Freezing Our Nuts Off

Cold food… again! Anyone got a microwave?

Day Ten below freezing, and only now is the REAL cold beginning!  As this post goes live, the temperature should be somewhere around five degrees Fahrenheit outside… the first of SIX straight forecasted days of single digit lows.  While I am complaining inside my heated house, the poor squirrels are having to fend for themselves in this arctic blast outside!  I threw some food out Thursday for them to beef up with, and this rough looking fellow (That’s the first notched squirrel ear I’ve seen outside of the park!) showed up to feast on it.  He’s definitely rocking the heavy fur coat, though I’m sure that’s not much comfort to him in the bitterly icy conditions…

Can someone please get this snow off my nose!

Are my nuts frozen yet?

Not sure if he’s eating, or trying to warm up his paws.

Bobbing for seeds in the snow…

Dammit, I’ve had enough of this!!! I’m going to kill that stupid groundhog!!!

You and me both, Mr. Cold Saturday Squirrel…

Have a great, and hopefully warm weekend everyone!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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27 Responses to Freezing Our Nuts Off

  1. Rivergirl says:

    Poor little fella. I’d hate to be scrounging my meals outside right now…..

  2. You are such a good man, keep on feeding little squirrels.

    • It’s been a harsh cold spell, and the first extreme weather we’ve had in over a year now. I’ve been putting out food every day for them. I even caught a bunny lurking around where I’d thrown the food the other night…

  3. Nice that you tossed out some goodies for him……no doubt after dining he retreated to his home, put his slippers on, sat in his rocker by the fire (oops….no fire….not up in a tree for pete’s sake!!). It’s darn cold here too and we’re thinking by now someone must have put a hit out on that lying groundhog.


    • I’m sure some squirrels have thought of setting their nests on fire to get a little heat in this weather. I don’t know if their digits allow them to use matches or rub two sticks together…

  4. ghostmmnc says:

    It’s really cold here too, and we’ve had snow and how can snow melt so fast when it’s still in the teens of temps? More snow coming though. I feel sorry for the squirrels and birds in the winter. This one is so cute, though. Stay warm and have a good weekend. 🙂

    • As long as the sun is out, it will melt snow in any temperature…. just slower if it’s below freezing. We’ve been getting dustings of snow almost every day since this started, and more is coming today! It might thaw out by March….

  5. At least you have snow to ‘warm’ things up. It’s -11 this morning with the windchill and expected to be colder tomorrow. Try to stay cozy. We’re looking forward to Monday when we may reach freezing.

    • If you reach freezing, you’re doing better than us! The mid 20’s is as warm as it’s gotten since last Friday, and 30’s aren’t predicted until….. oh…… next Saturday!

      • Haven’t seen 20 in days. It’s minus 8 with a windchill of -18ºF right now. Oh and now it’s snowing a little though that should end later this morning. We might hit 30 tomorrow but low 50’s by next weekend. Poor Mother Nature, she’s all over the place.

      • I knew February was going to be bad, but sheesh! After a real Spring, a decent summer, a real Fall, and a tolerable first two months of winter, the bottom has completely fallen out and Jack Frost is giving us the double bird…

      • February is still cheesed it had days taken from it and spread out across the calendar. And now it’s getting some revenge. 👿

  6. Aww, even covered in snow the little dude is super cute 🐿

  7. Poor little guy! I hope he has a well-insulated home to curl up in. Nice that you’re helping them out with some yummies – they need their calories in the cold! It’s warmed up here a little – only -25C (-13F) standing temp this morning. 😉

  8. Mr. Saturday Squirrel looks cozy in his squirrel fur coat. I’m sure whatever layers he has are keeping him as warm as possible, but I agree that he must be freezing his nuts off!! Good thing that they don’t dangle as much as some older homo sapiens do. Everything is tucked up and stored I suppose O_o (that got a bit weird. Sorry). Maybe it’s the unseasonably warm temperatures here that are throwing me off ..

    • I’ve read that squirrel gennies don’t come out unless it’s time to make more squirrels… which is why most times you don’t see any baggage… and then sometimes, they’re dragging a bowling ball bag behind them. Definitely don’t want the jewels dangling in this weather, though…. they’ll fall right off!

  9. What a precious little snow squirrel. Stay warm. Stay safe. Thanks for the cuteness!

  10. mydangblog says:

    I just realized this week that my baby squirrel has grown up and is escaping the cold in a snuggly spot between the porch roof and balcony. He pops out in the morning and sits in the eavestrough while he washes his face. So sweet!

  11. draliman says:

    Aw, he seems to be happy enough, all warm in his fur.
    It’s 5 degrees here, too. Celsius!

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