Squirrel’s Best Friend

a box full of junk

Let’s roll the bones and see if we can shake any skeletons out of Google’s closet.  It’s time for another all mysterious edition of Random Image Inspiration.  Watch, as the Randomator picks out the four necessary elements needed to inspire another crappy RII post…

21, 29, 26, 59

The 21st post in my Reader was this one by Melanie (which has a very RII worthy image in itself, but that’s not how this game works…)

The 29th word in that post is “the”

The 26th word in that post is “your”

Putting “the your” into Google Images brought this up as the 59th result…

Well, gee.  I don’t have a BFF.  As part of the antisocial behavior that has guided me since my high school years, I’ve not sought out friendship…. probably as much for that last line as any.  I have my own drama, I don’t need to put up with anyone else’s…

So how about a post on Man’s Best Friend instead?  That would be the dog, of course.  Let’s see what pooches have crossed paths with The Nest over the years…

Evil. Pure evil…

My Mom loves dachshunds.  Forget hellhounds, the dachshund is Satan’s dog.  Sure, they may look cute because they’re one bun short of being a hot dog… but I have yet to know a wiener dog that didn’t either get on my last nerve with its constant yapping, or that tried to eat everyone from the ankles up.  Pictured above is Dante, named for then-Colorado Rockies outfielder Dante Bichette.  He terrorized the house from 1997-2014, eleven and a half of those years in which I was also dwelling there.  I called the dog Beast, because that’s pretty much what he was… and it inadvertently gave me my original internet username you’ll still see in my email address.

Joan Rivers wasn’t this annoying…

That’s Jake, one of my Mom’s two current elongated mutts… and easily the biggest asshole of the two.  I apparently never uploaded a picture of his partner Columbo, and since Photobucket is utterly unusable anymore, I guess you’ll have to do without it.  Once you’ve seen one dachshund, you pretty much hate them all anyway….

Dog in motion

While I may not have warmed up to my Mom’s hounds, I dearly love Lizbit, who is one of the dogs of a message board friend from Oklahoma, who I got to meet during each of the five board meetups we had there in the first half of last decade.  And she loves me back with an infinite amount of dog slobber!


This is Lizbit and BeBe fighting over a dog toy.


And this is Annie, who I was fortunate enough to catch on the first trip just before she passed. Believe it or not, without Annie, there would have never been an Evil Squirrel, and by extension, no Evil Squirrel’s Nest.

Everyone throws away the good shit…

Here’s a random dog I caught digging through this bag of garbage a few years ago.  Gotta get the good stuff before the possums get it…

Woof! Woof!

This dog lives in one of the houses along the walking trail.  He’s barking at me in this photo, and still barks at me almost every time I go by there…


Dog Police anyone?  I featured this bizarre music video in my Novelty Song countdown a couple years ago, and if you missed it, well, you’re missing out on an experience that will change your life.  In which way, I can’t say….


I can’t do a post about dogs without including the resident canine of the Shelf Critter Theatre troupe, Fleabag!  Fleabag is Fuzzywig’s “best friend,” which is why the nasty raccoon is always trying to sell him off to the Chinese buffet…

Six years, and still licking away tough, dried on stains!

And finally, there is this dog, who became a Nest favorite during the latter half of my Millionaire Journey in 2014.  Dishwasher Dog, who I found via Google while wanting an image to go with contestant Amy Turner’s desire to buy a dishwasher with her winnings, has appeared many, many times and should still be well known and beloved by my old school gang here.

I’ve seen enough!

Then I guess it’s time to end this doggone post…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to Squirrel’s Best Friend

  1. oooh we love it that you went to da dogs today… and we agree for the dachshunds, they must be the bff of the one whose name we fear LOL….

  2. My parents had a miniature long-haired dachshund who thought he was a cat. Absolutely wasn’t a barker – he was a snuggler. He was a fixture in their home well after I took off to begin my own semi-adult life on my own so he may have had his moments of bark but I never heard them. As a kid we always had dogs around though because my Dad thought cats were demons from that warm place. It was only in his last few years visiting me (and my cats) that he acknowledged he really never “knew” a cat until he was around mine. They won him over to MY side on the issue of felines – might have been the only time in my life I WON with my Dad! LOL


    • My Mom was never a big fan of cats (despite all of the cats me and my sisters played with on the porch). Then my youngest sister got a black cat (who not only wasn’t afraid of the Beast, but completely dominated that dog), and once my Mom found out it liked to be fed shredded cheese, it would jump up on the chair every day to get fed by her. She liked my cats as well, and had to stay the weekend a couple years ago while Gypsy was still around and she’d tell me that “Blue Eyes” was at the door again…

      • Oh I miss “Blue Eyes” !! My Dad who hated cats catsat for me many years ago when I went on vacation…when we got back he told me he was sorry he wasted so many years hating cats because he REALLY enjoyed my three!

    • And her mom who introduced our message board to the concept of posting as your pet. Annie was always annoyed by the “evil squirrels” in her backyard, and it was my greatest inspiration…

  3. I am honored to be the trigger for the Random-nator (?) today…and oddly, your post turned into a tribute (was that what that was?) to all things dog – which is right up in my wheelhouse. I had a dachshund for several years… her name was Gypsy and she was not a yapper, but she once backed my brother who was a cop (retired now) when he approached me and she didn’t know him. The subtly curled lip showing a gleaming fang, the low throated rumbling growl, the laid back ears… yeah she would have gladly chewed him up if he had kept coming. He said he thought she was vicious, which wasn’t true, she was a pussy-cat (sorry felines) with a big marshmallow center, but she did guard ‘her’ human (me) with ferocity. She weighed in at close to 50 lbs at one point (a size I didn’t know doxies got to), she had long hair, and she was valiant. I miss her deeply.

    • The two wieners my Mom has now aren’t vicious to strangers like Beast was (and I don’t know what his issue was since we got him as a puppy and we hardly abused him)… but while I did have a fondness for that mutt since I spent 11 and a half years of my life living with him, he soured me on dachshunds for good, I’m afraid…

  4. Dogs are so obedient. We like very few dogs but they can do their ting somewhere else. This is Fort Meezer in the Hood. No dogs allowed.


  5. Ally Bean says:

    I’m with you. I like the shift from hot to cold much better than the opposite. Therefore Spring is not my favorite season, but Fall is.

  6. draliman says:

    Any excuse to roll out Dishwasher Dog…

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