The Weekdy

Am I properly dressed to sing muzak?

It’s Week 2 of March Madness, DJ Scratchy style!  We’re going all retro with another edition of Mecca Muzak Mondays… and of course, that’s ironic, because the music featured on MMM is anything but retro.  In fact, this week’s song is barely even a year old.  It comes from one of the biggest artists of the last decade, and almost perfectly captures an era in music that he wasn’t even alive to experience…

Like fellow Canuck Justin Bieber, the artist known as The Weeknd got his start uploading music to YouTube.  Unlike Da Biebs, Mr. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye actually has some talent and deserved to break out.  He first burst onto the big stage in 2015 with the song “I Can’t Feel My Face,” which was literally inescapable on the radio at the time.  That song was OK…. but this song he released towards the end of 2019 is absolutely fantastic!

This song was #1 in almost every country that has electricity.  But naturally, I wouldn’t even know “Blinding Lights” existed were it not a frequent Mecca earworm the past six months or so.  If you knew nothing at all about this song’s actual timeline, you’d swear it was from the 80’s.  Since The Weeknd was the halftime entertainment at this year’s Super Bowl, he may very well have performed this one in front of you already…. not that I would know since I haven’t watched one of those overbloated Stupid Bowls in years…

Is someone jealous of all of my rings?

It doesn’t have to be Saturday or Sunday to enjoy this Weeknd song!  I’ll return next Monday with another fave I picked up at that musical museum known as Mecca…


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15 Responses to The Weekdy

  1. I like it a lot and his voice is super. I never hear music in our Mecca….what’s with that? They obviously don’t want dancing in the aisles they want us to SHOP and SPEND $$! Dang!


    • It’s probably an audio problem… the neighboring Mecca had terrible acoustics and you could barely hear the muzak. Home Office definitely wants customers AND associates to hear Mecca Radio, though! If a big shot walks in and can’t hear Bo and Antonio, he might shut the place down!

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    At first I was like ‘who’? ‘what song?’ then – ooooh yeah I’ve heard this one and like it a lot! 🙂

    • Yeah, it doesn’t sound anything like the other song I know he did…. but Mr. Weeknd is apparently a versatile musical chameleon like Bruno Mars and can pull off all kinds of sounds and styles. He can stick to this style as far as I’m concerned… we need more 80’s sounding music!

  3. Thom says:

    yeah, I like this one a lot. In fact, in my year end list, which is still being fine tuned, it’s gonna be…spoiler alert…waaaay up there. Yes, the list WILL come out..I figure if the Grammys, Oscars, etc. can be late, so can the Boneys. I’ve had some roadblocks to contend with. This song, as you mentioned, came out near the end of 2019, but hit number one and ruled the charts in 2020, so I counted it as a 2020 song. My awards, my rules…albeit inconsistent rules.

    • Woohoo! I have a feeling this will be probably the only Mecca earworm that will appear on that list this year. I miss the days of the CD’s, which contained a lot of the indie rock/pop that had a fair crossover with the Boneys…

  4. Mer O'Leary says:

    I love it! Very 80’s. My boyfriend works with a bunch of young people so he’s introduced to new music often. Then he plays it for me. I love the synthesizer!

  5. Am a HUGE fan of The Weekend thanks in part to that breakout song and my son have several cuts of his on his Pandora playlist. Blinded by the Lights is a great song to listen to when going on a road trip. It’s still inconceivable this guy was snubbed by the Grammys! [head shaking in disbelief]

  6. draliman says:

    I appear to be misunderstanding the phrase “absolutely fantastic” bwahaha…

    • Ooooh, then this is like the most epic of choices! The song that everyone else likes, except Draliman! I’m pretty sure you’ll hate at least two of my other choices for MMMMM this month, the question will be what everyone else will think of them as well…

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