No Fighting

Bad kittehs. Bad!

Does another Monday have you feeling like you need some time in the recovery ward?  Well, let The Nest’s trained staff of musical therapists cure your brain fever with a fast acting injection of earworms!  This is the day we load up our gurney with another sick tune that couldn’t pay its bill from that festering bedpan full of lost songs we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy isn’t a doctor, but she’ll gladly play nurse if you want her to… while the Sponkies are busy sticking the tongue depressors up their noses and putting them back in the jar.  Here’s another musical suppository to cure what ails ya…

First off, what bothered me most about missing last week was not being able to post a new earworm for you last Monday.  Since the debut of Mecca Muzak Mondays on June 2, 2014, I have posted a brand new song EVERY Monday (missing just once with a Tuesday post) in the ensuing seven years.  I can’t really make it up since the week’s gone now… but I will have a extra DVA on tap next Tuesday, which also happens to be my birthday… a day I always post on, so it will give me the excuse not to miss it.  So be prepared for a double dose of earworm next week!

You’ve been warned!

Alright…. as for today’s DVA selection, it’s a duet that features two 80’s rockers who’ve each appeared in my feature before.  The main artist is Kenny Loggins, whose criminally underappreciated 1988 song “Nobody’s Fool” got doomed by being written for the horrific sequel Caddyshack II.  The other gentleman is a vocalist who most people either love or want to rip out his vocal cords, the erstwhile lead singer of Journey Steve Perry, whose band made the DVA a few years ago for one of their few songs I can tolerate, “Girl Can’t Help It.”

The squirrel can’t help it.

Those two teamed up in 1982 to record this very underrated rocker that made it up to #17 on the US Hot 100, “Don’t Fight It.”

Loggins did a lot of schmaltzy mellow rock stuff after splitting from partner Jim Messina in the 1970’s, but he couldn’t stick to that soft crap if he wanted to become the king of the 80’s movie soundtrack, and Kenny noted that this song was one of the first where he really tried to rock it out, and successfully so in my opinion.  As for Perry, well he doesn’t sound as whiny belting out his parts in this song as in some of his more…. cough, hack, famous Journey hits like… well, you know.

Forget the bad karaoke, the actual singing is bad enough…

A few additional notes on this song from its Wiki page, playing lead guitar on “Don’t Fight It” is none other than Neil Giraldo, aka, Mr. Pat Benatar.  Also, the bullwhip sound that leads into each chorus was apparently provided by a whip used in the Indiana Jones movies of the early 80’s!

It’ll do my heart so good…. if your leader will give my heart back to me, anyway.

Don’t fight the urge to return next Monday (and Tuesday!) for another great song from the past…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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9 Responses to No Fighting

  1. love it!!!!!! and I really wonder why my parents forced me to boring pee-ano… you can doo such super things with a guitar… love this special parts…

  2. A great tune to help me recover from a weekend of fireworks hell. Especially considering your opinion on Mr. Perry’s rocking cred. Thanks!

  3. Mer O'Leary says:

    Turning 46 isn’t all that great. You’ve been warned. Thankfully, I’ll be 47 next month. Happy summer birthdays to us!

  4. draliman says:

    Quite a jaunty little ditty. Not great, but I have no objections to this song!

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