Participation Trophy

Display it proudly! Loser…

New year, same old muzak!  That’s the way it goes here at The Nest… no matter what numbers you incorrectly put at the end of the date on a check, you can always count on Mondays to deliver another classic earworm that got buried under the huge box of party favors we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  Today is the DVA’s fifth anniversary!  Yes, five years ago today, DJ Scratchy canned the Mecca muzak and dropped the needle on her first lost hit!  And the Sponkies are five years wiser when it comes to the music history they missed out on by being born too late.  Here’s a slice of unicorn cake to go along with your weekly tune…

When I set out to make Mondays all about the many, many unfairly lost songs from my youth that needed a bit of exposure, I made sure to write a long list of the songs I planned to feature at some point in my blog notebook.  That list has been checked and crossed to death, and re-written twice as I’ve run out of space for new song ideas.  You’d think that the second song I ever put on that list would have been done at some point in the 196 DVA posts I’ve composed in the past five years.  And of course, you’d be wrong…

Dafuq kind of music is this anyway?

In honor of the DVA turning 5, it’s time to right a wrong and finally feature a song I’ve literally skipped over 196 times now.  Probably the only reason I have a fancy for it is because it was released in late 1986, meaning it was a big radio hit around this time back in 1987… when the combination of having received a tape recorder for Christmas AND having a stereo in our sixth grade classroom that let us listen to Hit Radio KHTR during winter inside recess wound up leaving an indelible mark upon my brain of most early 1987 music.  And it’s likely the only reason I even remember that R&B supergroup Kool and the Gang had a song called “Victory” near the end of their pop music lifespan…

Kool & the Gang had so many hit songs in the late 70’s and early 80’s, that despite being a #10 hit, 1986’s “Victory” is about as forgotten an 80’s tune as you will find… which is likely the reason I kept skipping over it for so long.  Heck, I’m not sure I ever bothered to look this song up on YouTube before… because when I listened to it for this post, it had that “Yeah, you haven’t heard this in over 30 years” feel to it because the music sounded a bit unlike I’ve always recalled.  I’m not sure how this song wound up being the second one I ever wrote down on my DVA list… that may be as much of a mystery as who stole all of the heads off of Kool & the Gang’s instruments in this video…

The 80’s had so many kool… er, cool instruments!

You will always be a winner with the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  Join me next Monday for a song that didn’t have to wait as long to get its lost hit love…


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8 Responses to Participation Trophy

  1. I loved it much much more than celebration :o) but to be honest I was more a fan of their british copy cats Delegation, althoug they were a one shot wonder band ;O)

    • I’m not familiar with Delegation. Celebration, on the other hand, is beloved around here due to its connection with our baseball team. That said, my surprise Kool & the Gang fave is probably Too Hot… love those mellow early 80’s songs!

  2. Well that one sure got me out of my office chair and movin” ! Strangely (or maybe not?) I have NEVER heard that song before. My brother had a band that played bars/nightclubs and always did “Ladies Night” so I heard that one ALL THE TIME back in “the day”.


    • This one came and went fast. Pretty sure I would have long forgotten about it had it not been popular at the right time. I don’t think I’ve heard Ladies Night in a while, though it’s certainly one of their more popular songs…

  3. Wow it has been a long time since I’ve heard this one. Let’s get dancing! I’m loving the outfits the band is wearing. That was fun. And oh the short shorts! LOL. I saw way too many escaped balls in the 80’s.

  4. draliman says:

    I’m not a big fan of music like this. Verse or chorus, it just seems to keep going the same. They rely too much on dance moves and the occasional “ooh!” I reckon.

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