Share Your World – Week 87

It’s not the Three Stooges, it’s the Three Sisters.

Every once in a blue moon (Which will actually occur on Halloween this year), I check the analytics page of my YouTube account to see if there’s been any activity with the crap I have there.  Mostly, it’s views and a smattering of comments on the videos of my Millionaire appearance I uploaded six years ago… and I figured with The Reege checking out last month, maybe it spurred some interest.  No dice, but….

The commercial parodies I wrote and had my sisters act out in front of our ancient video camcorder 26 years ago did have a lot of recent activity…. which I traced back to this post on a Reddit subforum.  It’s called Deep Into YouTube, and the members there post interesting videos they stumble across that have very low view counts.  Someone found my stash of sister ad parodies, and posted one there under the title “A group of kids filmed a series of commercial parodies in 1994 for some reason.”  I was pleasantly surprised when I read the comments (All 72 of them!) and saw that most of them were much less sarcastic than the original poster, and a few even commented that certain videos were hilarious!  So yay, my sisters, and my budding sense of fucked up humor, went kinda sorta viral for a day!

And with all of the self back patting out of the way, let’s get right into the Share Your World questions for this week by Melanie and special guest host Roger.  How many Harry Potter books are there still?

Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

Many local regions, especially rural areas where I live, have haunted houses. Have you ever spent the night in a house that was supposedly haunted? Anything ‘strange” happen?

The Mecca I work at was always rumored to be haunted, supposedly built on an old Indian Native American burial ground.  If something mysteriously fell off the shelf at night, or you had that odd feeling you were being watched… it was our resident Indian.  That meant much more back in the old days of my job, when 2/3 of the lights went off once the store closed and there were fewer of us inside on the night shift.  However, when they began to dig for our expansion in 2009, lo and behold, they turned up all kinds of Native American artifacts that got the project put on hold for a year while archaeologists took over.

I never had any definite “strange” thing happen at work, but at least the store probably really was haunted…

Need any help stocking that Fabuloso, paleface?

The Quidditch Cup (riding broomsticks while chasing a small ball) was a huge sporting event in the land of Hogwarts. What is the largest sporting event (or concert, etc.) that you have ever attended?

Going by attendance, I guess it would be the only NFL (American football, for those outside the New World) game I ever went to, a 20-10 loss by the hometown Rams to the Carolina Panthers in 1996.  I kinda think the Little League playoffs in 1987 where my team upset the undefeated first place team and I scored the winning run was a much more important event, even if it was only watched by a smattering of bored parents in lawn chairs…

Mitzi’s up for any sporting event that features balls.

When you go for a swim, do you prefer an ocean, the seaside lakes, or a pool?

I’ve never seen an ocean.  And my bare legs haven’t seen sunshine since 1993, which is the last time I was in a pool.  I’m fine with being a landlubber…

I’m fine, thanks. Unless you want to massage my nuts.

Ron Weasley received a horrid robe to wear as formal wear to the Christmas dance at Hogwarts. Tell about the most ‘ghastly’ fashion statement that you have ever made.

My wardrobe would bore you to tears.  I don’t dress to be noticed…

Who did you borrow that Mecca dress from, Lady Gaga?

What is the last song you sang along to?

Probably some of the garbage that plays nightly at work.  You’d be surprised the shitty songs you’ll catch yourself singing along to if they wire brush across your brain enough…

Here’s one such insipid song that plays nearly every night at some point that should be the unofficial Millennial Anthem…

What was your scariest nightmare about?

I don’t know if I got a particular one, but the ones I hate the most are the nightmares where I’m in such fear of bodily harm, that I actually flail around or get up off the bed completely.  Had one of those just yesterday evening that made no sense at all, but scared the living shit out of me.  Someone opened a shoebox up and let out a cricket.  The cricket was supposed to bite me.  Don’t ask me why, it just was.  I wanted no part of getting bitten by a cricket, even though my sane self knows that crickets probably don’t bite in the first place… so I started thrashing around trying to avoid the killer bug until I woke up.  Ody, who’s become a sleeping partner since Biskit died, probably thought I was nuts…

Actually, he didn’t wake up at all. This despite the fact that he keeps waking ME up…

What food do you crave most often?

Baby food.

What can I say, reading “A Modest Proposal” makes me hungry…

What’s your grossest bug story?

One morning about 20 years ago, I got called over to the Pet department along with a few others.  Some kind of bug that looked a lot like crawling lice had swarmed one of the dog food counters… and I had to help contain that disgusting disaster.  I have no idea what in the hell it was, but my skin still crawls envisioning those little things all over bags…

Random swarming caterpillars I happened to already have on file. You’re welcome.


Ody’s still doing OK.  Just OK, because he still only seems to be 80% or so…. but at least there haven’t been any setbacks or recurrences.  He’s going to kill me in my sleep eventually if I keep shoving pills in his mouth, though….

I’d have better luck with suppositories…


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21 Responses to Share Your World – Week 87

  1. Thanks Evil Squirrel for continuing to Share Your World and amuse and amaze us with the content and variety of said World. That bug picture is gonna give ME nightmares, so a hearty thanks! Really. Bite ‘im Ody, BITE HIM! (j/k) .. I found that it’s easier to give the pill to an animal (although I’ve little experience with cats) if you coat it or hide it in something they love to eat. Pudge got his in cheese bits, bacon, hamburger bits, and peanut butter. He’d gobble up the ‘treat’ and never notice he swallowed his medicine too. That cat in the image you shared looks ready (and willing) to bite off the finger that pushes…and I suspect cat claws are something to contend with too. Does tuna work? I don’t know the eating habits of felines very well either. That squirrel is obviously chillin’ beside the pool after a hard day chasing nuts hither and yon…. Great images !

    • Cats are experts at eating everything around the pill, no matter how hard you try to hide it. It doesn’t help that Ody’s appetite has been mediocre since he returned home (Better than the non-existent before). The only thing he gobbles up without much thought are his Temptations treats, and they are not compatible with hiding pills…

  2. jarilissima says:

    These posts are really interesting 🙂 Your bug story gave me flashbacks of rescuing cats (so many fleas!! Yuck.). Also, glad to hear Ody is doing better!

    • Oh, I didn’t even think about fleas. I had a nasty round of them earlier this year with both cats, even though they’re strictly indoors. It exploded so fast, that by the time I was able to get medicine to get rid of them, they were both loaded. Between that, his current situation, and a nasty respiratory infection at the beginning of the year, it just hasn’t been Ody’s year…

      • jarilissima says:

        Aw, sorry to hear that. Sounds like 2020 sucks even for cats!

        Fleas are the worst because they can multiply so quickly. Part of why I chose Colorado is because it’s so dry and cold here, they don’t survive. Not a lot of fleas or cockroaches or critters, which I saw plenty of down south!

        Hoping that Ody will get better real soon 🙂 Send your kitty hugs from me!

  3. ghostmmnc says:

    Cute little parody videos!
    Never heard that song, but I kind of like it. Of course hearing it a lot would cause a serious ear worm! 🙂

  4. I’m very glad Ody is holding steady. Big Guy took having pills put in his mouth personally. He totally freaked out the vet after she gave him water — just water. He turned his back on her and refused to look at her at all. He would cope with injections, but nothing by mouth. it was weird.

    He was pretty sick. It will probably take a while for him to completely recover. Bribery works for us. Do they make hemp treats for cats? The ones we gave Bonnie made her almost a happy pup for months. She remembered to sleep and not bark all night and she relaxed. For an old dog, she did very well for a long time. I wouldn’t have believed anything could work that well, but these did. They couldn’t make her young, but they did make her feel much better.

  5. oooh my all time favorites… if all commercials would be done by you and your sisters I never ever would witsch the channel during a commercial break

  6. Those old videos are great! Way more creative than some of the stuff we see these days FOR SURE. Glad Ody is doing OK. Pilling a cat is an exercise in frustration – had to do that for Sammy for months and yes they are good at eating everything AROUND a pill without touching the pill. We do what we can do to help them be with us as long as possible! Nightmares – I rarely have one but if I do it merely wakes me up to an insanely fast heartbeat which in turn keeps me awake for a while. The phrase “good nights sleep” becomes more and more hard to use as we get older too; adding insult to injury if you ask me! 🙂


    • It’s hard for me to get a good night’s sleep because they actually expect me to work at night. And oh how many times I dream I’m at work while I’m trying to get a good day’s sleep! Talk about your nightmares…

  7. draliman says:

    That’s quite a catchy song, I can see how you’d end up inadvertently singing along to it.
    Killer crickets invade a haunted Mecca…

  8. Kudos on the ’87 Little League playoff win. Yeah, much more pivotal to a kid’s psyche than any NFL game. So ‘Mecca’ actually plays Push Baby in the story? Awk…that song would probably make me do some form of dastardly harm on the co-workers.

    • There’s a lot worse songs than that one they play. They changed the type of music they play a few years ago to cater to the many millennials who were now working in the stores… yet pretty much all of them wear earbuds and are listening to their own music anyway (even if it is against company policy), so now us old folks have to put up with more Bieberish garbage for no gain.

  9. Great answers….Baby food? What kind. Not the spinach I hope.

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