Share Your World – Week 133

Mitzi, the Queen of Tarts…. I mean, Hearts.

This week’s featured critter in my SYW intro will be the one girl who can get anyone’s juices flowing, the one and only Mitzi the Bimbocorn.  Mitzi came into my life by my mother, of all people… who was entirely too interested in my blog back in the early days, and because of Rainbow Donkey’s popularity, she picked up a Valentine’s Day plush unicorn in the store one day in 2014 to give me as a gift.  Because, you know, what mother doesn’t gift their adult son a hot pink and white unicorn stuffie?

Well, after sitting unwanted and forgotten about on my shelf for a few years, Mitzi got her big break when I needed a female unicorn larger than Tina and Scratchy to play the biggest sister in my Three Unicorns Gruff parody that was one of my best pre-SCT Bashful skits.

Troll will always have the distinction of being Mitzi’s “first”…

She had already gotten her name Mitzi (which, apologies to anyone who may actually be named Mitzi, is just a stereotypical bimbo name) from an earlier cameo, where Scratchy gave her the bimbo personality that would be her hallmark, and help make her one of the Shelf’s biggest stars.  Not bad for a gift I absolutely loathed when I received it…

A Share Your World question themed around Mitzi:

If you woke up tomorrow with a unicorn horn extending from the top of your head, what would be the biggest advantage and disadvantage of your new appendage?

Melanie made a custom logo for Share Your World this week to honor her home state of Utah’s Pioneer Day this week.  It reminds The Nest of one of the greatest computer games of all time, The Oregon Trail… where everyone was dying from dysentery and nobody gave a shit!

Ah, the good old days…

Here are Melanie’s SYW questions for this week

Next rest stop with bushes, 69 miles.

Are justice and the law necessarily the same thing?

Justice can be meted out by anyone.  The law can only be used for justice by those who are responsible for enforcing them.

The long arm…. er….. long something of the SCT law.

Which kitchen appliance do you use every day?

The icebox.  Yes, it’s an icebox.  That’s what we called it in my hometown.  Prior to my adult life, the word “refrigerator” only meant a football player to me…

They coulda named him the Garbage Disposal Perry too…

What is one thing you’ll never do again?

Try to squeeze out of a tiny birth canal.  Once was enough for me…

If only I coulda been hatched like Zeeba.

What event escalated very quickly?

Nomophobia.  One day, everyone’s fine.  The next day….. a world full of phone zombies!  AAAAAHHHH!!!!!

One chilling day sometime in 2011…

Feel free to share something that made you feel good from the past week!

Like, totally!!!!

No Mitzi!!!!  Nobody wants to know what made you feel good this past week.  Please keep your toys to yourself!

Let’s go to the old comic standby for the gratitude section.  Bonus!  This is one I don’t even remember drawing!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Share Your World – Week 133

  1. oh to have such a horn would be great we would nodd at the stinking bank guy who says no wonga today ;O)

  2. My husband grew up with an icebox in the kitchen – where the guy delivers a big chunk-o-ice every morning to keep the BOX cool. Troll was Mitzi’s first? He has a very LARGE smile (haha you thought I’d say something else didn’t you!) so I guess Mitzi started off with a bang (so to speak). Happy to see an old SCT ‘toon again!


    • I remember those from The Three Stooges! It’s funny how I just assumed for years everyone put their milk in an icebox, because that’s all anyone around me called them. The internet is destroying our wonderful localisms! Troll’s smile is definitely bigger than….. well…. and that is a perfect reaction to getting the Mitzi treatment! It probably helped boost Mitzi’s rise to stardom…

  3. Thanks, Bill for Sharing Your World! Okay I done got ed-you-kated on some new words today…who knew that there was an actual word for cell phone separation anxiety? That’s HILARIOUS actually! The ‘nomobie’ apocalypse is here, who needs to wait for zombies? I have faithfully recorded your submission question for SYW next month sometime. Keep ’em coming. What would I do if I suddenly had a unicorn horn growing from the TOP of my skull (as opposed to out of my forehead?)…two things probably. Have a really incredibly hard time finding hats to wear and second, be in a dozen or more vaguely professional medical journals. If the term ‘freak show’ weren’t politically incorrect these days, and the ‘freaks’ (I say they’re ‘difference enhanced’ myself) I might even get a semi-reasonable job at one. Have a great week! (thanks as always for the bonus comic. I so enjoy those wanders down cartoon lane in search of the meaning of irony… 😉

    • You’ll keep getting a new question every week for…. well, until I run out of critters, which may be a long time! What’s fascinating about nomophobia is that I first discovered it in 2012, when smartphones were really just catching on. But it’s really been around even since the dinosaur days of the cellphone. I remember in the early 2000’s all the uproar about how rude it was that people would have cellphone conversations in public places where everyone could hear what they were saying. Now you can’t go anywhere without at least a few idiots having fucking Facetime or whatever it’s called conversations on their phone where everyone can hear BOTH sides loud and clear, whether they want to or not. And if they’re not doing that, they’re probably watching something raunchy or offensive with the volume up full blast. If I could remove one thing from this planet, it would be smartphones FIRST…

  4. Kismet says:

    If Perry started dancing to the Super Bowl Shuffle, Chicago would fall into Lake Michigan.

  5. Heh, heh on the cartoon. And happy Pioneer Day where folks are stuck on the rut-filled roadway some place.

    • I imagine some roads are still like the days of the pioneers. When I was doing a lot of road trips to ballparks a decade ago, it’d always amuse me how the condition of the highway would suddenly change at the state border signs…

      • Oh yes. Colorado used to have great highways but alas they went downhill. It doesn’t help when the freeze melt cycles birth potholes like rabbits. In Denver they can’t keep up. Sadly I don’t think they try all that hard. 😬

  6. draliman says:

    Funny really, as the last thing you want in a fridge is actual ice. I can’t ever be bothered to defrost mine so I have to occasionally chip the ice out with a knife…

    • Apparently when electric fridges took over for actual iceboxes back in the day, some people didn’t want to stop calling them what they’d always called them. Like how some people still call their miniature handheld computers “phones”…

  7. I just bought the Duke his very first Unicorn! She came with a rainbow fluffy tail and mane AND a silver horn. He likes carrying her around by the horn and he is very nice to her. He has had many ducks and alligators and other critters, but this is his very first unicorn. I let him read your posts and I’m sure he agrees with everything. At least he didn’t say anything negative.

  8. Oh, when I was growing up, WE called them ice boxes too. I had to make the transition when I got older and everyone looked at me like I had two head when i called it an ice box.

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