The Squirrels Of 2013

It’s time for the second installment of my special series looking back at the best squirrel pics I took in each full year of The Nest’s existence as part of my upcoming 10th anniversary celebration.  Let us fondly remember AD 2013…

It was the year The Nest got all nostalgic and started looking back on (and sometimes mercilessly mocking) past trends in Flashback Friday and goofy commercials in Retro TV Ad Tuesday.  It was the year of the Rainbow Donkey, culminating in receiving a beautiful crocheted replica of him from Squirrel Picnic.  It was the year we got our Sparky on and won Sparklepony from Alice.  Each of the last two events spurred Gentlestitches to crochet the little Sponkies.  And it was the year terms like Douchepitcher and chileh entered The Nest’s lexicon…

It was also the year The Nest was gifted a brand spanking new camera…. though not until Christmas, so most of these photos were still shot with the old crappy zoom camera.  But 2013 was still very kind to us in the squirrel pic department, which kept my fledgling Saturday Squirrel feature afloat for another year!  Let’s look back at the best of those little guys from MMXIII…

I think this squirrel likes what he sees…


Squirrels look just as cute from the rear…

That is one frosty looking squirrel.  From early in the year…

And late in the year…

I wouldn’t have my eyes closed if I were way up there like that!

How can you even fall asleep up there?

Cute and fuzzy…

The perfectly placed……. props…. always crack me up in this photo!

Just a couple of squirrels doing squirrely things…

This squirrel was just plain nuts!

You alright, dude?

Sorry, but he’s not sharing with you.

How to bury your nuts…


Don’t mind me…. just hangin’ around!

It’s the Loch Ness…… no, wait… it’s just a squirrel tail near my ditch.

Speaking of squirrel tails…. this squirrel has TWO!  Do you see them!?!?

Foxy the red tailed squirrel!  I got quite a few pics of this little cutie in late 2013 and early 2014…

Wait… that doesn’t look like one of my usual greys!  This is a squirrel in the backyard of the host of the annual Oklahoma gathering I went two five times in the first half of this decade!

She planted the seed that inspired me to create Evil Squirrel almost 15 years ago.  Sadly, she passed away over the summer and we just found out about it last month.  Among the many other ways she touched the people she knew, Evil Squirrel will always live on in her memory…

Close enough to taste the corn in his paws…

Is that a pumpkin with a squirrel tail!?!?

Not quite…. but this is the best squirrel pic I ever got with a discarded Squirrel O’Lantern!

Hover Squirrel flies again!

Who’s going to stop me from munching on these wires?

One of the pics I used for my 2014 Saturday Squirrel post “Grey Squirrels At Night,” which at 6,747 views (As of 11/4/21), is my most viewed post of all time on The Nest.

I love how the early morning light along with my crappy camera created the silhouette effect!

Vampire squirrel on the loose!

Well, hello there!

And finally, my best squirrel photo from 2013, and one of my best of all time….

One of the very first photos I took with my brand new camera, two days after Christmas.  Sadly, it’s literally the only moving squirrel I have that’s in crystal clear focus.  But wow, what a moment to freeze in time!!!

Next Tuesday we’ll feature the sciurine best of 2014!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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30 Responses to The Squirrels Of 2013

  1. love the corn cob guy… but I had to look twice hahahaha

  2. beth says:

    Excellent retrospective

  3. Two-tailed squirrel? Sure as heck looks like it…….!! Love that guy perched on the stem of the pumpkin too. Looks like a painful place to perch but he thinks it’s the best seat in the house (or pumpkin I should say!). Great pix………….


  4. What a series of squirrels, every photo is great, my favorite is the one sitting on a pumpkin.

  5. Rivergirl says:

    Great collection of squirrell-iness.

  6. noelleg44 says:

    Some of these pictures are priceless! I’d forgotten that squirrels will eat pumpkin. The squirrels at my daughter’s house are going nuts (!) over the acorns we are leaving out for them. And looking less skinny. The acorns are gone before you even turn to leave! Maybe some pumpkin? They provide lots of entertainment for my grandson.

    • I have yet to capture any squirrels eating pumpkin. I always put it out by the tree after Halloween, and they’ll play around on it, but that’s it. Even the year I saved the seeds and goop from inside… they preferred the acorns and corn!

  7. Willow Croft says:

    I miss the white squirrel at my old place…

  8. Kismet says:

    The squirrel with the tire says “let’s roll”.

  9. My gosh…2013 was a good year for you! Those Oklahoma squirrels look like the ones here in Denver. Red and mischievous!

  10. Juliette says:

    Oh my goodness. Such cuteness. Squirrels are so active and you catch all of that activity beautifully. I’ve enjoyed your squirrel photos over the years and I’m looking forward to more in the future.

  11. Overdosing on cuteness, but the best of all is Squirrel Two-tail!

  12. draliman says:

    Any year that produces hover squirrel is a good year for squirrels.

  13. Such a variety of tails! Great photos, so even if you consider your skills and your camera a bit lacking, you obviously DO have the skills to make the photos fantastic. And getting close-ups like some of those? Amazing. I know squirrels are skittish as heck!

    • I did a lot of cropping of my photos back then… even after I got the better camera. Now, I generally don’t bother…. but a lot of those close ups were only made possible by cutting out 90% of the full photo! Most of these photos from 2013 were taken from one of my back windows, where I can generally shoot as much as I want without frightening them away…

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