Santa’s Sax

What did you think I was bringing? A sack full of toys?

We interrupt this week’s Dusty Vinyl Archive to bring you a surprise episode of my original Monday Muzak feature….. good ol’ Mecca Muzak Mondays!  Why are we doing this, other than to mess with your heads?  Because six years after I spent the month of December 2014 bringing you some of my (very few) favorite Christmas songs from the Mecca Christmas CD that became staples of my holiday in the early 2010’s, I can finally bring you the song I planned to use as the fifth and final installment of that series!

Aren’t you all excited!?!?

Wake me up when you’re done rambling on…

Buried among the standards and covers of standards that made up the almost 10 hours packed with Christmas “hits” was an odd instrumental that featured mostly a harpsichord and a saxophone.  I had no idea what it was.  My overnight manager at the time, who shared my same fascination with the muzak we had to listen to (though like myself and Draliman, we rarely agreed on taste), had no idea what it was.  And the CD player that was running the disc from hell only stated that it was “Track 100.”

Not to be confused with Haircut One Hundred, which is an awful, awful band.

And so, I was never able to feature this nifty little ditty I liked because I had no artist or title to go off of.  Well, without going into details… thanks to our lazy management and that certain major event that happened this year, I was able to procure many of the old Mecca CD’s I so adored for myself back in April!  My computer CD reader didn’t want to play them (probably due to years of accumulated dust), but I was finally able to pull up the digital file on the holiday CD’s “Track 100″… and lo and behold, I found my wonderful Christmas earworm!  And now, you can listen to it too…

“Little Jesus Sweetly Sleep” does not sound like the title of a song I would like, yet I think this is wonderful!  It’s also known as “The Rocking Carol,” and is apparently Czech in origin.  From that Wiki link:

The carol is sung in the form of a lullaby to Jesus while rocking the manger as if it were a more modern cradle,[4] as noted by the repetitive chorus of “We will rock you”.

Yeah Jesus, you’re a big disgrace!

The artist is listed as David Shelley, who is apparently not the best known musician named David Shelley.  This David Shelley didn’t sing the blues or help Cher get into her skimpy outfits, but released a handful of Christian oriented music in the early to mid 2000’s, most under the title The David Shelly Ensemble.  Because, you know, the word “ensemble” just sounds so badass!

Though not quite as much as “The Assembled Multitude.”

So there ya go!  I hope you enjoyed the surprise Christmas-like, and quite unconventional (for The Nest, at least) earworm.  Next Monday, we’ll get back to the standard DVA fare that you so love and despise…


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16 Responses to Santa’s Sax

  1. it is perfect for grabbing the bowl with egg nog after all others went to bed and to empty the whole bowl to this tunes….it’s also great to find the steps of the stairs on the way to bed ;O)

  2. GP Cox says:

    From: Pacific Paratrooper…

  3. Sounds a little like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” but then I had a little rum in my eggnog this morning so maybe it doesn’t to your average follower (wait – your followers are totally NOT “average” !!). I like it though (the song AND the eggnog). Nice you were able to obtain some of your fave Mecca music for your collection!


  4. This is lovely. I am glad to share musical tastes with you, the squirrels, and our friend Draliman. Merry Christmas.

  5. Hmm…the opening notes got me thinking more like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” until it started going. Decent instrumental. Happy Monday.

  6. Trisha says:

    I’ve heard this before! Maybe not this arrangement but definitely the tune. I find that instramental Christmas music is just about the only kind that doesn’t make me want to kick some elves and knee Santa in the balls.

    • I wish you had been around when it was killing me to not know what it was, or how to find out what it was! I’d like to see Santa get kneed in the balls, so maybe I’ll play a little more of that crappy Christmas music!

      • Trisha says:

        Oh no, please do not play more crappy Christmas music. I spent a day and half with Feliz Navidad stuck in my head just because you mentioned it. I’m cranky enough to knee Santa in the balls without more irritating music! 🙂

  7. Season’s Greetings. 🎄

  8. draliman says:

    Wayhey! Oh, “sax”. Bit disappointing.
    The song’s okay I suppose, if you’re riding in a lift. Or trying to get rid of those last pesky Christmas Day visitors…
    Seriously though, it does work as “Christmas backing music”.

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