Squirrels In The Park – Trip 10

Let’s make another retro trip to my local park to check out what the squirrels are up to!  This week, I’ll look back at the highlights of my tenth trip to the park, which took place on Friday morning May 26, 2017… just before the park was due to be busy for Memorial Day weekend in the US.  Our title card is a bit bland, but even a bland squirrel looks so much better than most other things you can photograph.

Like my trip the prior year where I spent much of the time fascinated with Wilson’s nest building… this trip was going to have one scene that would dominate the album.  And I know you’ll love it…. but first, some ordinary cuteness.

I was so sure that was some kind of flower growing out from under the tree trunk there, but it turned out to just be a very bright reflection off of the leaves of what appears to be a sapling.  Oh, and the squirrel.  Be sure to look at the squirrel…

Now those are flowers, and grass tall enough that this squirrel could do a verrrry eenteresting Arte Johnson impersonation if he had an army helmet handy.  Yes, that’s two Laugh-In references in two days if you’re keeping track at home…

I got this!



BTW, I turned this photo into a one of my more clever Saturday Squirrel interpretations back in the day.  Check it out!

More creative park squirrel ear notching…

And now, the star of this week’s photo essay.  This squirrel found one of those snack cracker dipping packages that still had some of the cheese product left in the container!  Smells good, doesn’t it?

I wonder what it tastes like?

Go ahead.  It won’t kill you, I think….

squirrel eating cheese


squirrel eating cheese

Damn! That’s some good shit!

Ah, behold the power of cheese (product)…..


Yeah, make sure you get it all out of the corners too…

I’m stealing this shit!

squirrel eating cheese

Yum, yum, yum!

squirrel eating cheese tongue

How often do you get to see a squirrel with its tongue out?  Yeah, I’ve been taking pictures of them for almost a decade, and this is the ONLY squirrel who’s ever done that for me!

That was good! So why does my tummy hurt?

Poor squirrel.  Yeah, that crap we people eat is bad for anyone… but it sure tastes good, doesn’t it?

That hit the spot! Now, I’ll just leave this on the ground and walk away…

Bad squirrel!  Don’t you want to keep your park clean?

I guess not.  But he did slurp most of the cheese product out of there!

His partner in littering found a baggie.  You might want to leave that alone before you suffocate yourself…

Hey, Ralph! Check out all of the cool garbage in here!

Incorrigible little squirrel!  It’s bad enough when the people litter.  At almost every trash can I came across by the softball diamond, there were a couple squirrels digging through the garbage and leaving it everywhere!


Aw, it’s the secret squirrel I posted a few weeks back!  Same ear notch as the cheese squirrel too, so maybe it’s him again!

I didn’t do it!

Please, squirrel.  You’re making Iron Eyes Cody cry…

This squirrel is Joe Cool with the stem sticking out of his mouth like a fake cigarette…

I like the composition of this photo.  And there’s that same ear notch again!  This can’t be the same squirrel over and over again.  Looks like the trap and release police were hard at work recently…

Better hold onto your ears, buddy, or they’ll get you too!

This squirrel likes his nuts big…

And some will settle for peanuts…

Way to get that annoying husk off of there…

squirrel close up


Nothing.  That thing you have in your mouth makes you look like you have a swelled lip…

I control the vertical and the horizontal!

Puppetmaster squirrel hopes you enjoyed this week’s show.  I’ll return next Tuesday with another park trip… and my best park squirrel photo ever!!!!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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12 Responses to Squirrels In The Park – Trip 10

  1. markbialczak says:

    The 2017 squirrels look happy without having to social distance and wear masks, Bill!

  2. Love how that cheese product squirrel worked hard to get every little morsel of that stuff. I haven’t seen those little packets of orange stuff with the little red stick to scoop with in ages but it used to be my favorite snack when I worked. Maybe that’s why I lost a lot of hair – had nothing to do with chemo – it was that cheese product stuff!


  3. that is eggs-cellent.. to write help on that barrel before we jump in… we can learn a lot from squirrels ;O)

  4. Amazing are they all or the only one. The tongue photo is great, I have watched squirrels almost my whole life, but never seen a tongue. He really liked that stuff.

    • I only realized yesterday when I made this post that it was probably the only squirrel tongue I’ve ever seen. I figured squirrels had to have them, but you never see a squirrel licking anything. Maybe there isn’t enough cheese out there for them…

  5. That Tongue out Tuesday squirrel is quite the photographic capture. Now if only the little fella had worn a bib while squeegee-ing out all the cheese wax from the container before visiting the Help bin. 🐿

  6. I love that tail sticking out of the “help” bin. Says a lot about humans, too.

  7. draliman says:

    He loves him some cheese! A squirrel after my own heart.

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