The Squirrels Of 2014

The Nest is celebrating its 10th anniversary on December 24th, but we’re getting the party started early with a look back at all of the amazing squirrel photos I’ve taken in each of my blog’s years!  Our third installment looks back at the year 2014, one of the most memorable and interesting in The Nest’s illustrious history!

2014 was the year I recounted my fascinating tale of appearing as a quasi-contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which literally took seven months worth of Fridays to tell.  It was the year some prick tried to steal my air conditioner in mid June and vandalized it beyond repair… but while I sweltered it inspired some of my blog’s best work.  It was the year I drew Christmas themed renders of my characters on the backs of index cards and sent them randomly and blindly to 20 of my followers… with the most coveted card of them all getting temporarily lost in the mail!  It was the year The Nest first ran its Contest of Whatever, with the winning entry being the ES/Buster doll that still entertains you in Shelf Critter Theatre today.  It was the year NotAPunkRocker sent me Scratchy, who help kick off my fascination with using my critters to create blog skits.  And with the DJ on board, it was the year Mecca Muzak Mondays began my long tradition of starting off your weeks with an earworm.

2014 was also the first year I had full use of my good camera, and the first year I began making occasional visits to the local park to capture the sciurine madness that took place there.  Because of both of those factors, there’s a bunch of great squirrel photos to feature from in my tribute to 2014, so I’ll shut up now and just let you ooh and aah at the cuteness…

This poor guy could use a scarf, and maybe a shovel…

Go away, bird!  You bother me…

Tabby stripes!!!

Traffic jam on the squirrel highway…

That’s the last time he trusts his GPS’s directions…

Squirrel among the violets (or whatever they are)…

Squirrel cuddles!

Aw, come on… this montage isn’t that boring!

Hover Squirrel meet…… Super Squirrel!!!

Uh oh…. looks like the cuddling squirrels had a bit of a disagreement.

Nope, no squirrel here!

Sit up and beg!  Good boy!

Yes, your prayers have been answered!  You get to appear on The Nest!

Please do not mount squirrel heads on trees…

Young and as cute as can be!

Let’s race!  On your mark, get set….

Uh oh… this squirrel’s coming right at us!!! (Marilyn did a GREAT prompt piece on this photo when I first posted it!)

It smells like wet squirrel….

Delivery of building supplies from The Squirrel Depot.

He’s really hoping something good comes out of that tube!

More Foxy the squirrel for you!

appreciation with a little food!

Nice hair, dude!

Upstairs Squirrel, Downstairs Squirrel…

Oh, the fun I had watching the squirrels deal with this corn block on New Years Eve!

So close…….. yet so far away!

Time for a sneak attack!


Let’s call this meeting of The League Of Extraordinary Squirrels to order!

This is your squirrel on The Good Stuff.  Any questions?

Oh geez, will you two cut that out!

My favorite squirrel of all of 2014.  His antics while I was baking in my own home helped me beat the heat and led to my best Saturday Squirrel post ever!

We salute your backyard heroism, Private Squirrel!

And finally, this sweet, cute innocent photo…..

Awwwwwwww…… wait a minute!

Run for cover, little guy!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed all of the great squirrels The Nest captured in 2014!

I did!!!! I totally did!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!

Come back next Tuesday for the best squirrels of 2015!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to The Squirrels Of 2014

  1. noelleg44 says:

    So many AAWWW photos and a couple of belly laughs!

  2. love them all… and the cuddle buddies are super cuddly :O)

  3. Looks like 2014 was a banner year for cuteness and hoodlum-ism.

  4. Really great pictures! I love the ones where the squirrels have found a nice branch and are off to Sleepyville. I’m not sure why, but sleeping squirrels amuse me enormously. Again, GREAT pictures!

  5. draliman says:

    Sounds like 2014 was the year things really dialled up at the Nest!

  6. A bumper crop of adorable squirrels from that year for sure. I just love watching them….this year we had some leftover from Halloween popcorn balls. I put them under the bird feeder knowing squirrels would find them. It was a BIG HOOT watching them deal with the popcorn balls. I truly never tire of watching them OR seeing photos of them.


    • Now there’s something that I didn’t think would be squirrel food. Not that I buy those things, but now I am picturing them playing around with them. I can pop them some popcorn, though, to go with their next movie night…

      • I didn’t know if those popcorn balls would be a hit or a miss but seeing the squirrels with them was tons of fun…..regular popcorn would be BETTER for them I’m sure than with the sugar used to make popcorn balls.

  7. Juliette says:

    You’ve truly got some classics in there. A very good year for the squirrels. Cheers!

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