The Eighth Annual Contest Of Whatever!

Mmmmm, creativity tastes just like chicken!

It’s February, and you know what that means!  Yes, of course, six more weeks of winter.  But it also means that it’s time for The Nest to launch the next exciting rendition of The Contest of Whatever!  Or CoW, for short…

Awwwww! I’d adopt him as the official mascot of the CoW if Shadow wouldn’t get pissed…

And just what is the Contest of Whatever, for those of you who’ve never played one or who think last February seems like it was a hundred years ago?

The CoW is all about creativity and having fun, which have long been two hallmarks of my blog.  The first Contest was held in 2014, and bloggers everywhere have been making me smile and laugh while impressing me with the products of their imagination ever since!  If you’d like to check out the history of the CoW with past winners and submissions, you can check it all out at the Contest’s official page HERE!

Without the Contest of Whatever, there would be no Buster deaths in Shelf Critter Theatre today!

The Contest Of Whatever even offers fun and fabulous prizes!  Well, if you like random crap from Cafepress with my drawings or photos on it, that is.  And you can win one of them even if you think the right side of your brain contains nothing but mind fungus!  If you have a blog that you can post on, YOU can be a winner of the Contest of Whatever!

Fuck yeah! Tasteful nudity for the win!!!

So what do you have to do to enter the 2021 Contest of Whatever?  Well, each year I’ll pick a theme for the Contest that all entries should be based around… and then all you have to do is post something on your blog that is the product of your own creativity!  Most players will write stories or such, but ANY type and combination of art form that you can post for the world to see is accepted and encouraged!  If you can make it, it can gain you CoW glory and fame!

Some blogger’s kids made this Play Doh Buster one year. I was touched!

But as I said, you don’t have to do anything elaborate…. most people don’t!  Just come up with a completed submission that somehow ties in the unifying theme for this year’s contest.

And the theme for the 2021 Contest of Whatever is……………

Yes…….. X!

So many possible interpretations.  How will you work X into your Contest of Whatever entry?

Nice entry, boys….. but the audio sounds terrible!

Don’t worry… you have plenty of time to stew on what to come up with!  The contest runs for four weeks, beginning as soon as this post goes live today!  Your entry needs to be posted to your blog before midnight on Thursday night March 4, 2021!  Make sure to include a link to THIS POST in yours to trigger a pingback, but you can feel free to also leave the link to your entry in the comments here.

Oooh, there’s lots of pingbacks coming through this wire! Time to start chewing!

As usual, the Contest will reward two winners!  The first will be the entry that, by my own completely arbitrary judgment, I deem to be the best of the bunch!  There will also be a random drawing winner among all of the runners up for a second prize.  Both winners will be able to choose something valued at $20 USD or less from my long-since-neglected Cafepress shop, which I will have shipped to their door!  If you think the selection sucks, any product from the store that is under $20 can also be made with any image (of mine) you see on my blog, if you so desire as well.

You want this on a coffee mug? Hell yeah, we can do that!

All entries received will be posted on my blog, with the usual irreverent “critique” from Mitzi, Snuggle and Fuzzywig, on Friday March 5th.  And the two winners will be announced on Sunday March 7th!  But you can’t be one of those winners if you don’t play the easiest contest out there in the blogosphere to enter!

So easy, even a child could do it!

So, fire up those neurons and make something fun, fascinating, and dare I say, clever for me!  The 2021 Contest of Whatever starts now!  Spread the word!

I’m on it!

Good luck, and have a shitload of fun!!!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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46 Responses to The Eighth Annual Contest Of Whatever!

  1. Well now……this ought to be interesting! I’ll give it a go – hell yeah – what else do I have to occupy my time post-surgery anyway??????


  2. Trisha says:

    X? Wow. Don’t expect an early entry from me because my mind suddenly feels as blank as Mr. Fox’s appears to be! ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….Ummm……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Hmmmmm…………………… This month will be like a treasure hunt through the wasteland of my imagination!

  3. Oh my!! ❤ ❤ (refined squeals of delight). I LOVE C.O.W. (and the badge is adorable). and will get busy ringing up Squirrelena and kin to alert them too. Wonderful news !!

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  5. draliman says:

    Sorry, “X”? Man… ooh, I just wrote “X Man”. Hmm, the “X Men”. Has that been done, though…?

  6. “X”? Are you kidding me? An “X”…I still can’t believe you chose an “X.” Argh…

  7. Thinking cap is on! Sadly Cloe, our clever cavy, died and we haven’t had the heart to replace her. She was one of a kind! lol

  8. Mandy White says:

    X marks the spot. I may have something percolating.

  9. Mer O'Leary says:

    I so want that on another coffee mug! So glad that I didn’t miss it, for some odd reason I thought it was in March. I will do my best, although I don’t have many things percolating in my brain lately.

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  12. If anyone outdoes your entry, we’ll be scared 😀

  13. I linked up to you when I did my entry this morning but just in case here’s the link!:


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  15. We just learned about this and so need more time. Heck we don’t get it….we are supposed to do something and win crap? Sounds like a good deal to us but will have to wait til next year.


    • Just something that in some way incorporates X. It’s really easy and doesn’t have to be anything elaborate! The kind of posts you do on your blog… I know you could come up with something good! And the second chance drawing gives everyone who entered an equal opportunity to win. I hope you give it a shot!


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  18. draliman says:

    Okay, I’ve done my entry, such as it is…

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  21. Trisha says:

    I thought I created a pingback but I don’t see it. I had a hell of a time with this post because nothing would work and then it changed into the block editor on me and everything I was used to disappeared and I don’t even understand what it means by blocks. So, if I accidentally created like 20 pingbacks or committed some other boneheaded mistake, please forgive me!

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  23. ghostmmnc says:

    Yay for CoW! Here’s my entry:

  24. hey, what a cool idea! Next year we’ll be swinging by as this is the 4th today.


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  26. Oh wait… crap. Holy Crap. I thought the deadline was April 4th. The lockdowns and pandemic shit has totally fried my brain. I am so sorry. Vlad is sorry. We’re all sorry. I’ll still do with X something even if it doesn’t count. Awwwwww shit.

    • I will be sure to link to it if you do. And incidentally, if it helps out in missing this year’s contest, you never did claim your prize for winning the 2019 random drawing. You’re still free to claim it by picking something out of my shop if you wish!

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