Share Your World – Week 148

You’ve got seven weeks to get me all this shit, Santa, or I’m never believing in you again!!!

Our SYW intro critter of the week is the adorable little unicornlet Tina.  She’s small, but spunky, and not afraid to let the dangers of the Shelf kill her vibe!  She’s much cooler than even her Aunt Scratchy, and is the illicit apple of Snuggle Bear’s eye who can be wooed with a little candy…

Or maybe an out of season Valentine.

Tina was the mystery prize in a My Little Pony surprise bag I bought on a whim six years ago.  Her given name is Cherry Spices, but she first appeared on The Nest in the role of “Tiny Tina” in my take on Scrooge in 2015, and that name rolled over to her budding SCT career.

A Share Your World question themed around Tina…

If you could relive your childhood over again, what’s one thing from this modern world you’d want to take back with you?

I’ll take the CANDY! I’ll just get another smartphone in 1980…

And now it’s time for another very special edition of Share Your World!  It’s the third compilation of the questions I’ve been presenting in these intros, and once again Melanie did a fabulous job of presenting each critter’s question in her SYW post!  Not to mention pimping up the Mitzi badge I made for the first edition (Not to be confused with Kenny Rogers)…

Tina when she’s all grown up????

What was the very first popular song you ever remember taking a liking to?  I’m not talking about children’s songs or old traditional songs… but the kind of songs you’d hear on the radio. (Asked on behalf of Scratchy)

I first started paying attention to the music on the radio in 1983, and there are two songs that immediately come to mind as being big favorites of mine at the time.  I’m just not sure which was first…

One was Chris DeBurgh’s “Don’t Pay The Ferryman,” which I featured in the Dusty Vinyl Archive back in 2016.  The other was Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue,” which I haven’t featured before because it’s still relatively well known today…

Are you one of those people who get queasy at sight of blood, or could you watch an open heart surgery? (Asked on behalf of, who else? Zeeba)

In what I’m sure will come as a shock to anyone who’s hardened enough to make it through one of my SCT skits, I’m actually very squeamish when it comes to blood…. even fake Hollywood blood.  I can’t watch a gory horror movie or a graphic “shoot ’em up.”  And if someone nearby requires immediate medical attention……. well, hopefully there’s someone else nearby who doesn’t mind looking at your shredded flesh…

I just can’t stand to look at this…. and I made it!

But other bodily fluids don’t bother me.  Snot, pee, poop, other “stuff”…. gross is fine.  I won’t get sick watching a man eat cereal out of a toilet bowl, unlike many of my other readers did….

Who or what do you feel is lurking right behind you, just waiting to ambush you and make your life a living hell (or “heck” for those with delicate sensibilities)? (Asked on behalf of Big Scrat)

Well, when I’m sitting here at my computer, I have the critters at my back…. which is always a creepy feeling.  But they don’t follow me outside…………… do they?

DO THEY!?!?!?!??!?

What is the gaudiest thing you have ever worn? (Asked on behalf of Sparklepony)

I am as plain as it gets when it comes to clothing.  I wear absolutely nothing that will attract any attention, even in my younger years….

But alas, there was always Halloween… and one very unfortunate year in the early 80’s, I got stuck parading around the city in this…

The creepy 70’s would eat the super cute 2010’s for breakfast.

Fess up!  What was something you did as a child that got you into BIG trouble? (Asked on behalf of the Squirrel Children)

I was always getting into trouble as a kid, because I had four younger sisters and I was born to be a pain in the ass… as if you couldn’t have guessed.  But pestering my siblings is pretty generic and uninteresting…

Back in the olden days, our school fundraisers involved selling actual candy bars.  We (actually, our parents) were given boxes full of them to sell off, and of course, were expected to turn in the money on all candy bars sold, along with the remaining stock when the fundraiser was over.  I may have polished off a few……. er….. a lot of those candy bars in secret and cost my parents a pretty penny.  Hey, I was six, I didn’t know any better!

Which is what the board of education was for…

What are you looking forward to as the festive season approaches?


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17 Responses to Share Your World – Week 148

  1. Mistletoe is always “iffy”…..I say if you want a smooch drag your “partner” into a dark corner and have at it and leave that mistletoe stuff to the traditionalists. That Halloween costume from the 80s is un-freakin-believable. You poor kid. Hope you at least got a lot of candy that year!


    • Given that the candy was just as ugly as the costumes back then, I probably got a bag full of those orange and black wrapped nasty things! I’d have rather had Charlie Brown’s bag full of rocks…

  2. loved that song!!! but my first record I bought from pocket money was Racey… some girls ( lord forgive me )

    • They must not have been big here since I never heard of the group or the song…… but thank you for introducing me to it because I love it! The song and the video are both cheesy in a good way….

  3. A great toe-tapping blast from the past! As for the seasonal sprig of mistletoe…you do realize it’s a tree plundering parasite, right? {shudder}

  4. Kismet says:

    Some never left childhood.

  5. Thanks Bill for Sharing Your World and your critters with me and everyone! I really think these periodic Squirrely SYWs provide some relief from the same old stuff each week, and the ‘polls’ would agree (private poll by me). What a great song (which I clearly remember), and I also (ashamed to admit this) remember that costume. Somebody wore it to school and I think the mean kids played ‘tetherball” with that weird look head. We do have some good taste faux pas in our pasts here in the USA. I was surprised to learn that gore bothers you, while eating cereal out of the toilet… (OM GOSH I was one of those who got sick at that image) but variety makes the world spin ’round. Those candy selling ventures were happily long after my time, because I’m SURE my mother would have been pressing me to go around trying to get rid of them. I’ve bought a few in my lifetime though, out of guilt (co-worker’s kid or church kid and a LOT of pressure from parental units) and always thought they tasted vaguely like ex-lax. There was only once that the chocolate was delicious. I hope you have a great week, and thanks again for sharing your critters and questions with us! 🙂

    • I’m happy people are enjoying my “relief from the same old,” which is ironic given how predictable and structured my blog tends to be. I should have enough critter fodder (which is in almost endless supply thanks to Buster) for at least two and maybe three more of these. It’s amazing how our tastes in appearances have changed over the years… that costume would scare kids and adults if they found it at a store these days.

  6. draliman says:

    I often feel like Zeeba is standing right behind me… and then sometimes I think I hear the “squeak squeak squeak” of a tiny ninja on a skateboard…

  7. mydangblog says:

    So interesting—I’m ok with blood but terrible with saliva (other people’s of course and especially the dog, who still wants to lick everything in sight!)

  8. randomlyerin says:

    I am also old enough to remember those awful inflatable costumes…

    • I wore that horrible thing one time… then it was just the standard 80’s licensed character “flame retardant” jump suit with the mask on a rubber band that would put your eye out if you snapped it…

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