The Best Of The Nest 2020

Don’t blame me! I’m just an evil leprechaun!

It’s the last day of 2020, so it’s time for The Nest to look back on the year that was on this vast wasteland of cyberspace.  If you came to munch on popcorn while I trash the year 2020, you’re going to leave disappointed.  That’s what all the cool kids are doing, and I don’t run with the pack.  If anything, the pack usually runs from me…

RUN!!! That fucking Zeeba’s after us again!

Once the dust (literally) settled on the massive plumbing project over the holidays last year that disturbed the groove The Nest was on, I attempted to follow the same formula in 2020 that kept my blog somewhat interesting in 2019… allowing my four weekly features as well as the usual shelf critter nonsense to drive the content.  It didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped… but The Nest wasn’t a completely unsalvageable mess for those who peeked in the past 52+ weeks…

This was an unsalvageable mess.

Mondays saw the second half of my Top 30 Songs We Just Feel Like Playing countdown presented, resulting in some top picks that even the most disagreeable of my muzak fans could seem to settle on enjoying.  After that, the Dusty Vinyl Archive kicked back into full gear… although with that feature turning five years old next week, I’m starting to stretch the definition of what I consider to be a “lost hit” a bit more than I’d like since I’ve nearly strip mined the archive.  But until (or if) I come up with a new countdown, the DVA will continue rocking in your Monday mornings in 2021 with selections from DJ Scratchy’s Sony Walkman…

Let’s make 2021 all gangsta rap and electronica!

My new feature from 2019, Random Image Inspiration, continued to draw odds and ends from my readers’ posts and Google Images until the subject matter for both became too uncomfortable for my fucked up takes around mid May.  I briefly resurrected RII during the Fall, and plan to give Wednesdays back to the Randomator in the new year.  Among the gems RII turned out in 2020, there was this touching tribute to true love with a twist, impeachment at the local level, SCT’s Uncle Sam “overseeing” the election, and And And Shampoo… proving that reality is just as fucked up as random.

You used too many “ands” dear…

The Nest continued to share its world with Melanie’s Share Your World feature, permanently installing the feature on Thursdays for the year.  And also occasionally dropping random Evil Squirrel’s Nest comics into the mix, because you old schoolers miss them so much (OK, I do too)…

Don’t get too wild and crazy out there, folks…

Saturdays have been all about the squirrel pics for just over eight years now, and The Nest’s longest running weekly feature continued going strong and cuter than ever in 2020.  Of all the great, real life sciurine pics we featured, nothing could quite touch the five weeks of Baby Squirrel photos I showed off in October/November… all coming from one sighting in my backyard of the barely-able-to-leave-the-nest little bundle of love!

Aw shucks! Am I really that cute?

Since you can’t get enough of my squirrel photos, from May through October I showed off more complete portfolios of each of the first 20 trips I’ve made to the local park over the years to capture the local wildlife for your amusement.  Each Tuesday (or Wednesday) documented a different trip in chronological order.  There are still two trips from this year to feature, which may get put up at some point in the future…

squirrel hanging upside down

Proof that you’ll find more than preverts hanging out at your local park…

And of course there were the shelf critters, that gang you know and either love or loathe.  Shelf Critter Theatre itself was rarely seen this year, with only eight proper episodes produced… with the highlights being finding a date for Rainy, the world’s worst critter adoption shelter, and a tribute to the one critter on my shelf who just lies around and does nothing.  The gang could still be found acting out skits in RII, appearing for wise-ass commentary in SYW, and in what’s become an annual feature on my blog in December… the shelf critter Advent calendar.  This year’s theme was letters to Santa, and wishes that were not granted in full faith by our ruthless Santa…

Ask for nothing….. you get NOTHING.

And of course there was The Nest’s most interactive tradition, The Contest of Whatever.  Held in February as is traditional, the theme of the seventh annual edition of the CoW was Murphy’s Law…. which produced the usual assortment of clever and interesting interpretations from the nine readers who submitted an entry.  Mandy White’s story about “Murphy’s Paw,” which climaxed in The Shittening, was the big winner, while Pam snuck in to claim her second random drawing prize.  The Contest should return this coming February, hopefully without so prescient of a theme this time…

Must think happy thoughts…. happy themes…. happy little trees!

And we would be remiss if we didn’t offer one last tribute to Biskit, who The Nest lost in August.  It was an awful year for Ody as well, beginning with a plumber construction caused respiratory infection… a nearly fatal kidney issue that popped up just after Biskit’s death and opened my eyes to the excessively expensive world of emergency vet care… and in between, the sudden and horrible plague of fleas which tormented all three of us during May and June.

Ody and Biskit, in better times…

And with that, The Nest is closing the book on 2020.  It was an….. interesting year.  And hopefully my blog will continue to be something above mediocre as it moves into its tenth full year in 2021…

Yeah, we’re gonna need plenty of this…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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9 Responses to The Best Of The Nest 2020

  1. Three cheers for the Nest……entertainment, insanity, squirrels, plumbing catastrophes – never a dull moment. And that’s JUST the way we like things around here! Thanks for the 2020 memories….and a promise of making more in 2021 (hopefully without a virus hanging over our collective heads).

    Happy New Year to the BIG SHELF GUY and all the little SHELFETTES!

  2. I’ve been a big FAN *koff koff koff STALKER koff koff koffety koff koff* since 2017 (ish) when Marilyn of Serendipity pointed me (inadvertently) your way (or maybe it was on purpose). I’ve NEVER been sorry, and find the amazing variety to be just one of the dozens of reasons I continue to visit “The Nest” on a daily basis. August of 2020 was a particularly harsh month, not only was it god-awful hot (too hot), but the loss of pets around Bloglandia was wide spread and brought an already very low morale to an even further low. R.I.P. Biskit. R.I.P. Pudge. Oh shit. Now I got smoke in my eye, and I swore I wouldn’t cry. Goes to show…. Keep on keeping on, Sir Squirrel. Your blog has become one reason I even bother to get up in the morning!

  3. Congratulations on the 10 year mark! I am coming into 9. We are old timers around here! Melanie pointed me your direction, and I’ve been a happy sciurus follower ever since.

    Happy New Year, (as Melanie says), Sir Squirrel. 🙂

  4. Seeing 2020 in the rear view mirror will be a godsend to most peeps I suspect. I know I’ll continue to look forward to the DVA Mondays in 2021, ahem…cute squirrels and those comedic skits from the ‘shelvers.’ Here’s to a Happy 2021 with far fewer plumbing projects.

  5. franhunne4u says:

    In this year of insanity and danger where breathing (or lack thereof, but that is not new) was the cause of death for millions, the Shelf was one of my favorite places to go to.

  6. draliman says:

    Squirrels, music, a contest, fleas and a huge hole in your kitchen. What a year!

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