T’was The Season

a box full of junk

Ready for the biggest surprise of your life?  OK, that may be hyperbole… but you never know what you’re going to get with The Nest’s weekly Random Image Inspiration feature!  After last week’s result was so generic that I just did a SCT episode instead, let’s see if the Randomator an make amends and give us some grist for the mill…

6, 64, 99, 74

The 6th post in my Reader was this one by Marilyn

The 64th word in that post is “hunt”

The 99th word in that post is “be”

I tensed up a tad when it picked “hunt,” but it turned out just fine…

Putting “hunt be” into Google Images brought this up as the 74th result…

CHUCK: Happy Valentines Day, sweetie pie!

SUE: Oh, Chuck.  You shouldn’t have.  Really…. what the fuck’s wrong with you?

CHUCK: Honeybunch!  I went through a lot of trouble to procure these gifts as tokens of my affection for you!

SUE: Oh yeah?  Where’s my big, fluffy unicorn?  You know I like unicorns!

CHUCK: Sugar muffin, every girl gets a unicorn for Valentine’s Day.  But you’re so special that you’ll be the only one getting not one, but TWO bunny rabbits!

SUE: And just where’s my big heart shaped box of chocolates?  Are those Cadbury eggs?

CHUCK: Lovie Dovie, you know how cliche that is for the holiday, and you deserve better!  Nothing says “I love you” like chocolate rabbits!

SUE: How tacky!

CHUCK: Aw, snookums!  They’re even solid chocolate and not hollow!

SUE: This has nothing to so with your so-called special treatment of me!

CHUCK: Princess Suzy, of course it does!  I go out of my way to get you the very best!

SUE: You waited too long to buy me anything for Valentine’s Day and wound up stuck with this Easter shit after they sold through the holiday supply, didn’t you?

CHUCK: Ummmm… b-b-b-but peach blossom!  I was just in the store on the 7th, and this was all they had out.

SUE: You men are all the same!!!!  You have no idea how to shop!!!

CHUCK: But sugar plum…

SUE: You have to shop for Valentine’s Day in JANUARY!!!!

CHUCK: Daisy?

SUE: It’s over, Chuck!  Here…. (removes ring from her finger) take this back!

CHUCK: But darling!  This is the ring I gave you for Christmas to symbolize our love!

SUE: It’s a Ring Pop from a box of children’s Valentines!!!!!  I should have seen this day coming…. GOODBYE!!!

Don’t let the retail holiday pass you by!  Purchase your Valentines Day goods today!  Unless the love of your life cherishes an egg dying kit…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to T’was The Season

  1. {Snorf} I think I saw V-Day stuff on December 28th! With a fresh 4 inches of white stuff on the ground, I expect bathing suits to go on sale at Costco any time now. 👙

    • VD stuff goes out the day after Christmas…. and bathing suits are already on sale! I tell everyone to make sure they have their winter gear before the new year, because if you go clothes shopping in February, you better be planning a trip to the beach…

  2. We don’t do much gifting anyway, and this year, well, it looks more like a desert than a dessert. Maybe a nice bottle of wine with spouse, though. 🙂

  3. Good thing we don’t celebrate V-Day! Anyway, we can’t seem to get anyone to eat all the chocolate we got for Christmas. Salty stuff sells well around here, but the sweet stuff? For some reason we seem to have lost our taste for it. Just pass the Doritos and I’ll be a very happy camper, except for my dyed yellow fingers that stick to everything.

    • The candy’s such a scam anyway. From September until April, we constantly have “special” candy on our shelves, and it only fits certain holidays because of the wrapper it’s in. The chocolate in the regular candy aisle is good enough…

  4. The lack that I’ve espied this ‘Valentine’s Gifts Galore” Season (from roughly Dec 26th through Feb 1st) is there are absolutely NO chocolate caramels anywhere!! Well on our shelves, but I checked out the local Mecca and there were none over there either! O_o I was disappointed at Christmas by the lack of peppermint taffy, now there are no Valentine chocolates in the form I adore? It’s a freakin’ conspiracy I tell ya! 😡

    • I haven’t worked that area to see it, but it seems like VD is moving more from a candy and card focused retail holiday to a PLUSH ANIMAL holiday. Actually, all of the holidays are like that now…. if I’d have thought to buy some stock in the stuffed critter industry a decade ago, I could retire…

  5. draliman says:

    But the chocolate bunnies are SOLID chocolate. If that doesn’t turn a girl’s eye, I don’t know what will.

  6. that sounds like our dad… but the mama can not remove that ring, she lost it many moons ago LOL

  7. Oh Lordy Lordy – you could do a great Theater presentation related to Cracker Jacks……another cry from the past (although they are still around but NOT the same). Anyway, I remember always getting chocolate candy for occasions of all types so no wonder I am a chocoholic now. Whereas a little package of M&Ms satisfied me as a kid, now it’s gotta be Godiva or DeBrands – the latter I had never heard of until I was down and out with my surgery these last weeks. Holy cow…..Godiva needs to step up its’ game.


  8. mydangblog says:

    Sue is pretty demanding! Me, I’d be happy with the packet of wooden spoons (to replace the one I just burned on the stove) and the bunny to cuddle!

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