Share Your World – Week 91

Get off of that wire, you little bastard!!!

Yet another unexpected “squirrel outage” Tuesday morning (and the second one in two weeks) has kinda thrown me off this week.  If anyone has noticed I didn’t post my usual Squirrels in the Park feature, so I’ll probably just hold it off until next week since there’s only my two trips from this year left to document anyway.  And if anyone is curious about what the hell was going on last Thursday that had me on the brink of evacuation, apparently some idiot mowing grass hit a natural gas line about a mile or two from me.  Please.  I lived across the street from a chemical plant for 30 years that woulda caused a hella explosion if it ever went off (and it did catch fire one time)… a little natural gas boom doesn’t scare me.

Now, let’s share our world with Melanie’s questions for this week while it’s still dark outside and the squirrels are still sleeping…

Oooooooh, pretty!

Where do you feel most at home?  Please be more specific than “at home, doh” please. It could be a room in your home, a person, a location…

The room I’m in now, where I spend almost all of my waking hours at home in.  The poorly named “living room” is nothing much but an oversized lounge for Ody.  I’m usually here at my computer and spending time with my bestest friends in the whole world…

How many of your favorites can you spot before they chuck me in the nuthouse?

Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?

I’ve been on a horse before.  Never again.  Bike tires are a pain in the ass to fix when the tube goes, thus why my bike’s been rusting in the garage for almost 10 years now.  I’ll drive, thank you… though I do like walking, and got a good two-plus mile walk around the hood Tuesday morning while I was without power (hey, the weather was fantastic at least!)

Looks like Mitzi’s chosen her favorite method of “riding”…

What song would you sing on “Kar(a)oke Night” (if you were forced to do so)?

That’s easy….

I could even do a duet with Mr. Fox!

University or life experience, which do you feel best prepares you for life?

There’s nothing wrong with a little advanced education, and of course all of the completely wholesome kind of life experiences that go on in those college dorms and frats.  But by and large, people put too much importance in college.  Just a few days ago, one of my truly ignorant co-workers made the statement I’ve heard a million times in the past 22 years at Mecca, “I’ve got a college degree, I shouldn’t even be here!”  A college diploma doesn’t mean shit.  I have one, and it will come in handy should I ever run out of toilet paper.  Feel free to explore the world of higher academia, but don’t think it entitles you to anything…

Finally, an excuse to use the drunk frat boys picture again on my blog!

What are you grateful for?

Autumn weather.  I fucking love it…

There, why don’t you play in the leaves instead of on my power pole?


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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11 Responses to Share Your World – Week 91

  1. I’m with you, I drive a car or nothing… you got me with the karaoke song , needed till 1:44 to understand the lyrics hahahahaha

  2. That’s a great song to fall asleep to…..zzzzz…..I like seeing all the critters/creatures and stuff on the shelves of your domain – there are QUITE a few for sure. The only one I haven’t seen you include in the blog before is the can of Glade. Tee Hee As for Fall – I’m with you – it is my FAVORITE time of the year – the squirrels FULE Fall !


  3. Yup, autumn is the best time of year! Here’s hoping things don’t get blown up any time soon in your hood.

  4. Thanks Bill for not leaving us chasing our tails and Sharing Your World! I noticed your absence, but figured something had occurred to stop you in your daily rounds of the blog kind. That gas explosion could have been (glad it wasn’t) more awful than you might think…I was at work, in my youth, at a building that had no windows. Suddenly there was a huge *BOOM* and all the power went out, some firemen came running to our building yelling and made everyone evacuate. Seems some yahoo had hit the gas meter in the house next to our business building and blown it up. The side of our building caught fire and it was a huge mess. Toxic fumes because our building had plastic siding which melted in the blast. That kinda crap freaks me out, but good on ya for being a cool squirrel and keeping your head. Great answers this week, raised a huge smile with me certainly! My cousins were without power five days and seven days after that last huge wind storm we had up here, so you were lucky that yours was back in relatively short order. And a walk is good for a you got a great healthy option. Enjoy Autumn and thanks for the amazing squirrel photos….I look forward to them and missed my ‘fix’ on Tuesday. I’m glad you ‘enjoyed’ the bird songs too. heheh

    • It’s easy to stay cool when you don’t know what’s going on in the first place. Had it happened on a different day, I would’ve probably slept through it. I can’t count the number of tornado warnings I’ve missed from dreamland…

  5. Ally Bean says:

    You can hit a natural gas line while mowing the grass? Oh, that’s disturbing. Glad you are ok.

    I agree with you about the college degrees. I have two, am glad I made the effort to learn new things, but have come to realize that they are just one thing about my smarts, not all of it.

  6. draliman says:

    The critters in their natural habitat!
    See, in this country we put our utilities underground or up on poles where you can’t mow through them…

  7. Trisha says:

    Great choice for karaoke. That’s the one I would want to sing too! Sounds like things have been a little crazy in your neighborhood. What do the squirrels do to cause the outages?

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