cured me of ever wanting to light a candle again, so yeah. Scary!! O_o A new water meter is awesome!! Much better than waking up one day with brown sludge coming out your pipe (that sounded better in my head than it does written down, but it’s that sort of day). Less expensive too, especially if it were a birthday gift and you didn’t have to pay! I love any day that has an Evil Squirrel’s ‘retro’ cartoon strip in it! So I get a gift too, and it ain’t even near my birthday! 🙂 Cheers Bill!!

    • I doubt the new meter was anything more than to make sure I get charged for every drop I use. It was creepy enough being stuck in the dark yesterday a few hours before sunset… I don’t know how I had the nads to set up the statue like that in total darkness!

  5. A new water meter, eh? We don’t trust service people. Bet they’ll up your water to pay for the new meter! mol The glowing squirrel had me promising never to run away when called again. It scared the crap outta me. I usually run the other way when dad comes out to get me for curfew. I only run far enough so he can’t grab me.

    Happy belated birthday…My birthday was in May and I’m 2….how about you? 25?


    • There is no such thing as a free lunch, and I’m well aware the cost of the new meter (As well as all of the other new meters they install) is coming out of my pocket. At least water is the cheapest of all the utilities, so I’ll cut them some slack…

      I’m…… old. My big cat Ody will turn 11 at the end of the month…

  6. Mer O'Leary says:

    Happy birthday! Mine is coming next month and I’ll be fucking 46 years old…remember when we were only 40? Good times…

  7. Trisha says:

    It must have been kind of a surprise to see a guy laying facedown in your yard like that. Or, maybe not since you knew your water meter was there. The photo had me wondering WTF is going on there?!?!

    I’ve long predicted that everyone will be miserable in Utopia once it’s fully ushered in but I hadn’t thought of how bored the outrage mob will be. Our experience of it will probably be from a re-education camp. Antifa has already warned you to cease and desist with your fascist blog and I’m sure the satanic-looking squirrel photo will be enough evidence to get you and all your followers locked up. Can’t have weirdos like us running around messing up Utopia! 🙂

    • Now you’ve got me wondering if that guy was really from the water company, and not a spy for Antifa planting a bomb in my front yard! I’m sure my blog is even more Fascist than it was a few years ago now that I’m sharing my world…. no wait, sharing is Communist, or maybe Socialist. Come to think of it, I don’t even know what fascism is! Maybe they’ll explain it to me in their next spam…

      • Trisha says:

        Lol! You better take a good look at that “water meter” in case your sharing isn’t socialist/commie enough to get you off their radar!

  8. That was a nice birthday gift. The photo of the “dead” man on your lawn is amazing.

  9. draliman says:

    QFeel was hoping that dance with the weird pointy sticks would go viral in the clubs, but it was banned after the sticks got accidentally buried in various club-goers’ stomachs…
    A new birthday water meter? You lucky fella, you.

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