The Squirrels Of 2018

In celebration of our upcoming 10th anniversary, The Nest is featuring some of our finest squirrel photos from each full year we’ve been on the air every Tuesday.  Our seventh installment of the series takes us back to that magical year of 2018!

2018 was the year I counted down my favorite photos and novelty songs, timing both to end on New Years Eve!  It was the year the Shelf Critter gang really made a name for itself, including a 16 part extremely fucked up take on The Wizard Of Oz.  It was the year The Nest kicked off its advent calendar tradition in December by finding 24 ways to kill off Buster.  It was the year I made my Contest Of Whatever players try to make up a story out of a man and a pig in a bathtub.  And it was the year a beautiful white cat I named Gypsy became my favorite outdoor guest (and photo subject) ever…

And just like every other year The Nest’s intrepid photographer has been on duty, 2018 was another top notch year in the sciurine photography department!  Let’s relive the best of those squirrel photos now, shall we?

Can I get some service at this bar?  This photo was also the inspiration for my 2019 Contest Of Whatever theme…

Sitting on a park bench….. eying little squirrels with bad intent!

Squirrel donkey kick!

Mmmmm, potato chips!  Bet you can’t eat just one…

It looks more like a french fry from this angle…

Squirrelzilla!  He’s as big as that tree!!!!!!  Or maybe it’s just an illusion…

When your face just won’t stop itching…

Dude, it’s the middle of July and it’s HOT!  I’m not scampering around for you!

Because The Nest likes showing off squirrel butts…

Yes, you’re being stalked…

How do you like my totally sick ear piercing?

Sometimes, it’s not the squirrel, but the background that makes the photo.  Like these hanging sweet gum balls!

Don’t even think of pooping on my head, Ralph!

Squirrel gymnastics!

Whatchu want?

This guy thinks he’s King Kong beating on his chest…

Wow, talk about frost on the pumpkin!

I fucking HATE snow!!!

So wait…. is it winter or autumn?

Be sure to return next Tuesday for the squirrels of 2019!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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12 Responses to The Squirrels Of 2018

  1. the french fry one is… special ;O))))))

  2. Quite the EPIC year for squirrel shots (is that a drink??) AND it’s tough to pick a fave from this batch. The guy scratching his face on the branch is a winner but then who doesn’t like a photo of a squirrel lying in the middle of the pavement (well….only when it’s alive of course!).


    • I kept running into squirrels laying down on the track that day. It was warm, but not THAT warm. And given how many dogs get walked on those trails, they may not want to get too comfy there…

  3. noelleg44 says:

    What amazing pictures you’ve taken! I think they are what inspired me to start feeding our squirrels several years ago. Our new place, without a lot of trees nearby, doesn’t have too many squirrels and I think the deer eat the acorns I leave out. But my daughter’s house has LOTS of hungry squirrels.

    • That would be the first time I was the inspiration for something that wasn’t messed up! I definitely encourage squirrel feeding (even though it’s supposedly not good for nature)…

  4. For someone hating the snow, that sure looked like a mighty big smile. 😉

  5. draliman says:

    Another cute bunch. I always wonder – where are they now? I wonder if a couple of years have the same squirrel in them?

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