Bigger Is Better

Well…… usually.

Ready to start the new week in a really big way?  Well, The Nest’s the biggest name in the Monday Muzak business… and this is the day we cast a wide net and pull out another whopper of a lost song from that skyscraper of former big hits we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s always large and in charge when it comes to forgotten earworms of the past, while the Sponkies are guzzling their milk so they’ll grow up to be big and strong… er, we won’t tell them that was all propaganda.  This one’s gonna be yuge…

Once upon a time, Peter Gabriel was a member of the British band Genesis.  In 1975, he decided to forge out on his own… and that split managed to turn out pretty well for both parties.  Genesis experienced its biggest commercial success with Phil Collins behind the mic in the 80’s, and Gabriel made a name for himself as a solo artist over the ensuing decades.  There may not be an artist whose best known songs I have more extreme and differing feelings for than Peter’s.  “Solsbury Hill” and “In Your Eyes” (The latter of which made my Iconic Songs I Can’t Stand countdown a few years ago) are utterly dreadful.  However, I really like “Games Without Frontiers,” and “Sledgehammer” was one of my favorite songs when it came out in 1986, and I still love it today!

The monkey is only shocked because he didn’t expect this to be one of his pet duties.

Another Peter Gabriel song I really love…. his followup to “Sledgehammer”… “Big Time”

Released in late 1986, “Big Time” worked its way up to #8 in the US… and even had a very memorable and artsy video.  However, this send up to the big shots of the world quickly got smashed like a watermelon at a Gallagher show due to the huge shadow the more pioneering music video for “Sledgehammer” cast over it.  It’s time to get this song back in the big time.  Maybe Nest favorite Amy Turner would like to take a turn at singing it?

My God, my Millionaire taping was 20 years ago today. I am so fucking old…

Please come back next Monday for another song that was once big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, BIG!

Hi there!


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13 Responses to Bigger Is Better

  1. love it!!!! and I wish we had more peters right now and less wrecking balls…

  2. Old? Pfui. Come talk to me when you enter your SIXTH decade going around the sun. You’re still a pup, relatively speaking. With squirrel fur and all… (and what the hell is with that statue? I’m surprised and a bit shocked that some Bible Belter didn’t take a sledgehammer to that…because it does look like ol’ Charles is getting a chimp job…) Someone was high when they sculpted that thing… O_o

  3. Trisha says:

    I bet that would be a fun video to watch while stoned. But I’ll leave that to Fuzzywig. I have enough trouble reigning in my spacy brain without mind altering substances!

  4. I had forgotten this mid 80’s gem. Thanks for starting out the week with a diamond!

  5. That hair photo is frightening. There are aliens among us …

  6. draliman says:

    I vaguely remember that song. I’d rate that one just on the video, whereas I’d listen to Sledgehammer even without needing the video to make it palatable.

    • I like both songs about the same, with Big Time having the better video despite Sledgehammer’s ranking as a legendary video (It’s supposedly the most aired video ever on American MTV)…

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