Disaster Island

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A new year, a new start for our Wednesday feature Random Image Inspiration!  This is the fun little creative self-exercise I perform each week that randomly chooses bits and pieces from a lucky reader’s post to come up with an image on Google that I need to draw inspiration for a post from!  Let’s see how the Randomator is acting now that it’s in its Terrible Twos…

24, 45, 61, 37

The 24th post in my Reader was this one by Lynette.  Actually, this may be the first time an RII chosen post has been a reblog!

The 45th word in that post (Using only the original content, and cycling back to the beginning) is “travel”

The 61st word in that post is “from”

Putting “travel from” into Google Images brought this up as the 37th result…

The natives on Wejthong Island watched the sky as the last jet airliner, containing the few remaining government officials, soldiers and scientists, ascended into the shadowy sky bound for the mainland several thousand miles away.  It was not even three weeks ago that a sudden change in Mt. Lavabarf, the island’s long dormant volcano, had prompted a mandatory evacuation of Wejthong to be issued for fear of a very imminent catastrophic eruption.  A fleet of airplanes was summoned to whisk everyone on the island the safety of the continent… yet despite all of the pleading and reasoning the island’s appointed governor tried with the one hundred or so tribal natives of the island, they refused to leave with the others.  Wiki, the god who the islanders had worshiped for millennia, would protect them from Mt. Lavabarf’s wrath.

Not even an hour before that final flight off the island departed the runway, the prediction came to fruition.  Mt. Lavabarf began to spew magma straight from the earth’s core into a sky already blackened by the ash from the initial explosion.  Thoughts of forcing the stubborn natives onto the plane were hastily abandoned by the last few remaining white men as they sprang into action to save themselves and leave the ignorant islanders to their fate.

The native Wejthongers continued to watch the plane soar into the ashen ceiling, seemingly oblivious to the fire and fury of the now extremely active Mt. Lavabarf in the background.  As soon as the plane’s tail vanished from the sky, the crowd of native islanders drew a collective sigh and all turned towards the apocalyptic scene playing out in front of them.

The fountain of lava slowed to a trickle and then stopped completely.

The fierce rumbling of the earth died into silence.

The thick ash that had blotted out the sun that morning quickly dispersed, revealing the deep blue skies the island was well known for.

“ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY WIKI!!!!” the nominal tribal leader shouted as he raised his spear into the air, immediately joined by similar cries of praise towards their deity from behind him.

“We finally got rid of those imperial bastards!” one of the tribesmen exclaimed.

“I told you all to have faith in Wiki,” the chief triumphantly announced.  “It took a sacrifice of many island possums over the past few months, but Wiki has answered our prayers and made the foreigners flee our island!”

“What did their shamans say, the island likely wouldn’t be inhabitable for about 800 years?” one of the young Wejthongers said.  “We won’t be seeing those pricks for a while!”

“And those awful tourists!” another proclaimed.  “I swear, if one more of those creeps tried to slide up against me and take a “selfie” with their strange flat device, I would have been tempted to shrink their head for a necklace!”

“Those days are over now!” the leader boasted.  “Wejthong belongs to the Wejthongers again, and all of the silly white customs of “civilization” they forced upon us are OVER!”

“WOOHOO!” a Wejthong female shouted as she ripped off her top that was made in China.  “I can run around naked again like great gramma used to do!”

“Best part of the plan!” the chief said with a big smile on his face…


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14 Responses to Disaster Island

  1. VERY sneaky – you can’t trust a Wejthonger can you! I hope you know now that you’ve exposed (pardon the expression) them to the world and the fact they pull tricks to insure some level of privacy, those jets will be landing on the island again. Wiki will be busy. I mean who wouldn’t want a selfie with a Wegthonger????


    • Heck, it probably would only take a week or so for the Google Maps vehicle to land on the island and ruin everything for them again. Unless they threw it into Mt. Lavabarf as well…

  2. gladf that we srtill have shirts made in china… how boring would our world be without …

  3. NormanWilkes says:

    Haha this is an interesting post!

  4. Now I hope this post doesn’t give Hawaiians any ideas! Imagen
    life without Hawaii. I’ve never been, but the tales are mighty.

    • Er, IMAGINE. One of your Gravatars got ‘stuck’ over my comment and I was typing in the dark so to speak. John Lennon would be appalled! O_o

      • I get that stuck Gravatar a lot too, and I don’t know what causes it. I think the Hawaiians make too much off of the tourist industry to want to chase everyone away. Plus all those sweet benefits from being a part of an imperialistic nation…

  5. Trisha says:

    Hmmm, those Wejthongers are very clever! Now I’m off to gather up some possums to throw into Glacier Peak, our nearest volcano….

  6. I feel honoured! 🙂

    Hilarious story! I don’t think I’ll ever think about volcanoes in the same way again… 😉

  7. draliman says:

    I can’t help wondering if every single possum sacrifice was Buster…

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