Squirrels In The Park – Trip 12

Are you ready for the event known as Cute-apalooza?  Yes, it’s time for another Tuesday walk through the park with a slideshow from a past squirrel safari.  This week’s trip took place on Thursday morning November 9, 2017…. right smack in the middle of when we experience the Fall’s most iconic moment… the changing of the leaves.  And you will notice those bright and unusual colors in many of the photos below.  You can even see a bit in the blurry background behind our title card squirrel.

This nut’s for you!

Uh, thanks.  But please, respect the park rules and do not feed the tourists…

That’s one….. uh, twisted tail!  Still attached to a squirrel I’d assume…

There’s that Fall color.  A bit grungy, but it still compliments this squirrel nicely…

A very underrated photo I didn’t fully appreciate until I dug it out for a Saturday Squirrel in February.  I love how the sunlight outlines almost the entire body of this shadowed squirrel…

Are you appreciating me, or those stupid red leaves?

Both, Mr. Squirrel.  Definitely both…

happy squirrel

And yes, we will always appreciate happy squirrels!

And amazing bottle brush tails!  Dude, it’s getting colder!  You need to find some Rogaine for that tail before winter comes…

Are there any pervert pictures in this collection?

Would you leave me alone.  This is nature photography, there’s going to be plenty of furry nudity…

Another picture that just looks really cool with all of the bright colors.  Those orange marks on the tree bark stand out in particular…

Itchy face can strike anywhere…

I wasn’t itching my face! I was….. um…. smelling for sap! Yes, I like my nuts with syrup!

Whatever you say…

The yellow leaves were apparently more important to focus on instead of the leaping squirrel…

Contortionist squirrel doesn’t need anyone to scratch his lower back…

Hanging balls of….. um, something.  I’m not really sure what those are… but I’ll bet they make nice nest decor.

Got room for this cute face in your post?


I think this squirrel has something stuck in his teeth.  Would it be rude to mention it to him?

These two guard squirrels are ready to alert the nest should there be an attack by land or by air…

Again, my camera goes for the leaves instead of the squirrel.  Autofocus AI is not very bright, apparently…

This squirrel’s tail is so curled up to his back that it looks like a full body mohawk!


Don’t fall asleep yet!  It’s almost over….

I’m going to sneak on out of here while he isn’t looking….

Oh, alright.  Just one more photo.  I promise!

There, that wasn’t that bad now, was it?  Come back next Tuesday for the first trip of 2018!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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17 Responses to Squirrels In The Park – Trip 12

  1. Rivergirl says:

    Great group. #7 and #16 are definite calendar contenders!

  2. These are all great………In the last photo of the colorful leaves where the squirrel was out of focus he looks like he’s either giving you a full smile, or a lecture on photography, or laughing himself silly at the human in the park. Whatever! I never get tired of squirrel shots (hey – that sounds like a drink!).


  3. This is really a cute collection. I could watch squirrels for hours, and photos, too.

  4. A corkscrew squirrel? Talk about a contortionist! Those autumnal photos are wetting my whistle for the favorite season arriving in just 48 days. Woot, woot!

  5. AW. ❤ So many vivid images, it fair boggles the mind. Thank you for sharing some bright spots in a world that used to be! *sigh*

  6. I love the crooked tail. You could do a whole series of twisted squirrel tales/tails. 😉

    • And I still haven’t shared my straight up squirrel tail yet (Though that bottle brush one in this set is a good example as well!). Gotta love those flexible and fun shaped squirrel tails…

  7. Love your guard squirrels. One if by land and two … er, one … if by sea (and I on the opposite shore shall be!).

    • When we get a lot of rain, then there are usually seas in the park for the squirrels to keep watch on for the British navy. Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their nuts!

  8. draliman says:

    I like the “guard squirrels” – I reckon one is on the way up to find his friend while meanwhile the other one has got tired of waiting and is coming back down to find out where he is…

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