This Is The Life

Now if I could just get a good backrub…

What better way to spend a warm, lazy summer day than laying out in the shade?

This week’s Saturday Squirrel knows how to relax.  Stashing acorns for the coming winter?  That can wait…

Who needs the beach when you have a third floor deck with an amazing view?

He just needs a margarita and a good book about squirrels in love to be completely chillaxed…

It might help if, you know, the paparazzi went away!

Sorry!  I’ll leave you to sloth out on that branch now…

Have a great weekend everyone!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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22 Responses to This Is The Life

  1. Rivergirl says:

    Even squirrels need a little down time. Great shot!

  2. I really love it when squirrels do that up in the trees – chilling out watching the world go by. Or maybe they’re waiting for the right person to pass by so they can chuck an acorn at them?


  3. mydangblog says:

    He looks like he’s channeling a Jaguar lounging in a tree!

    • He should beware of real jaguars (or at least their cousins) who prowl my neighborhood. One of my favorite old hood cats, Gypsy, used to love to climb trees. But she showed very little interest in squirrels, oddly enough…

  4. We’d do well emulating the chill-ness of squirrels. Plus you gotta give them props because they could give a whit about what others think.

  5. Now that squirrel knows how to relax and just take it all in. An object lesson for us all!

  6. Juliette says:

    Cuteness personified. Oh my goodness what a precious little face.

  7. Kismet says:

    No squirrels here. The thorns from the cactus are too much.

  8. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by your camera, he’s just so chillaxed.

  9. draliman says:

    I expect he’s quite an important squirrel and has a crew of squirrels to do menial tasks such as nut collection.

  10. We all need a little break now and then.

  11. Trisha says:

    He’s so cute! He looks kind of unimpressed by life though. I feel like I should to do something to cheer him up. Maybe I should invite him into my hoophouse so he can root around and dig up things like the squirrel that somehow broke in there over the weekend!

    • You made me look up hoophouse and I learned something today! I can’t imagine what it would be like in one of those things in this hot and muggy weather we’ve been having… I think my squirrel would just stick with the tree deck.

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