Would You Lookie There!

Oh yeah!

This week’s Saturday Squirrel is looking quite longingly at something out of frame.  What could it possibly be?

A huge stash of nuts?

A $20 dollar bill someone dropped?

Maybe a really cute squirrel girl he’s gonna try to make a move on?

There’s no telling!  Like most things in life, it’s whatever your imagination believes it might be!

Have a great weekend everyone!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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17 Responses to Would You Lookie There!

  1. He almost looks like he’s talking to himself……..”I wish that human would toss the rest of that candy bar in the trash so I can retrieve it!”……


    • Poor squirrel! He should know there is no such thing as “the rest of that candy bar” here at The Nest! He will have to make do with the corn and nuts that are in the squirrel feed…

  2. Rivergirl says:

    What an adorable little guy!

  3. Today’s squirrel (who I think was also yesterday’s squirrel) was set firmly in the flat feeder. The Blue Jays landed on it. He ignored them. The cardinals came. He ignored them. He ignored Duke’s barking AND me. He just kept eating. This probably accounts for his sizable butt.

  4. That’s definitely a plot pose. Yup, he’s definitely plotting something.

  5. draliman says:

    He’s rubbing his little paws together in anticipation? Why? Because he has set a trap for his nemesis, and Norman “Nut Snatcher” T. Squirrel is about to take the bait…

  6. The squirrel looks really interested in something, his hands show some surprise, maybe there is a cute girl.

  7. mydangblog says:

    He’s watching the Superbowl–“Come on, kick the ball!” or whatever football players do.

  8. Trisha says:

    He’s so cute! If he were one of my bunch this would be the pose right before he jumped on another squirrel and chased it off. They’re all obsessed with getting everything themselves and not sharing.

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