The Squirrels Of 2019

The Nest is just a few days away from its 10th birthday!  But instead of bringing cake and ice cream, I brought along my squirrel photo album to share with you!  I’ve been showing off my best squirrel photos from each of my blog’s ten full years every Tuesday, and we’re all the way up to 2019 now!

2019 was the year The Nest began sharing its world with Melanie’s questions.  It was also the year I turned to random images on Google into fun and quirky posts every Wednesday.  It was the year I allowed my readers to vote on their favorite squirrel pics I took each month to make into a virtual 2020 calendar.  It was the year I began my Countdown of Whatever featuring some of my favorite non-lost hit songs.  And I spent the final days of the 2010’s without plumbing thanks to the world’s most fucked up and costly home repair…

When I think of that plumbing fiasco, I need to look at squirrel pics to make me smile again!  So here’s our best shots from 2019…

Can I have some of that corn, buddy?

Aw, come on, man!  I’m freezing and need some noms to warm me up!

Geez, if it ain’t snow, it’s flooding!

Yes, I’d like a massage please.  What do you mean “would I like the happy ending?”

Yeah, I’m cute.  Now scram!

The view is nice from up here!

The only work of art here is ME!

I love watching the tightrope act…

Hey you!!!

Huh!?!? WHAT!?!?!?

DUDE!!!  Don’t scare me like that!!!!

Seriously!  I almost had a heart attack!

You look like a cutie!  Mind turning around so I can see your face…..

AAAAA!!!!  What happened to your ear!?!?!?

Wanna speak up?  I can’t hear you!

Squirrel on a fence post…..

Squirrel leaping off a fence post!

Would you be brave enough to jump in a tree?

What squirrel doesn’t love a peanut?

Hello there!  Mind if I look in your window?

I think that squirrel has some lettuce…

This view looks so much nicer in a snow globe…

My favorite, and certainly most unique squirrel of 2019 is this blondie!!!

I’d never seen a blonde furred squirrel before, and have not seen one since!

Wait, aren’t you supposed to have blue eyes too?

I guess squirrel genetics are different.

The Nest may officially turn ten on Friday, but we’re hardly done with the anniversary fun!  Come back next Tuesday for the best squirrel pics of 2020!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to The Squirrels Of 2019

  1. love the massage guy…. could be a good idea right now…

  2. Big Guy says:

    ‘Going for a swing’ aka jumping in the tree is one of the most fun things I can do while climbing….as long as it’s planned. It’s terrifying as hell if you aren’t planning on one, lol

  3. Blondie is gorgeous but my fave is the same shot as the Weims picked – the massage table one.


  4. Rivergirl says:

    So much squirrelly goodness!

  5. Ally Bean says:

    Congrats on your 10th blogging anniversary. Happy Holidays to you and your sciurine friends.

  6. chattykerry says:

    Blondie is so cute – please send her to Texas! Merry Christmas!

  7. Such a batch of cute images to forget the plumbing project from hell. And early congratulations for 10 years of squirrel foolery sharing. 🐿

  8. noelleg44 says:

    Some of these are just plain amazing! Isn’t there a squirrel magazine or journal you could send them to?

  9. That is a cascade of adorable! I’ve never seen a blond squirrel before either.

  10. Kismet says:

    Would I jump in a tree? I cheat, I fly.

  11. draliman says:

    2019 was a good year for squirrels! Was it really all that time ago that you had that huge hole in your kitchen?

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