Share Your World – Week 139

Help control the Shelf critter population. Have your pet’s junk cut off…

Just a few days after getting his special song played, Fleabag returns as SYW’s Shelf critter of the week!  Fleabag was the very first new critter to get introduced into the troupe once the series officially launched, appearing in three of the first four episodes as “DOG” or “K9.”  Fleabag was established as Fuzzywig’s pet dog right off the bat, and an offhand comment from Fuzzy in Episode 4 forever coined his lovely moniker.  Fleabag turned his early cameos into a stint as a series star… not bad for a discarded 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal toy that I can’t even remember how it wound up in my collection…

Not the home of the Happy Meal.

Fleabag’s persistent barking and adorably disobedient antics have livened up many a skit, and despite persistent threats, Fuzzywig still hasn’t managed to sell him off to the Chinese buffet.

A SYW question themed around Fleabag…

We all know how dogs mark their territory.  How do you mark your territory?

Mine! Mine! Mine!

And now let’s have a doggone good time with Melanie’s Share Your World questions for this week

Here, Rover! Fetch the ball!

Are human beings required to better themselves and will doing that make them happier?

If there’s one thing I know about happiness, it does NOT necessarily involve doing what others require or expect of you.  If I did all of the things that would supposedly make me a better person, I’m pretty sure I’d be miserable as hell…

Which one looks the happiest to you?

Is it easier to love or to be loved?

I’m generally too self absorbed for the former, and too much of an enigma for the latter.  For most people though, especially in February, it’s no contest….

Oh, so close dear! it’s actually the paperwork I got filing for bankruptcy to shower you in gifts.

Outside traumatic brain injury, can memories be completely erased?

Yeah.  Just rewind the tape and record over them again…

Or get Fleabag to chew on your mental cassette…

Is there such a thing as a good death?

Not if the East German judge has anything to say about it…

You got robbed, Ninja on a Skateboard!

What do you imagine is inside a baseball?

BEARCAT: Silly people!  What did you think was inside a baseball?


Here’s one of The Nest’s favorite takes on gratitude!


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15 Responses to Share Your World – Week 139

  1. One thing you can say about Fleabag is he does keep things well watered and humped around the Shelf. Thanks too for the ‘toon – I can remember being all excited to get a dollar in my birthday cards when I was a little kid….these days you’d have to mortgage the house to put a big enough check in a card to satisfy your kid.


    • I don’t know if I ever read a birthday card in my life. Just gimme that $$$$$! Now that I’m, ahem, grown up (allegedly), I don’t care about the money or the card. As for the kids of today…. well, I think something like I once did with one of the billions of donation mailers I was sent by my alma mater would be appropriate. I taped a couple of pennies to it and sent it back. I hope they named a bush on the quad after me for my generosity…

  2. hahahhah love that…. and since we know buster, we know that a good death exists ;O)

  3. Kismet says:

    The 2 dogs in our house have marking fights. One will go piddle and the other will then mark it by pissing over the other’s piss. Then the first dog will “remark”. They are both females.

    • I didn’t know females were markers. I’ll never forget the time I walked our dog in the backyard, and the neighbor’s dog came up to the fence and pissed on him. Hey, who am I to judge…

  4. Thank you for Sharing Your World E.S. Ziggy was fascinated with your response, because all canines know they OUGHT to be the center of attention all the time. I love it that Fleabag is one of the special ‘guest stars’ to be featured in the next Squirrely Share Your World – coming to everyone right soon. I will answer the special question early too – how do I mark my territory? Resting b*tch face and sour attitude. You’d be surprised how that keeps most people an acceptable amount of space AWAY from me! 🤣 All your answers were great, but the baseball one? Well whodda thunk? It bleeds! Did they fill it up with possum stuffings perhaps? And that cartoon does prove that Buster is sort of a tool, and maybe deserves all the deaths he gets. Karma will out! Have a wonderful week/end!

    • Oh I forgot. The timely warning about folks getting their pets spayed or neutered is great! If more people were responsible, there’d be a lot less unwanted animals in pounds or put to death. Ziggy does NOT agree, he lost his knackers/berries/whatever cutesy name is popular this week for gonads when I first got him. I don’t think he’s forgiven me yet!

    • I think when they were unwinding balls (ick, what a thought!) a few years ago to find out why there were so many homeruns, they did find possum guts inside the baseballs. Actually, they blamed it on a volcanic eruption in the area around where all baseballs are made in Costa Rica…. so volcanic ash is actually an ingredient in Major League baseballs.

  5. With an attitude like that, no wonder there’s death whenever Buster’s around.

  6. draliman says:

    Yeeks, the darker side of the great American pastime. It would be cool if occasionally the batter hit the ball and it exploded into a bloody mess.

  7. Kismet says:

    I suppose you know what’s inside of a hockey puck.

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