Sciurine Wasteland

How am I supposed to find my nuts in this mess?

When my new neighbors moved in two years ago, they seemed to be the kind of neighbors I feared the most….. neat freaks.  They seemed to spend more time in their yard making things look pretty than they did doing more important tasks like watching porn.  But at some point early this year, the girl who lived there disappeared, and now the guy seems to be a lazy slob like I am.  It’s weird to see the yard to my left look messy, since the previous owner also took immaculate care of the outside… but hey, my eyesore doesn’t look so bad anymore!

And the squirrels…. well, they don’t mind the unkempt nature of the yard.  More stuff for them to play with.  Though they may want to keep an eye out, because the guard turtle (upper right part of the photo) is still prowling the territory!  Saturday Squirrels beware!

He hasn’t moved much in five years…

In other news…. I just got BLOCKed by WordPress.  This is literally the first post I’ve written in my nine years of blogging with something other than the true Classic editor.  I am not amused at having to spend a half hour figuring this stupid thing out… but at least I know now I can insert a block feature into my post for anyone who wants to reserve a table at The Nest.  I’ll have to get Mitzi a Hooters shirt and shorts…

Grumbling aside… have a great weekend everyone!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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33 Responses to Sciurine Wasteland

  1. markbialczak says:

    Glad to hear your block is becoming more uniform, Bill. In the neighborhood, that is. As far as the WordPress new block editor goes, yeah, all I see are changes, not advantages. I would stick to the classic if I could but I’m obviously not in their post-with-their-thumbs-from-their-phones-there-I’m-done demographic.

    • The “new and improved” options seem to be mostly geared towards people running businesses. I guess if I ever decide to open up a squirrel cafe, I’m all set with Block then…

  2. Rivergirl says:

    Welcome to the nightmare. I hate the new editor and bypass it every time I post. As for neighbors, it’s a fine line. You want them to be neat and clean, but not so neat and clean as to make your place look like a dump. Though leaf litter is definitely squirrel approved.

    • Best I’ve been able to do is bring up the Classic template, which at least has all the familiar buttons, but still makes things too difficult. I didn’t even see an option to upload a photo in the default screen…

  3. I HATE the new WordPress Editor thing and have tried to get the Classic to work for me and can’t. Frustrated? Oh yeah…..beyond frustrated. I somehow stumbled upon a way to post today’s post with the good old timey Editor but can’t do it this morning. Bah Humbug. As for the neighbor’s less than lovely yard – as long as it’s been “squirrel approved” then who cares if it looks like a mess? Right?


    • The switch to Classic Editor button doesn’t work for me either. I had to find the option to use the “Classic” template for the block editor, which at least has the familiar buttons. I’m upset they sabotaged my workaround to Classic after not touching it during the last infamous editor change in 2014…

  4. Great yards! I prefer yards where grass can grow in some places, nature flowers here and there, it is good for hedgehogs, butterflies, birds, hares, we had even a tiny fox visiting our yard. A yard should be half for humans, half for the nature.

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    I guess squirrels enjoy exploring new territories sometimes. Of course they are cute wherever they are.
    Yeah, it’s been two days since I got ‘blocked’, and I don’t like it a bit. I managed to get something posted but having trouble with getting photos to do right. Ugh! 🙂

    • There is an option to add the classic template to the block editor, which is the only way I was even able to upload a photo in the first place. I’ve heard it makes the layout look crappy, but so far the only issue I’ve noticed is that it adds an extra blank line under my captions.

      • ghostmmnc says:

        I think I might have found it. At any rate the more I mess around with it the more I remember which icon to push to get something done. 🙂

  6. jarilissima says:

    This post made me literally laugh out loud 😁 As an aside, anytime a company rolls out a “new” and “optional” feature, it’s better to just use it right away– because they’re going to force it on you eventually anyways (like this stupid YouTube music I hate…).

    I’ve been using the Block editor for quite some months now, because I suspected they “optional” part was temporary. But happy to say, once you get used to it, it’s actually an easy format to use.

    Have a good weekend! 🙂

    • WordPress changed editors six years ago, in another move that was as universally reviled as this one. I created a workaround then to stick with Classic then (Classic is actually two editors old, not one!), and it continued to work during the entire era of the Beep Boop editor. I guess I always feared they’d take it away at some point, but after playing with a toy for nine years, I don’t want a different one!

      • jarilissima says:

        Wow, you’ve been blogging for quite a while! I’ve only been on WordPress for a few months. I can’t imagine how frustrating the change must be for people that have been here that long. I never thought of it from that perspective.

  7. Sorry you were ambushed by the Block editor. I tried it, hated it and luckily bookmarked the classic editor version. Life is busy (and challenging) enough without having to spend hours doing a quick and dirty post in a matter of minutes. No thanks, WP.

    • The bookmark doesn’t work anymore, at least not for me and a few others who grumbled about it over the weekend. Unlike the last editor change, they seemed to have nipped the real Classic editor in the bud this time…

  8. Boy, glad WE live in the totally messy environment. NO ONE has a lawn and I don’t think anyone cares. A few people have vegetable gardens and a few people grow pot, but this year, all the gardens went to hell and I have a funny feeling they won’t be back, either. But the squirrels are happy. My wounded squirrel is hanging in there, coming to the deck for seeds and water. But one of his rear legs doesn’t seem to work. I guess we’ll see how well a three legged squirrel will do as the weather changes.

    • With how territorial the squirrels in my backyard seem, he probably wouldn’t stand a chance here. Well, there are literally thousands of acorns all over my backyard now… so he’d have something to eat. But when he’d have to fight the others for food…. ugh.

  9. I’ve been using the block for quite a while now. Like your other commenter I figured it would be imposed sooner or later.

    As to the yards, trying to impose all that order on them is kind of a waste of time. I like the natural look. 😉

    Have a nice weekend. 🙂

  10. I guess the ‘second wave” has hit vis a vis that stupid block editor mess. I got slammed back in late August, but fortunately had used a similar program/software/whatever the hell that shit is in my lengthy checkered ‘career’. It took a while, but I choose “classic” block and off I go. Mainly the same. I’ve heard vague rumors that somebody listened at WP and they are ‘considering’ going back to how it was BEFORE all that block mess. Proving that you can’t put wisdom in the minds of under 30s who dream up something and insist on seeing it through, no matter how f*cked up it turns out to be. Idiots over there, ya ask me. But this isn’t about ME, it’s about that ADORABLE Saturday Squirrel and his quest for yard nuts. I hope he finds some and all. The relaxed attitude of your neighbor will therefore prove useful. Thanks for a grin today E., Squirrel!

    • I’ve found that classic-like format within Block, which is the only reason I’m even able to use it at all…. but apparently, it doesn’t show up as default, so I have to search for it each time I want to post. Let’s make something that’s supposed to be fun just a little harder…

  11. Trisha says:

    I don’t think a perfectly manicured yard is even possible with squirrels around! Or, maybe it is if you have more grass than moss. We have a lot of moss and the little critters dig patches up to bury their nuts under and then don’t put the patches back all the way. It looks pretty scruffy by the end of winter when the weeds start shooting up through the moss!

    Ugh to the new editor. I’m so tired of having to relearn how everything works!

    • It’ll get really mossy outside when we have a rainy Spring (which is just about every Spring in recent years). The good thing about moss is that it won’t grow a foot tall and get you a fine from the city inspector if you don’t cut it. I’d gladly take a whole yard full of it!

  12. draliman says:

    Oh deary me, so messy. Bushes should be manicured to within a inch of their lives. Get those scissors out and trim that grass. Non-authorised plantings will not be tolerated!

  13. mydangblog says:

    I love the two extreme options–yard work or porn, lol! I got drawn into the new editor yesterday to my horror–what a piece of crap–but figured out how to get back to Classic very quickly, although every time I do anything, I get prompted about “Do I want to return to Classic editor” to which I reply hell yes!

  14. Mer O'Leary says:

    I hate when they change shit. Block editor sucks!
    I’m just now learning what a pain in the ass it is to make my yard look nice. The condo did all of that shit. But still happier here…we have black squirrels!

    • I’d cheerfully do yardwork if it meant I could have some black squirrels. Well, maybe not do it cheerfully… but I’d love to have a more diverse sciurine population here.

  15. The new block head editor makes it impossible to edit. I went to a WordPress conference and it was the PROGRAMMERS who love it. Job security. If they don’t keep changing shit they don’t have a job. They don’t write. They don’t edit. They don’t blog. It sucks. But for all of my blogging friends don’t give up. Don’t leave. We’ll get through this together.

    Thank you for the squirrels.

    • That doesn’t surprise me one bit. It must be nice to have a virtual monopoly on the blogging community…

      I’m not going anywhere. But the people who actually pay WP for premium blogging functions should be PISSED…

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