The Squirrels Of 2012

This is the first part of my series commemorating The Nest’s upcoming 10th anniversary by looking back at my favorite squirrel pics from each full year of my blog’s existence.  So first up, that year the Mayans long dreaded…. 2012!

It was the year I launched my comic strip, which lasted for five years and 281 weekly editions.  It was the year Google pegged me as a prevert, but gave me plenty of fodder to launch the very first Sandy Awards.  It was the summer The Nest turned into a desert, and also the year we got our first handful of faithful followers like Gentlestitches, Juliette and Merby.

2012 was also the year I first began posting weekly squirrel photos on Saturday, but not until early Fall.  That means this collection will easily be the smallest of the ten yearly sciurine montages I’ve assembled, and since I still had my old camera with the crappy zoom, they aren’t as amazing as you’re used to….. but hey, we all gotta start somewhere!  Let’s take a look at some of the cuties I caught nine years ago…

The first squirrel photo I took in the Evil Squirrel nest era, though I didn’t post it until my fifth anniversary in 2016.

This was the very first squirrel photo of mine that I ever posted on The Nest.

birdbath squirrel

And this was the first of a handful of pics that made up what I consider to be the first Saturday Squirrel post.

birdbath squirrel

birdbath squirrel

This photo doesn’t seem impressive…

But this crop job would make an excellent motivational poster.  Must keep reaching for the top!

Don’t let the date fool you… this was taken in December 2012.

clumsy squirrel


clumsy squirrel

Whoops!  Must be the Super Dave Osborne of squirrels…

I don’t have the unedited version of this pic anymore… but adding dialogue to squirrel pics wasn’t uncommon in my early years.

Fun on high.

You can probably spot this squirrel looking at you…

But can you spot this squirrel looking at you?

Let the squirrel have its say…

This squirrel looks extremely excited….. or extremely pissed.

Two feet good! Four feet bad!

That’s a big nut…

cool squirrel

Hey, baby!

How can you sit on that skinny twig and not break it!?!?

Fun in the…. well, what’s left of the snow.

And lastly, my most famous squirrel photo from 2012… and one whose mugshot you’ve seen every Saturday now for nine years!

squirrel looking at camera

Who, Me?

Yes, you!

Coming next Tuesday….. the squirrels of 2013!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to The Squirrels Of 2012

  1. love the daredevil squirrel :o)

  2. beth says:

    how fun to see!

  3. What a great retrospective!! And the start of a grand collaboration!

  4. Hmm…so you’ve been filming the Flying Wallendas for a decade, eh? Haven’t they left town yet?

  5. noelleg44 says:

    Aw… I just left a pile of acorns gathered several miles away at the base of a tree favored by squirrels outside where my grandson lives. He is fascinated by them, but I’ve noticed that some of them are terribly thin and I caught one eating a leaf the other day. Not a good time of year to be going hungry. There’s lots more where those came from so perhaps they can have a healthy winter.

    • There should be plenty for them to eat here given all the acorns that banged off my roof in August. I’ve seen (and even have a picture of one) a healthy squirrel munch on a leaf before, so maybe it was just needed some roughage with its nuts…

  6. Awwwww and the cuteness continues. I bet some of those same squirrels are still out there. They live a long time if nobody eats them or they don’t fall out of a tree or take lessons from Buster.

    • It’s possible, the realist in me knows their lifespan in the wild is usually very short. And since I’m as bad with squirrels as I am with recognizing faces of people, I’ve never been able to identify the regulars enough to track how long they tend to stick around…

  7. Looking forward to the other nine years!

  8. draliman says:

    A plethora of fluffy fellas! It’s quite cool without the zoom seeing little squirrel shapes in the distance.

  9. Squirrel flashbacks – I’m all for it! Even though you didn’t have a “better” camera you caught some GREAT squirrel pix. They really are entertaining little critters – can’t wait to see the rest of your collection.


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