Share Your World – Week 121

I do so love to tell stories…

I usually like to begin my weekly response to the Share Your World questions with an anecdote of interest (at least to me) that occurred over the previous few days… but lately I seem to have a lot of more these than I do SYW posts to relate them.  This could possibly be attributed to my new work schedule that started five weeks ago where I get more time working with the customers (who are always….. interesting) while giving me three day weekends that generally have me resorting to making new and interesting discoveries on the vast wasteland of the internet out of boredom.

So I thought I would try spinning those off into their own series, as I’m sure I could find time during my weekly 72 hour layoffs to compiles a few of them together.  Then I could schedule them to post on Sundays, which would be interesting since its the one day I’ve never had a regular feature, and in fact, outside of when I had daily features (Top 200 Photos, yearly Advent calendars), I almost never post on Sundays at all.  I have a working title for the new feature…. but that will be revealed hopefully this weekend when the first edition goes live.  Prepare to be bored to death by The Nest every Sunday from now on!

It still beats getting fried at the beach on the weekends.

With that gratuitous non-advertisement out of the way…. let’s get on with the world sharing!  Questions, as always, by Melanie

When the Antarctic icecap melts…. blame Share Your World.

Which would you rather throw away: Love or Money?

As Barrett Strong The Beatles The Flying Lizards once said: “Your love won’t pay my bills.”  I’ve thrived living the loner life, however I’m pretty sure I’d be on the street with an empty bank account.  Throw that love in the dumpster!

Show me the money!

Do you believe you should do one thing a day that scares you?

Of course not.  Just stay in bed all day…

Absolutely nothing scary about that…

What’s the last thing you do at night?

These are always awkward questions for us night shifters to answer.  I woke up at 10:50PM Wednesday evening… would whatever I did count as the last thing I did Wednesday night, or the first thing I did on what for me will be Thursday morning?

May as well go outside and enjoy that 11 PM sunshine…

If you could own a mythical creature, which one would you pick?

This is extremely hard for me since I love creatures, and since mythical creatures are the product of the imagination, they tend to be quite unique and majestic.

I could default to that favorite of The Nest, the unicorn…

Always a classy choice.

Or the ever popular dragon…

Nice to meet you, Buster!

And who says mythical creatures need to be limited to popular folklore?

Now I have to pay royalties to Nintendo… which will be coming out of your paycheck, Shadow.

Maybe I can have all three…

Exotic pets? Not at The Nest, Mr. Animal Control officer.

Aw, hell with it…. I’ll just get a mermaid!

Yeah, come with me! There’s plenty of room for you in my toilet tank!

What Are You Grateful For?

This, which we now sell at work….

I’d be even more grateful if it actually tasted like Baskin Robbins chocolate chip, which is food of the gods…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to Share Your World – Week 121

  1. we agree with that flying lizards… after a year captured in our cribs, we all changed our minds LOL

  2. A new Nest feature? That will be cool….. I’m sure I’m not the only one who KNEW the Unicorn would be your fave mythical creature – she has her life priorities right as she often graphically displays at The Nest. Oh and if that Baskin Robbins choc chip ice cream is an epic fail, it should be called Chocolate Gyp…..too bad it falls short of satisfying we chocolate-a-holics.


    • I already put together the very first post, along with accompanying “signage,” and it should be interesting, even if my stories are not! The chocolate gyp itself isn’t bad… but it’s just regular store bought chocolate chip, not the genuine article. Though perhaps it’s a taste bias given that I’m not eating it in two scoops put on top of a yummy sugar cone…

  3. Thanks, E.S. for Sharing Your World! I’m eager to view your Sunday proferrings, I’m sure they’ll be excellent!! Hallelujah! (if that’s not insensitive, I don’t know the religious leanings at the Nest). An Umbreon…hmmmmm. Now where were YOU when I was scrabbling around for a “U” in the A-Z thingie? The Unicorn got the ‘coveted’ spot because as you pointed out, they are wildly popular (and not just because they do contortions best left to nubile cheerleaders who forget their underwear.. O_o ) The Mermaid was a fine choice and you’re the first one to choose that as your ‘pet’. Great shades of Splash..! (yeah, everyone already knew I was older than them thar hills). Have a great week!

    • I’m not sure if my proferrings will be desecrating Sundays, but the theme I chose for the new feature likely will be! I remember when my Rainbow Donkey stuff was selling well in my Cafepress shop just before the whole unicorn thing took off about five years ago…. the world’s a copy cat!

  4. jarilissima says:

    By the way, I did one of those bed of nails at a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and they actually DO HURT! x-)

    • I get the principle behind why they (theoretically) shouldn’t hurt when you lay on a bed of nails…. but how do you climb on that thing without severing any major arteries!?!?

      • jarilissima says:

        LOL Right?? The way Ripley’s does it is that you lay down first, then a machine brings up the nails. And if you go “Owie owie owie!” they just laugh at you 😑😆

  5. I’ve posted a squirrel photo today. 🙂

  6. Ally Bean says:

    I didn’t know Baskin Robbins was still around anywhere. I liked their Jamoca flavor, but chocolate chip is always a good choice when it comes to ice cream. Maybe I could have a double dip cone.

    • Baskin Robbins was in town when I was growing up, and one of those rare treats (I’ll never forget the evening I lost both of my front teeth while trying to enjoy my ice cream… at least I made a killing with the tooth fairy). Alas, a Dairy Queen moved in caddycorner from them in the late 90’s, and our BR was shuttered by the turn of the millennium. The closest one is about 15 miles away… and as much as I like their chocolate chip, I’m not driving that far just to get it. Too bad the Mecca version doesn’t compare…

  7. draliman says:

    What’s the last thing you do at night? Go to work.
    You can’t own a mermaid as a pet, you monster! Mermaids are 50% people too!

  8. mydangblog says:

    One of the things I miss most from my childhood is Baskin Robbins Daquiri Ice Sherbet. One of those, and that beach at the beginning, and I’d be so happy this weekend!

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