Friends With Benefits

This image from The Nest’s archive just goes perfectly with the title, don’t you think?

Happy TGIM!  What, you don’t get excited for Monday?  What’s wrong with you, man?  The Nest has been making Mondays great again for seven years, and as long as your computer has volume, this Monday will be no different!  That’s because this is the day each week we dig deep and choose another A+ lost hit out of those awesome annals of audio earworms we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s got the perfect jam for your slow dance, while the Sponkies are….. well, listening to something else on their phones.  Friends, lovers, countrymen, lend me your ears…

The 1980’s was a golden age of duets, where two famous singers would put their egos aside for a moment to make beautiful music together.  How do you count songs like that among the discographies of each singer who is better known for their solo work?  Well, that wasn’t a concern with the duet who sang this week’s featured DVA track…

What did you say your name was again?

On the left is Carl Anderson, who is best known for playing Judas on Broadway… but honestly, his most awesome credit had to be appearing in an episode of the legendary TV show Cop Rock.  On the right, Gloria Loring, a singer and actress who’s best remembered for her role as Liz Chandler on Days of Our Lives and bringing Robin Thicke into the world.  Loring’s character was a lounge singer on the long running soap opera, and on one 1985 particular episode, they paired her up with Anderson to perform a song that went a little something like this…

Although they initially recorded the song in ’85, it took another full year before it was released on vinyl.  Most of the major labels didn’t want to be Loring and Anderson’s friends or lovers and turned them down… but when it finally got pressed, it became a surprise #2 hit in the Fall of 1986, missing out on the top of the charts only due to Huey Lewis’ “Stuck With You.”  Not bad for a pair of singers who individually never had another song even sniff the Top 40!

And despite being the original artists releasing the original recording… it’s also technically a cover version!

Looks like someone’s playing with the queen of hearts…

During the long struggle by Loring and Anderson to get their recording released, a much more famous duo on the Nashville side of the music industry was recording and releasing their own version of the song.  Titled “Both To Each Other (Friends and Lovers),” Juice Newton and Eddie Rabbitt rearranged and reworded the Loring/Anderson song to become a #1 hit on the country charts several months before the original pair got their big break.  You know things just aren’t going your way when it looks for all the world like you’re copying off the people who copied off of you…

All’s good between friends and lovers, though…

Oh, and yeah…. I like this 80’s style slow, sappy hit!  It beats most power ballads any day…

And Alyans Guy agrees with me!

Come back next Monday, friends and lovers, for another great lost hit…


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9 Responses to Friends With Benefits

  1. it has something good… well yes like friendship with extras..or love ;O)

  2. I do remember that one…..didn’t know it had been “countrified” in another version though. The Weims are right – friends with extras!!


    • I wasn’t aware of the country version either, though I know both of the singers quite well (They both individually made my Countdown of Whatever last year). Whether the extras applied to either of the duets remains a mystery…

  3. draliman says:

    I refuse to believe Alyans guy was in any way into this dreary drudge of a song…

  4. Mer O'Leary says:

    I had no idea that the dude from Jesus Christ Superstar sang half of this slow, sappy yet kick ass 80’s hit! WE COULD BE BOTH TO EACH OTHER! Get you some, Brother Bear!

  5. Whoa…that cut completely escaped my ears. Thanks for reminding me there was another cool version.

  6. I had no idea of their backgrounds. Wow.

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