14 Responses to Dancing With Scissors

  1. snuglle what have you done? …hope there is buster-blood what ruins your snuggle fur… we ike the song!!! and we love the voice of jason!!!

  2. Hey – the lead singer has The Weimaraner Brothers’ Mom’s Suzie Quattro pants on! I have NEVER heard that song. But then I didn’t listen much to radio stations playing the top “102” !


  3. randomlyerin says:

    The name is familiar, but not this song. But I’m just fine not knowing any more than that, thanks.

  4. Kismet says:

    If you dance that way, don’t trip and fall down on them.

  5. Oh goodness those pants are tight. I have to admit I don’t recall this one. Not due to tight pants but maybe because my old brain is completely full. But hey, that was fun. The clothes were fun. I wonder if the band members look back now and laugh. Hey, I do when I look at old pictures. Now EVERYBODY get off your chairs and DANCE!!!!

  6. draliman says:

    I didn’t have to play this to know which song it is, it was pretty big over here. Funnily enough I listened to one of their albums a couple of weeks ago. I was reminded of them as I was watching a Dr Who episode featuring another of their hits, “I Can’t Decide”.
    I approve of this band! It’s a world gone mad!

  7. Love the vertical stripes. Have to admit, I had not heard this one. The floating heads in the video seem to go well with the Bee Gees falsetto voice.

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