When You Wish Upon A Star

It’s about time someone took care of that annoying little asshole.

We don’t need the March Hare’s pocket watch to know that it’s Monday again!  That’s the day we send Pluto down into the cellar to fetch another classic melody straight out of that Fantasyland of lost hits we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s got her mouse ears on, and is wearing the same pants as Donald Duck… while the Sponkies are waiting three hours in line to ride the teacups.  This week’s song promises to be fucking Goofy…

I’ve made no secret about my general loathing of the grunge movement of the early 90’s… not necessarily because it’s terrible.  Most of the grunge acts, even my favorite whipping boy Nirvana, have at least one song out there I really like.  It’s just that grunge was so anti-80’s that it effectively killed off pop radio as we knew it and turned the music charts and Top 40 stations over to nonstop R&B dreck like Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, and whichever gangsta rappers hadn’t shot and killed each other yet…

Jealous much, mofo?

But again… not all of that alternative rock from the Elder Bush years was awful.  Today, I want to toast a Los Angeles group by the name of dada.  They had a single song of note in 1992 that apparently wasn’t Mary K. Blige enough to make it on the pop charts, but which became a nifty little underground classic.  Here’s their song “Disneyland” “Dizz Knee Land”…

Yes, the song’s official title is “Dizz Knee Land,” though it’s pronounced like the world famous theme park, and heavily riffs off the Super Bowl born trope where the winner celebrates by “going to Disneyland.”  The alternative name was likely pushed on the band by their label to avoid the wrath of the very litigous Disney corporation.  According to the song’s brief Wiki page, it’s supposed to be about the bizarre, disjointed, and often completely random juxtaposition of scenes and events… good, bad, ugly, and anywhere in between… one may encounter at any given time… you know, like seeing a good man die and then going to Dizz Knee Land.  But most of the lyrics just make the singer out to be a jerk.

Geez, even the Japanese Prime Minister didn’t flip off President George when he barfed in his lap.

So there you go, some dada to start your week off with.  I’ll have another great song that didn’t quite have the persistence of memory next Monday…


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13 Responses to When You Wish Upon A Star

  1. randomlyerin says:

    Wow, I had totally forgotten about this one…

    • I think the only time I ever heard this song was on a turn of the millennium radio station that played mainly 80’s, but eventually seeped into the early 90’s. It left just enough of an impression on me to remember it for the DVA…

  2. Never heard this one but then I know very little about the grunge “thing”. They seem to be good musicians though – and certainly did not spend a lot of money on their outfits – I mean who doesn’t have a worn out flannel shirt in their wardrobe these days???!!!


    • Once grunge became fashionable, though, they probably charged an arm and a leg for flannel shirts that looked like they’d been lying around in the bottom of a closet for years. You know, like how they make jeans with holes already ripped all throughout the legs and sell them for $75! Heck, I can do that to a $10 pair of jeans for nothing!

  3. it fits perfectly to this time… well picked!!!!

  4. Ahh yes, that time when morality and self-absorption veered way off the main path. I always enjoyed that song, but never knew what the band members looked like. That grunge look didn’t do much for me unless I needed to clean out the garage. Good luck finding a $10 pair of jeans. I don’t even think baby jeans are only $10! Happy Monday.

    • You’re right, even Mecca’s cheapest brand is almost $20. And my….. generously proportioned body will just quickly blow the seams out of before I can even get the legs ripped out…

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    I never heard of this band or song, but I actually really like this song, with its music and strange lyrics. 🙂

  6. draliman says:

    What with all he’s done in the song, presumably Dizz Knee Land is some form of Hell, which coincidentally is what I’ve always imagined Disneyland to be like…

  7. I still mind the loss of real radio. I used to listen to the radio. Yes, there were ads, but there was music and that’s how I discovered new music I might like. Now? it’s either annoying talk radio, all nudes all the time, or Sirius where you never hear anything new and that’s why everyone likes it. Bring back radio!

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