Club Connection

EVIL SQUIRREL: Luna?  What are you doing here?

LUNA: That’s none of your concern, peasant.  Now go fetch me my finest leather gloves so I don’t ruin my manicure on handling this vinyl disc.

ES: What happened to Scratchy?  She’ll be ticked if anyone messes with her records…

LUNA: Scratchy’s taking the week off.  I offered to fill in for her because I’m a princess and I can.

ES: You’re not even on the right side of the record player!

LUNA: I am too on the right side!  If I stood on the other side, nobody would be able to admire my exquisite profile.  Now how do you turn this thing on?

ES: This is asinine!

LUNA: No, this is number ten!  Sponkies!  What peasant critter is next?

SPONKIE 1: Well ma’am, it looks like number ten is….. um……

SPONKIE 2: It’s DJ Scratchy!

ES: Well, that fucking figures!

LUNA: Watch your language around my sensitive ears or I’ll have to get out my guillotine!

SCRATCHY: Hey, it’s about time we get to play something decent!

LUNA: We’re not playing anything since I haven’t figured out how to work this modern contraption!

SCRATCHY: Beat it, Loony!  You’re no longer needed here.  I’m sure there are poor critters down at the soup kitchen who need to be mocked by the royalty…

LUNA: Hmph!  Very well then…. you can have your fancy turntable back to play this godawful claptrap!

ES: Now I see why Luna said she had to stand on that side of the record player!

SCRATCHY: Nah, that’s her best side.  Now, for my totally awesome pick for this request countdown!  One of the best deejaying songs that ever played down at the club!

The 1990’s were the decade when the dance subgenre of electronica first began to seep into the mainstream.  The type of music that could only come out of the electronic toy chest that makes up any good club deejay’s equipment.  One of the first big worldwide hits from the club scene came in 1992 from an up and coming British club band that went by the name of Stereo MC’s.  They made it to #20 in the US with this funky dance/hip hop mash up called “Connected”…

Unlike a lot of other 90’s flashes in the pan, “Connected” has stood the test of time and thirty years later can still be heard from time to time on stations that play music for old fogies who were actually alive in the 20th Century.  It’s just a fun little jam to groove along to, and the first thing I thought of when I needed a DJ song for Scratchy’s entry…

Aunt Scratchy! Why do you listen to all this old shit?

I’m gonna do it again…. gonna gonna do it again next Monday!  Come back for our #9 Shelf critter request!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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7 Responses to Club Connection

  1. super card driving music… you will turn into the nodding dog while listen LOL

  2. Nice funky beat for a selection I wasn’t familiar with. Thanks DJ Scratchy! 🎶
    P.S. The Weims are absolutely correct…I found myself head nodding just like the Ranch’s livestock. 🤣

  3. Kismet says:

    Another random noise.

  4. Yep – I admit it – I was head nodding too…….and wondering if – with all those gyrations – that guy’s super humongous jeans might get “disconnected”……….HAHA


  5. draliman says:

    Given your description I was expecting something dire (nothing good ever came from the phrase “club scene”) and so was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be merely boring and inoffensive…
    There’s just no pleasing me!

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