Squirrels In The Park – Trip 18

Let’s go on our weekly wandering through the park while surveying everyone’s favorite suburban wildlife.  It’s time for The Nest to document its 18th trip to the park, which happened just a tad over a year ago on Thursday September 5, 2019.  I must not have been spending much time on these park trips last year, because as short as the archive was for 2019’s first two trips, this one is a mere 24 photos in total!  Still, it has its share of awesome pics, including one of my favorite squirrel reactions ever!  Let’s see if I can get through this post without being called a pervert…

Way to keep that pretty tail on my side of the limb so everyone can see it…

There is no squirrel in this photo….. I think.  But I took it to show off how plentiful the acorns were in this park oak at the time.  If you can’t see them on your little phone screen, may I remind you that this is why Dog invented computer monitors…

Woohoo!!! Plenty of projectiles to throw at the squirrel pervert!

Yeah, you do that…

Nah, it’s a shame to throw away such good food when there are starving squirrels in China.

Good point.  Assuming Sally Struthers hasn’t eaten those squirrels yet…

I’d like this monument to read “Kiss My Ass!”

I’m sure the children that play in the park will love that…

Leaf me alone!

Very funny there, Biff…

No, I’m not talking to you.  You’re probably keeping a lookout for perverts…

Well, that’s an interesting view…

Hey there, little guy!!!

Huh? What!?!?

Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…

Dude! You almost made me soil my fur!

Sorry about that.  Not like there aren’t any leaves in this park to clean up your bottom with…

Does he really expect me to wipe my butt with leaves?

Yes, you’re a squirrel.  Stop acting so anthropomorphic…

Have we reached the end yet?

Unfortunately, yes.  You’re the last photo for this trip.  Next week’s trip will have a few more squirrels to peruse through.  See you then!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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12 Responses to Squirrels In The Park – Trip 18

  1. love the interesting view!!! it was a girl right?

  2. Rivergirl says:

    Such cuties. Wish we could trade our annoying reds for your greys.

  3. Great shots – that one with the squirrel climbing the tree (Leaf me alone) almost looks like he/she is impaled on something…..Dracu-squirrel meets his end purrrhaps?


  4. Only one weensy pervert comment too…some of those photos did show things from a far different perspective, and I’ll say (for the sake of those who are viewing your post on their phone) that there are massive amounts of acorns on that oak. me thinks there were some horizontally challenged squirrels trying to drag their leaf festooned asses up the trees…

  5. The squirrels here has totalled devoured all the acorns in my oak tree. It was chock-o-block full just 3 weeks ago, but naked now.

  6. draliman says:

    I have to remember to read what you’ve written under the photo before spending ages trying to spot the squirrel that isn’t there…

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