Squirrels In The Park – Trip 20

Before I begin with the next gallery in my Squirrels in the Park series, I have a public service announcement for everyone who wants their classic editor back.  It still exists!  You can either go to the option in your WP Admin panel sidebar that says “Posts” –> “All Posts” and choose the “Classic Editor” option from the Add New dropdown menu at the top…. or simply add “?classic-editor” after the “.php” in the current block editor new post url.  Then bookmark that thing so you can have one click access to the old editor!  Enjoy (if it lasts)…..

Alrighty…. now, park trip #20!  Taken earlier this year on Thursday March 5, 2020.  Warm enough to roam the park without freezing, but still see the squirrels in their winter clothes…

Still plenty of fluff on this fella!

Waiting for the trees to get their first Spring buds….

Ummmm, did you drop your car keys or something?

Well, that’s quite a…. view you’re giving everyone.

Could you at least show a little decency and drop your tail over your behind?

Ack! I’m being watched by a pervert!!!

Don’t get mad at me, buddy.  You were the one giving the free show….

Beyond the focus of my camera, I feel as if I’m being…… watched….

YAY! It finally started budding!

That’s great!  But you still have a long wait before you get any nuts from it…

Deep in the hidden jungles of the park lurks Rambo Squirrel….

These benches are “stacked” up in a pile near the park office.  Humans may not be able to use them when they’re leaning like this, but they make a fine perch for a squirrel…

Hey loser! Get lost!

Hey!  No comments from the peanut gallery up there!

Hey! You can’t talk to me like that!

Oh, I can’t?  Why don’t you come down here and let’s discuss this human to squirrel…

Nevermind, I’ll just enjoy the peanuts in this gallery up here!

Whatever.  Nutty squirrel…

My heart can’t take all the cuteness in this post!

Anyone got some toxic cute antivenom on them?

Nom nom nom!

Does that branch taste good, there?

Hey! Mind your own business, dude!

We have such terribly rude squirrels in this park…

No buds here yet, just last year’s leaves.

Bummer, man.  This tree is obviously slacking…

It’s a minefield out there…

A precise leap over the enemy traps…

Good grief, does it ever end!?!?

Maybe you should move to a different part of the park?

Keep that bum out of my swanky neighborhood!

Hey!  This park is an equal nesting lender…

Hey Roger! The riffraff’s moving in!

Oh no, there go the tree buds.  Uppity Nimbyism apparently extends to squirrels as well…

One last cutie, and I’m outta here!  I’ll feature my most recent trip next week…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to Squirrels In The Park – Trip 20

  1. You have a great collection of squirrel photos.

  2. if you find the car keys please send hem to our dad…

  3. Rivergirl says:

    Some excellent squirrelly cuteness there!

  4. Thanks for posting the instructs for keeping classic editor. I’m sure all of us who HATE the new editor appreciates that info. For the record, I have yet to find anyone who likes it though a couple have decided they’ll give it a go. If WP decides to ditch the classic view entirely, I will pull my paid site and tell them to take a long walk off a short pier. I just don’t have the bandwidth for dealing with any more aggravation in life. The panDAMNic and this past month have been quite enough thank you very much. WP can kiss my squirrelly bum!

    • franhunne4u says:

      Sorry to hear. I am not thrilled about the new editor either, but then I might be simply more used to the old one and I have decided to just live with the new one, with gritted teeth. To upload photos I now use my phone, anyway, as those photos are on my phone. And I find it easy to add photos that way. But most of my posts are NOT with photos. And I hated it, this morning, when I posted a book review on my blog, to have to change the font size for every block as their “standard” was way too small for my eyes. So yes, not thrilled, but I am not thrilled about other changes in my life, either, which force new technology upon us … and still I have found that resistence is futile.

    • I’d have never gone to look for it had you not reported you still had access. I always figured the old school bookmark would be the last link to classic that got burned…

      • It’s one of the few things I did on the that I’m extra grateful for now. The Block editor is just the pits and when they completely do away with the Classic I’ll be done blogging or sure.

  5. There is definitely too much curtness in this post…lol
    I just spotted one of these furry critters on my backyard wall. I’ve tried to get a picture but it flipped me off and took off running. It’s a rare sight because you don’t see many squirrels in the neighborhood. Unless, you live in squirrel neighborhood that is..

    • I used to live in a hood that was relatively squirrel free. There’s quite a few squirrels there now, though that may have a lot to do with the fact that the block I lived on is almost a ghost town of abandoned and razed houses now…

  6. Overload of squirrel cuteness indeed! Awwwww! ❤

  7. Oh boy – a bumper crop of squirrels in this post! Is it just me or is that squirrel with the title line of “My heart can’t take all the cuteness in this post” sporting a Don King hairdo?????? Thanks for the tip on the “get around” with the WP editor. New one is a pain in the tush.


  8. Lovely scene! Thank you for sharing! Wish you a happy day!
    The Dog Hug

  9. draliman says:

    The “car keys” guy looks like he’s doing his morning exercises! Little did the little squirrels know that in a couple of weeks they would have to go into lockdown…

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