A Killer Beat

EVIL SQUIRREL: I’ll bet you’ve never seen a real record before, Tina!

TINA: Dafuq you talkin’ about, Uncle Evil?  Vinyl is, like, the big thing now!  Wanna listen to my BTS album Aunt Scratchy bought me at Mecca?

SCRATCHY: Stop embarrassing me, Tina.

ES: Gee, I thought you young kids these days would know more about CD’s than….

TINA: Aunt Scratchy!  What’s a CD?

SCRATCHY: Pay no mind to the squirrel, he’s hopelessly out of touch with reality.

ES: Sigh…. let’s just get on with the countdown.  Kids!

SPONKIE 2: It looks like #25 on the list is Zeeba!

SPONKIE 1: Should we hide now, Sis?

BEARCAT: That’s you, Sis!  Your song is up!

ZEEBA: Fuck!  I almost had this possum’s intestines to play jump rope with!

BEARCAT: We already played intestine jump rope last week, silly!  You grossed out all of our friends.

ZEEBA: Fuck them!  Alright, it’s Zeeba music time!!!!

*Crickets chirping*

ZEEBA: Y’all don’t have any smartass song requests to mutter while I walk by?

TROLL: Errrmmmm…. no, ma’am.

ZEEBA: Bullshit!  Buncha pussies!!!

ULTRAVIOLET: Now dear, wasn’t I supposed to be your father?

ZEEBA: As if!  Zeeba’s daddy had balls, and you…. none of you have balls!  BALLS!!!!

BUB: Actually, it’s my weewee I’m missing.

ZEEBA: Saves me the trouble of having to cut it off!  Losers!

ZEEBA: Zeeba the adorable zeebacorn reporting for duty!!!!!

SCRATCHY: Get your hooves off of my equipment!

ZEEBA: Make me!!!

SCRATCHY: I never have to deal with this shit when I’m hosting the Dusty Vinyl Archive…

ZEEBA: You guys are boring!

Zeeba jumps off the turntable and takes the record with her….


ES: How does she do that?

SCRATCHY: She’s fucking haunted.  Oh well, at least it’s only your Billy Ray Cyrus 45…

ES: My what!?!?!?  Give that back now!!!

ZEEBA: Achy breaky hearts BLEED!!!!!!!!!!

SCRATCHY: (Pulling Zeeba’s request from the envelope) She can mutilate this song next…

The New York based band Talking Heads was one of the more influential “weird” bands that have become associated with the 1980’s.  What I would call fucked up, hoity toity art critics often refer to as avant garde, and David Byrne’s group was avant garde in spades.  If you watched MTV at all in the 80’s, Talking Heads probably conjures of thoughs of a hyperventilating Byrne dressed like a nerdy goofball doing chops on his arm, the projected image of Byrne’s head drifting down a deserted road, or Byrne dressed up in a suit three sizes too big telling us to stop making sense…

The Nest hasn’t made sense in ten years. BTW, nice suit.

David Byrne was no doubt at the center of this band, and despite the fact that he had three talented musicians around him that did some successful things in their own right, David Byrne was all about the creative genius of David Byrne, and thus he broke up the band by bailing out on them in the early 90’s.  Talking Heads is often cited in the lower ends of lists of the greatest bands of all time, and it isn’t just because of the commercial success they achieved in the 80’s.  The band formed in the mid 70’s, and their self-titled debut album in 1977 contained a song that has become one of the most loved and revered songs by the group’s fans….

Yes, David Byrne wrote a song about the inner thoughts of a serial killer, set it to music, and it actually become the group’s very first Hot 100 hit peaking at #92.  As I mentioned, this song is held up as one of Talking Heads’ best, though it isn’t necessarily a favorite of mine.  I just included it in the countdown for, you know…….

If it bleeds, it leads…

Come back next week as we’ll let another critter musically burn down The Nest…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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10 Responses to A Killer Beat

  1. I agree they had several other songs that were super goodies but Zeeba GETS what Zeeba WANTS (or else).


  2. “Fuck! I almost had this possum’s intestines to play jump rope with!” OMG I can’t stop laughing.

    Good choice. All of the young people I know (born after 1996) love Talking Heads. Old folks too, and possums.

  3. how much jumping ropes can you make from a possum? (asking for a friend). my favorite song was Burning down the house… the best muzak you could hear after a dispute with parents ;O)

  4. Gah…that suit!!! I’m surprised Zeeba didn’t go after the head Talking Head.

  5. draliman says:

    I can hear that as Zeeba’s theme song, playing as she walks down the street glaring at critters as they scramble out of her way…

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