New Math

a box full of junk

Let’s search all over the internet for something to make a post out of.  It’ll be so much fun!  That’s what Random Image Inspiration is all about!  We draw numbers each Wednesday to use my readers and Google as weapons in the war against blog monotony!  The Randomator must be back in shape now as it found its favorite subject target yet again…

7, 35, 98, 39

The 7th post in my Reader was this one by River Girl (red squirrel on skis alert!)

The 35th word in that post is “me”

The 98th word in that post is “had”

Putting “me had” into Google Images brought this up as the 39th result…

Holy shit, what kind of deep pockets family does this kid have!?!?!?

Jeeves! Please escort this… ( flinches) …blogger off of our property at once!

If your parents are giving you $40 just for the hell of it… my guess is that it won’t matter whether you pass your stupid math test or not.  They’ll just bribe the teacher with a new Jaguar, or maybe pull some strings to get her fired if you get a D-minus.

I’ll smack that silver spoon right out of your mouth, you little entitled prick!

I sure as hell never got $100 from all of my aunts and uncles combined, let alone from one pair with a C-not burning a hole in their pocket.  You’re either everyone’s “favorite,” or you’ve got some damn good blackmail on everyone.

I knew I should’ve never let my nephew help me hide the bodies under my crawlspace!

What, do you need me to work this one out for you?  Sigh!  Let’s see…. $3 plus $10 plus $30 plus $100 plus $5……. that’s….. ummmm…. carry the one, divide by zero, and…….  uhhhhh…..

One million even!

There, now don’t say The Nest didn’t help you with your homework.  Now how about a nice tip from that fat piggy bank of yours?


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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20 Responses to New Math

  1. noelleg44 says:

    Dear heavens, new math. It is anmathama in this household.

    • I remember my sister talked about being unable to help her sons with their math homework due to it being “new math.” Not that she was very good at the old math either, but it was just WTF?

  2. I agree with you and I did math the same way… how much money is in your pocket when your daddy, mommy, granny, grampy , aunt &uncle give you 24.95…. my uncle gives not even the time for free so I have nothing, that’s what it is… and I wear leggings what have no pockets.. ;O)

    • Mitzi can introduce you to some garments that are made for holding dollar bills or euros or anything paper. She also says the best way to get people to give you money is to dance for them…

  3. Oh great! Two phobias have awoken with one post! You’re on fire, you are! I bet you can’t guess the two either (talk about a math problem….) Heh.

  4. Only money given to me was from the tooth fairy ($.25 per tooth) and as I recall, my allowance when I got one was $.50 until I got a raise to $1.00 at some point that I can’t recall now. The last time I heard a kid under 12 talking about his allowance he was complaining that it was “only” $20 a week. WHAT????????????????????????? Times have changed.


  5. Rivergirl says:

    Me had. Someday you’ll link to my post and find a two syllable word… I swear, I do use them occasionally.
    As for mater and pater, the most allowance I ever received was $2.00. Granted that bought you two 45 records or 200 pieces of penny candy in my day… so I wasn’t complaining.

    • I’m sure I’ve gotten a few Oxford words from your posts before… although I’ve found that some of the better images come up with random small words. Not this one in particular…

      Your allowance was better than what I got. My Dad always looked like the Monopoly guy with his pockets pulled out…

  6. franhunne4u says:

    That is … eleventygazillion bucks?

  7. I didn’t get an allowance when I was growing up, so I had to learn math the hard way. 😉

  8. draliman says:

    3 plus 10 plus 30 plus 100 plus 5… that’s, like, a thousand bucks or something! Lucky lad.

  9. The check is in the mail! 💸

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